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What is Wiretap Telecom?

We are a premier residential, business, and commercial phone hosting and trunking service.

We offer business trunking and VoIP connectiviy to the PSTN as well as full hosting services. Residential customers also enjoy our secure and reliable VoIP network backbone.

We are dedicated to customer service as well as our trunking and hosting facilities.

Technology drives our VoIP-based innovations. We are a best of breed VoIP service and PBX cloud-based provider. Whether you need phone service for a large business, a small entrepreneurial office, or residential service, we make it easy for your organization to transition into a lower cost VoIP telephony solution.

Tired of your old undependable phone system? Contact us today to find out more about our PBX hosting plans

Our VoIP Systems

Secure Bunkered Equipment

Our systems are secured in a 12 inch thick double steel reinforced concrete bunker which meets FEMA Zone 4 ratings and Seismic 2 rated earthquake standards.

Redundancy & Reliability

Our systems are redundant so failover switching, load balancing, DNS rerouting, etc. is a breeze. This, in turn, makes our systems very reliable and dependable.

SpandX ™ Scaleability

Adjusting quickly to meet your needs is important to us. Our exclusive SpandX ™ technology allows our feature rich systems to flex with your business.