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Frequently Asked Questions

Wiretap Telecom's support team is second to none, with industry leading response and resolution times, when the need arises, you can count on Wiretap Telecom to keep you connected.

Wiretap Telecom operates a triple geo redundant network, with data centers in Kansas City, Dallas, and Atlanta. Wiretap Telecom is proud to maintain 100% overall uptime for its carrier services.

Yes, Wiretap Telecom proudly sells Yealink and Adtran Telephony hardware. Wiretap also sells the hardware necessary to use our SD-WAN connectivity solutions.

Wiretap Telecom's company headquarters is in Oklahoma City, however Wiretap Telecom provides our clients with triple geo-redundancy, with data centers in the southeast, southwest, and midwest!

If you would prefer, Wiretap would be willing to bill you, instead of billing your end users. This would allow you to whitelabel our services!

The first thing we ask is that you reboot all downstream equipment. This includes PBXs, routers, and internet equipment. If this doesn't correct the issue then submit a helpdesk ticket by clicking "Request Assistance" at the top of the page. Tickets submitted to our helpdesk alert engineers immediately via various push notifications.

Yes, those statistics will be available for you on your online portal!

The best way to reach out for support is to submit a helpdesk ticket by going to wiretaptelecom.com and choosing the Request Assistance option at the top of the page. By submitting a helpdesk ticket, it helps us track issues to be sure they get resolved. We can also be reached on our toll-free main number at 8774713603.

Yes. After you get your account generated and you get signed into your online portal, you will be able to add additional portal users whenever you'd like!

Wiretap Telecom would be providing the managed service provider and their clients with triple geo-redundancy, as we have data centers in the southeast, southwest, and midwest. Wiretap Telecom would be providing the managed service provider and their clients with per minute rates as low as $0.0036 for inbound and $0.0054 for outbound, and we are willing to pay commissions on new end user accounts that managed service providers help to bring over to our services.

Yes you can. You will have that option if you go to the User Management page of the portal!

Wiretap Telecom does business across the United States, as we have clients from coast to coast!

No. After you've approved the porting agreement, you will be able to use your log-in credentials to submit ports on behalf of any of your accounts!

No. After an end user has approved your ability to access their account you will be able to access it at any time using your log-in credentials!

Yes. Reach out today to learn how!

We can do either, depending upon your preference! Call us today to find out more about pricing!

That depends. If we bill you instead of billing your end users, you will be responsible for either paying the taxes or providing us with the proper documentation to show that you are tax exempt. If we bill your end users, we will handle the taxes for you!

Neither. The $15.99 charge is a monthly recurring charge for having an account enabled with the lowest rates. On your account you'll be able to have as many trunks and end-users as you'd like, at no extra cost!

Please mail billing payments and inquiries to:

Wiretap Telecom, LLC.
PO Box 311105
Miami, FL 33231

Yes. You can change your plan, add new features and remove features at any time. Please note, however, that certain plan changes can only take effect at the beginning of a month.

Yes. We offer post-pay services for qualified accounts. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, depending upon the circumstance. If you can give us a clear picture of where we'd need to be at price-wise to have a good shot at earning your business, we are confident that we can provide you with the best pricing in the biz!

No, we allow our clients to change their plan at any time, with no additional cost or penalty!

Yes. If you so choose, we will allow you to add a managed services fee onto any quote from us for your end user. If you choose to partner with us in that way you will receive the amount for managed services, instead of a 15% commission on monthly recurring charges.

Yes. On a case by case basis, our pricing is negotiable for bulk users!

DID stands for Direct Inward Dial. Essentially, it is fancy terminology for 10 digit phone number.

Wiretap Telecom recommends IP authentication, but we also have the capability to authenticate via username and password as well (available via helpdesk ticket.)

Yes, you own your telephone numbers and you can port them to Wiretap Telecom.

Generally a port completes in about one week, but in some situations we can port in 24 hours or less. This depends on the accuracy of the information you provide about your current number(s) as well as who the losing carrier is. Losing carriers generally require information such as your address and name to be exactly what appears on your current bill. Other factors are based on which carrier you are porting from and the quantity and type of numbers you're porting.

Yes. We typically handle this by supplying your company with a temporary number. You can then contact your current carrier and have all phone calls forwarded to the temporary number. This will allow your new Wiretap Telecom phone system to be activated without an outage until the port(s) completes.

Yes. Many carriers limit the number of active calls a company can make simultaneously. Wiretap Telecom has many products to choose from, so rest assured you will only be limited based on the type of products you purchase. For instance, we offer products which allow you to have unlimited call paths or products where you can choose the number of call paths you desire. No matter what, we believe you will be satisfied!

No. We never charge extra for multiple locations. Our systems are robust and very flexible so we can offer unlimited locations at no extra charge. You will probably want at least one phone number per site for E-911 purposes as well as enhanced caller ID for each site. Each phone number and CNAM features do cost incrementally, however, you get to choose and control your expenses.

No, we make is simple. Use our customer portal to manage your trunks. When you have a new customer simply add a new trunk, assign DID's, and add the IP address. That's it.

Yes. We offer state of the are business grade SIP Trunks. Your PBX will connect directly to our trunking services through your existing high speed internet connection.

No. You can have as many trunks as you need for free. Simply sign into our customer portal, create trunks and assign phone numbers to them. It's that simple.

We sure do! Message or call us today to learn more about our partner program!

Our SIP trunking services are offered on a month to month basis. We do not have long term contracts!

No. From your online portal you will be able to purchase phone numbers, according to desired parameters and depending upon availability!

Yes. If you let us know the static IP address for your PBX we can get a temporary test trunk set up for you, free of charge!

Not yet, but that is something that we have been in communication with 3CX on. 3CX has informed us that they are not adding additional carriers for SMS until the release of their most recent version, which they expect to be in Q3 of 2021.

Yes. From your online portal you will be able to enable automatic failover forward, either by trunk or by phone number!

Yes. From your online portal you can put a temporary forward on one of your phone numbers at any time!

No. From your online portal you will be able to submit ports at any time!

On your account from us you will be able to turn up as many trunks as you'd like, at no extra cost!

Yes. As long as it is an IP PBX, we should be able to connect to it. Before moving further, we would be happy to get a temporary test trunk enabled for you at no charge, so you can familiarize yourself with the configuration process!

Yes. We will allow you to port/purchase phone numbers with any area code you'd like, depending upon portability and availability!

If you have an account with us, you can verify portability from within your online portal by clicking on Manage Numbers, Porting, then choosing the blue plus sign. If you do not yet have an account with us, message us on webchat and we will be happy to run a portability check for you!

Wiretap Telecom can indeed route calls to nearly any country in the world. International calling is enabled by country on an as needed basis. If you provide us with a list of the countries you would need to be able to call to, we will do everything we can to get you taken care of!

SIP in SIP trunking stands for Session Initiation Protocol. In other words, the term represents the technology involved to be able to make and receive phone calls, via the internet.

Wiretap Telecom can deliver our services in 4 different ways, over the internet, through a vpn tunnel, over private fiber, or via sd-wan technology.

To utilize Wiretap services, you will need a PBX in addition to your phones. We offer cloud PBX hosting for FreePBX and 3CX eliminating the need for on-site PBX hardware. Furthermore, if you choose another PBX cloud provider or if you desire to run your own PBX on-premise, then if your PBX is SIP compliant we trunk to it regardless of its make.

Maybe. If your phones are SIP IP Phones then you should be able to use them with our services. We would need to know the make and model of your phones to verify.

Yes. When you purchase phones from us you will receive fully tested phones. What does this mean to you? It simply means that troubleshooting issues and managing your phone settings is much easier. We sell Yealink IP Phones.

Yes. Our Hosted PBX platform allows for extension dialing and transferring calls between locations.

Yes. As part of our Core-PBX offering, we would be willing to fully manage your PBX for you if that would be helpful for you!

It sure is! I would recommend you reach out to our support team by going to wiretaptelecom.com and choosing the Request Assistance option at the top of the page, in order to get that process started.

Yes. With our managed hosting services we would be willing to handle the billing and support for your clients. Reach out today to learn more!

No. With our services, you will be able to utilize the same number for both voice and faxing! You can even use the same number with our e-fax and ATA fax services! Call us today to find out how!

Wiretap Telecom has developed a proprietary ATA Fax Gateway service with unprecedented success delivering FoIP service to Analog Fax Machines. We support and sell Adtran devices, but we allow you to bring your own ATA as well (limited support provided for BYO.)

Yes. With Core-fax both inbound and outbound faxes will be sent/received via email, attached as PDF documents!

No. From your online portal you will be able to Core-fax enable your company's email address domain, so that anyone with an email address ending in that domain can send faxes using Core-fax!

Yes. The cover letter will need to be attached as part of the PDF document to be sent via Core-fax.

There is not. We will allow you to send and receive as you see fit!

The inbound/outbound usage for Core-fax is factored in with the inbound/outbound calling plan you choose to go with.

Core-fax starts out at $19.99 monthly for up to 25 fax enabled numbers/email addresses!

Yes. Reach out today to find out how!

Yes! Simply attach your PDF cover page to the e-mail including the PDF file(s) that you want to send. Core-Fax looks for files with a non-case-sensitive file name that includes cover page text in its file name (cover page, coverpage, cover-page, cover.page, cover+page, cover_page). For instance "my cover-page.pdf" will be identified as a cover page by Core-Fax. When Core-Fax locates your cover page it will combine it with all the additional files prior to sending your fax.

Yes. With our Core-SMS product you would be able to send AND receive SMS messages, via email!

Yes, but this signature will likely not come across cleanly. We recommend you remove your signature from the email containing your Core-SMS message, prior to sending.

Once you've enabled a number for Core-SMS usage from your online portal, you'll need to send an email from your Core-SMS enabled email address to a special email address we have, while putting the desired recipient's number in the subject line of the email. You'll need to type out your desired message as you would if you were typing an email, and you'll want to be sure to remove any email signature.

Once you're signed into your online portal you'll want to click on Core-SMS, then click Manage Numbers in the dropdown, then click the blue plus sign on the next page. Once you have the number enabled for SMS, you'll want to click the number in the Core-SMS Number Management grid, to assign an email address to it.

Core-SMS is $4.99 monthly recurring for having the product enabled, + $0.25 monthly recurring per number enabled with Core-SMS + $0.008 per outbound message, with free inbound messaging!

No. Core-SMS will allow you to SMS enable your existing business phone numbers, so they can be utilized for sending AND receiving SMS messages!

STIR/SHAKEN is a framework of interconnected standards. STIR/SHAKEN are acronyms for the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) and Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs (SHAKEN) standards. This means that calls traveling through interconnected phone networks would have their caller ID "signed" as legitimate by originating carriers and validated by other carriers before reaching consumers. STIR/SHAKEN digitally validates the handoff of phone calls passing through the complex web of networks, allowing the phone company of the consumer receiving the call to verify that a call is in fact from the number displayed on Caller ID (Federal Communications Commission [FCC], n.d.).

Reference Entry

Federal Communications Commission. (n.d.). Combating Spoofed Robocalls with Caller ID Authentication.

If you run a business and you make outbound calls or receive inbound calls then you will be affected by STIR/SHAKEN. Please see our "Making an OUTBOUND call" FAQ and "Receiving an INBOUND call" for more details.

With STIR/SHAKEN, when you make an outbound call your call will be given a "grade" called an ATTESTATION level. This attestation level will be an A, B, or a C (please see "What are Attestation Levels" for more details). For Wiretap Telecom customers, you will be provided with an OUTBOUND attestation level of A or B for each call. To receive an A (best level) you must use an outbound caller-id number that represents an active phone number on your existing Wiretap Telecom account. If you spoof your caller-id (in most cases this is not recommended), meaning your caller-id number does not represent a phone number on your Wiretap Telecom account then you will receive an attestation level B for every call with this condition.

With STIR/SHAKEN, when you receive an inbound call you can block calls via the Wiretap Telecom portal (see Blocking Inbound Calls FAQ for more details) based on the attestation level. Furthermore, we will provide the Attestation level of the caller in the initial INVITE packet. This will allow your local phone system (PBX) to "see" the attestation level and take action accordingly if desired.

Yes, Wiretap Telecom contributes to the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem and is listed in the FCC's Robocall Mitigation Database.

Yes, Wiretap Telecom has taken all the necessary steps and has complied with new STIR/SHAKEN policies and robocall prevention systems. We are an approved Service Provider with the STI-PA contract holder iconectiv https://authenticate.iconectiv.com/.

You can find us listed with approved Service Providers at https://authenticate.iconectiv.com/authorized-service-providers-authenticate.

Attestation Levels are defined as follows:

The originating telephone service provider checks the call source and calling number to determine how to attest for the validity of the calling number. Full Attestation (A): The service provider has authenticated the calling party and they are authorized to use the calling number. An example of this case is a subscriber registered with the originating telephone service provider's softswitch.

Partial Attestation (B): The service provider has authenticated the call origination, but cannot verify the call source is authorized to use the calling number. An example of this use case is a telephone number behind an enterprise PBX.

Gateway Attestation (C): The service provider has authenticated from where it received the call, but cannot authenticate the call source. An example of this case would be a call received from an international gateway.

Please note that Wiretap Telecom will only provide an Attestation Level of C to wholesale carriers routing through our infrastructure. Manage Service Providers and End-Users will receive an A or B Attestation.

Reference Entry

TransNexus, (n.d.). Understanding STIR/SHAKEN. https://transnexus.com/whitepapers/understanding-stir-shaken/

When it comes to STIR/SHAKEN, it is very important to pass a caller-id number on outbound calls that can be verified to your account. That is, you own the number that is represented in your outbound caller-id and that number is active and on your Wiretap Telecom account.

No, an Attestation Level is a "per call" event. If your caller-id number is listed on your account as an active phone number then in most cases (i.e., see Attestation Exceptions FAQ) you will receive an Attestation Level A, which is the highest level.

In rare instances Wiretap Telecom reserves the right to change the Attestation Level for a call. This is done on a case-by-case basis and is performed as follows:

Upgrading an Attestation Level - Wiretap Telecom will not upgrade an Attestation Level under any circumstances.

Downgrading an Attestation Level - Wiretap Telecom reserves the right to downgrade an Attestation Level if it finds that the end-user is acting as or like an outbound call center and is temporarily purchasing and dumping numbers in quantities in order to place calls with no call-back route.

Please note that downgrading an Attestation Level is a rare event and Wiretap Telecom will attempt to notify the end-user before this occurs.

Immediately (within 60 seconds). Our systems will honor your ownership and provide the highest level of Attestation immediately.

No. We assign the Attestation Level at the Wiretap Telecom Account level and at the precise moment of each call. That is, every call you make receives its own Attestation Level regardless of the trunk or end-user it's assigned to. If the caller-id corresponds to an active phone number on your Wiretap Telecom account then you should receive an Attestation Level A.

STIR/SHAKEN does not take a caller-id name into consideration. STIR/SHAKEN only interrogates the 10 digit caller-id number. You are free to manage your caller-id name.

It depends. If you're porting numbers to Wiretap Telecom and the port-status is anything other than "FOC" or "COMPLETE" then your outbound calls will receive our lowest Attestation Level (B) temporarily. Once your port becomes bonafide (i.e., FOC'd) then from that point forward your Attestation level will immediately promote to Level A.

Unfortunately, no. Since the number is not within the Wiretap Telecom network we cannot verify ownership of the number, so this condition will yield an Attestation Level B (we know you, but not the number). To receive a Level A of Attestation simply port the number to us. :)

Our plan is to role out a limited release of our Core-MSP Partner Program during the 4th Quarter of 2022. We'll keep updating this FAQ as we get closer to that date.

Yes! If you join the new Core-MSP? Partner Program you'll be able to use both of our agent programs simultaneously. In fact, you'll be able to import your existing accounts into the new Partner Program if you so desire, but that's completely up to you. You're in control!

Definitely! Our Partner Program allows you to upload your logo and company information. We use this information in every area of customer contact. Your clients never know we exist!

It does! The Core-MSP Partner Program has a lead management system that allows you to upload your existing leads as well as create and manage leads. Ultimately, you'll generate quotes for your prospects with an option to let your prospect build their own account or you can do it for them!

We do this for you. Our billing system knows your cost and retail, so taxes will be applied to your end-users based on the retail charges they pay. Taxes will be included on their bill, so you can sit back and relax while enjoying what you do best -- MSP'ing! :)

But of course! If you're an existing MSP with Wiretap Telecom then the portal you know is the same portal your customers see. If you're a new agent then we'll give you a quick test drive if you like!

Absolutely! Your logo will appear and you can even choose your own color scheme. Wiretap Telecom will not appear anywhere on the site.

Nope. Wiretap Telecom will never appear in the URL. You'll have two choices in regards to how you want your users to navigate to the portal.

  • https://your-company-name.core-msp.com
  • https://portal.your-company-name.com
Basically, you get to choose. The first option is the easiest and requires no action from you. Your customer will only see our product name (core-msp). The second option requires some work on your part since it requires that you modify your domain settings.

Yes. You can make payments as well as your customers. In fact, using the Partner Dashboard (only available to Parnter Program members), you can charge your customers' credit cards with the click of a button! Your customers (end-user) can also pay from inside their account.

No way! :). Your customers will only see "Core-MSP" on their credit card statement.

Our Partner Program provides an easy way to do this. You can create telecom related products and non-telecom related products as you desire.

When you collect a payment directly, simply apply that payment to the proper account. Our system will automatically generate a charge on your account (if any exists) for any costs due. For example, let's say you charge $4.00 to your customer for a phone number and your cost to Wiretap Telecom for that number is $1.00. If you accept a direct payment from your customer then your MSP account will receive a charge of $1.00 (your cost). Conversely, if you or your customer makes a payment via the portal then we owe you $3.00. You'll receive a credit to your MSP account and when your account reaches a small credit threshold a payment will be disbursed to you.

We've designed our Partner Program to be your platform. We're always here to help along your MSP journey, but we'll also stay out of your way until/if you need us!

Please feel free to drop us a line. We will respond as soon as possible.

If you need immediate assistance feel free to call us any time.