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Business Cloud Hosting

Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Calling within the USA

$ 38 . 99 /mo
Per Extension

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Unlimited Inbound and 2,000 Outbound Calling within the USA

$ 39 . 99 /mo
$9.99 Per Exten

Do you have more than 10 extensions? We'll give you discount or custom pricing on all of our plans.

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Business Trunking

Unlimited Trunks and Unlimited Call Paths. Blend Hosting Features with our SpandX™ Technology

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USA Inbound/Outbound

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Unlimited Trunks and Unlimited Call Paths with Unlimited Inbound and 2,000 Outbound Calling within the USA

$ 39 . 99 /mo
USA Inbound/Outbound

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Wholesale Trunking

Get all the features of our Business Trunking but at wholesale pricing with no minimum spend

Get access to thousands of calling routes and pay for only what you use.

Our local, long distance, and international rate decks are competitive due to our complex LCR algorithms. We route your calls through high quality lowest cost call paths.

$ 0 . 00 /mo
Spend Requirement

We also offer very competitive origination pricing, which makes Wiretap Telecom your one-stop wholesale shop for your VoIP company.

Signing up is simple. Locate our Agent Services window to fill out and submit your information. If you qualify for our wholesale pricing we'll provide you with our rate decks and you'll be on your way.

International Calling Cards

Call over 200 Countries



Mexico - 0.9 cents per minute, $10.00

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We offer cheap pre-paid calling cards. Use our calling cards from your cell phone or land lines to call just about anywhere in the world.

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Agent Services

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If you own or work for a company that offers full service network support to your customers then we'd love to hear from you. Let us do the heavy lifting by bringing trunking services to the PBX's you manage for your customers - and get paid!

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Intelligent Message Queues™

Track call events in real-time

$ 0 . 00 /mo

Use our real-time message queues to build your own reports, graphs, and analytics. Build triggers and alerts to suit your business needs.

Our queues can also send to Amazon SNS services. This allows you to easily receive e-mails, text messages, and other push notifications from call activity. No other company provides this feature. How it works

Custom Software

We can build your software

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We can build call event Push/Pull notifications, Slack Web hooks, CRM integration and much more.

Jump ahead of your competition with custom software. Let us be your integration partner.

SMS Gateway Services

Inbound and Outbound SMS

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$ 0 .0055 /per sms
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Send SMS messages to customers, leads, or anyone you wish using our bulk and single push services.

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Our simple SMS user interface makes sending and receiving SMS messages a breeze for anyone.


Unlimited Inbound and Outbound Calling within the USA

$ 14 . 99 /mo
paid annually

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Need residential services? Our residential services are business grade quality and we include E-911 for free when you sign-up for 12 months.

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Who We Are

Who we are, what we do...

Wiretap Telecom has taken great pride in blending multiple technologies to create the perfect solution for your business. Wiretap Telecom brings your business the flexibility and versatility of a reliable cloud based phone system. We are dedicated to unparalleled support and advanced communications products with game changing features and voice apps at a price any business can afford.

Our platform is the most powerful Hosted PBX solution offering in the IP telephony marketplace. We drive VoIP and telephony standards. Cloud hosting and trunking services are our core business areas and we are dedicated to providing our customers with feature rich services, low prices, security, and reliability. Our software engineering and network infrastructure capabilities are best of breed and are indispensable qualities of our organization. Our custom PBX hosting, trunking, and network infrastructures are of the highest of quality.

All equipment and software is Wiretap certified, bunkered, and secured. This provides you with the security and reliability that you expect. Thank you for considering Wiretap Telecom. We look forward to serving your communication needs.

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