Wiretap Telecom Software Notes

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    2024-03-25 (Faxing Systems): commit
    2024-03-25 (Faxing Systems): commit
    2024-03-25 (Faxing Systems): major replication-related enhancements
    2024-03-25 (Faxing Systems): commit
    2024-03-25 (Sales Systems): updates
    2024-03-23 (Faxing Systems): updates to close out fax tracker on delayed replicated updates
    2024-03-20 (Portal): fixed minor issue with createDIDTrunk()
    2024-03-19 (Sales Systems): Added chrome option header
    2024-03-19 (Portal): ST6-194 Added option to sent port note as "system" in super admin port note send
    2024-03-19 (Portal): Fixed bug when adding a ATA-FAX-GATEWAY trunk number with default inbound prefix
    2024-03-18 (Portal): Fixed default inbound prefix regex
    2024-03-18 (Portal): added missing parameter in activateCoreFaxDomain
    2024-03-15 (Portal): OTPs get sent to numbers with a 1 prefix
    2024-03-08 (Portal): ST6-232 Core-Fax Header CallerID now mandatory
    2024-03-07 (Portal): Fixed whoopsie daisy: Reenabled Inbound Caller ID checkbox and disabled Stir/Shaken Verification
    2024-03-06 (Portal): ST6-231 Removed duplicate "Header" string from Core-Fax Email edit
    2024-03-06 (Portal): ST6-28 Fixed unexpected results in Trunk Certifications with given version pattern
    2024-03-06 (Portal): ST6-104 Fixed E-911 deletion error when timed out
    2024-03-06 (Portal): ST6-139 Now allowing the use of "portal" subdomain on P2 BYOD.
    2024-03-06 (Portal): ST6-257 Fixed billing dashboard quotes table showing draft quotes
    2024-02-28 (Portal): ST6-180 Added E-Bill / Paper Bill option to Company Settings section on portal
    2024-02-27 (Portal): ST6-251 UpdateNumbersServlet Verification / Port-out PIN error fixed
    2024-02-27 (Portal): sa changes
    2024-02-26 (Portal): reactivated routeFrom/routeTo erroneous removal
    2024-02-25 (Faxing Systems): New Fax Deserializer replacement for better coverpage support
    2024-02-23 (Portal): ST6-36 Resolved DataTables overflow issue in portal
    2024-02-23 (Portal): Fixed E911 servlet API call error
    2024-02-23 (Portal): ST6-40 Enhanced 3CX template download option for dynamic version selection (v18/v20)
    2024-02-21 (Portal): ST6-227 Readded the ability to choose trunk port. Must be between 5060 - 5080
    2024-02-20 (Portal): ST6-227 Default trunk creation/edit to port 5060. Added FAQ on new acceptable range
    2024-02-19 (Faxing Systems): upgraded carrier order and added 0000000000 messaging
    2024-02-16 (Portal): ST6-38 (UI Enhancement) Removed all empty wells peppered throughout the portal
    2024-02-16 (Portal): ST6-149 Fixed bug that would cause an API failure when trying to remove Core-SMS from a TN. Issue has been fixed for both TF and nonTF TNs.
    2024-02-15 (Faxing Systems): hardened fax processing when failed external routes are encountered
    2024-02-15 (Portal): ST6-203 Removed 'Route from' options from UpdateNumbersServlet and frontend
    2024-02-15 (Portal): ST6-216 Added feature to update CallPath count on account via SuperAdmin
    2024-02-15 (Portal): Updated wording for "account pin"
    2024-02-15 (Portal): ST-26 Added support 4-digit OTP to avatar hover dropdown
    2024-02-13 (Portal): ST6-99 Fixed Toll Free SMS enablement
    2024-02-12 (Portal): ST6-166 Removed kamailio globalblacklist update on FOC
    2024-02-12 (Portal): ST6-127 Removed the 'Receive to an SMS Device' feature
    2024-02-12 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2024-02-12 (Portal): ST6-100 Fixed TN CSV x-overflow in _ports_edit.jsp
    2024-02-09 (Portal): version update
    2024-02-09 (Portal): wrapping up tcr overhaul project
    2024-02-09 (API Services): modified mock switch
    2024-02-09 (API Services): added tcr webhook servlet
    2024-02-09 (API Services): setup tcr api's and webhooks
    2024-02-09 (API Services): added tcr api logic
    2024-02-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): updating pom
    2024-02-05 (API Services): allow Heidi for CID updates pre-live carrier switch
    2024-02-05 (API Services): update w/total A/R logic -- queued / delayed update
    2024-01-30 (Portal): RE: ST6-105 - Default to new SBC trunk groups on port/purchase
    2024-01-30 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2024-01-30 (Portal): deleted savesmsa2pbrands
    2024-01-30 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2024-01-30 (Portal): removed servlet to synchronize.
    2024-01-30 (Portal): removed legacy fetch existing tcr form
    2024-01-30 (Portal): removed unnecessary import
    2024-01-30 (Portal): .
    2024-01-30 (Portal): updates to new TCR form process
    2024-01-30 (Portal): updated TCR form DAO objs
    2024-01-24 (Portal): ST6-16 Remove port-out PIN via API when field is cleared
    2024-01-24 (Main Web Site): ST6-134 Updated Core-PBX price to $34.95
    2024-01-24 (API Services): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_apiservices.git
    2024-01-24 (API Services): fixing neustarcnam
    2024-01-22 (Portal): ST6-2 Upgraded TCR form/UI data collection
    2024-01-15 (Portal): ST6-7 Added dedicated page for brand/campaign separate submissions
    2024-01-11 (Portal): updated sms api yaml doc
    2024-01-08 (Faxing Systems): removed old translations from pool of t38 routes. Added new ones
    2024-01-03 (Portal): added inbound prefix column to trunk numbers table
    2024-01-03 (Portal): allow p2 quotes callpathpro +1 quantities
    2023-12-21 (Portal): more braintree changes
    2023-12-21 (Portal): braintree updates
    2023-12-20 (Portal): updated api yaml doc with SendSMS endpoint
    2023-12-18 (Portal): port uid fixes for wtt tns
    2023-12-18 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-12-17 (Portal): P2 completed calcs on cc-processing for sub-accounts
    2023-12-17 (Portal): P2 fin dash - corrected expenses total A/P and added auto-refresh
    2023-12-17 (Portal): corrected billing page load issue on billing status data anomaly
    2023-12-12 (Portal): removed split port issue with UID
    2023-12-12 (Portal): added support pin feature
    2023-12-12 (Portal): added auth_token session attribute
    2023-12-12 (Portal): added api docs page
    2023-12-08 (Internal Systems): added new account test range
    2023-12-08 (Portal): exclude legacy anomaly accouonts from auto-account selection
    2023-12-08 (Portal): auto-apply unapplied payments
    2023-12-08 (Portal): removed low range account code filter (no longer needed)
    2023-12-08 (Portal): new account range support
    2023-12-08 (Portal): introduced new account range
    2023-11-16 (Portal): added feature that allows user to update their account level inbound prefix
    2023-11-16 (Portal): fixed issue with payments being made and spinner not refreshing
    2023-11-16 (API Services): added feature to allow user to update their default inbound prefix
    2023-11-16 (API Services): added feature that allows user to update their account level inbound prefix
    2023-11-15 (Portal): added enhanced trunk_location validation, enforce only ips
    2023-11-15 (Portal): on successful payment fadeOut accountNotificationContainer
    2023-11-15 (Portal): on trunk edit check sip_devices routetosbc to determine which hosts to display in whitelist management
    2023-11-14 (Portal): Corrected a burn rate bug
    2023-11-14 (Portal): adjusted burn rate calculations for P2
    2023-11-14 (Portal): fixed input group padding issues in trunks_edit
    2023-11-14 (Portal): prevent did disconnect if did core-sms or core-fax enabled
    2023-11-14 (Portal): on int access grant update term count limit to 20
    2023-11-14 (Portal): minor did DT UI enhancements
    2023-11-14 (API Services): made a fix to getquotepdf
    2023-11-13 (Portal): customer can now choose an foc date after 3 days from today instead of 7
    2023-11-13 (Portal): added input field enhancements and validation for new port submissions
    2023-11-13 (Portal): accounts gen'd from test root accounts use the test accountcode range
    2023-11-10 (Portal): fixed bug with emailing tf_loas in portaddservlet
    2023-11-10 (Portal): portability check now allows for tab & newline delimiters
    2023-11-10 (Portal): modified getActiveSBCs to return switches + sbcs
    2023-11-10 (Portal): removed deprecated trunk_edit message and added validation for port number
    2023-11-09 (Portal): sip_devices insert now checks for accountlevel routetosbc switch
    2023-11-09 (Portal): excluding certain accountcodes from new account generation
    2023-11-09 (Portal): modified sql injection check logic
    2023-11-09 (Portal): trunk port must be between 5060 and 5069
    2023-11-09 (Portal): added whitelist management section to trunks page
    2023-11-08 (Portal): added max 128 character account_number limit for porting.port_in table column
    2023-11-07 (Monitors / Systems): updated to accommodate sip servers and sbcs
    2023-11-07 (Portal): added export options for the DTs in the following pages, CDR, core-fax numbers, core-sms numbers, phone numbers, porting, trunks
    2023-11-06 (Portal): on did edit update IQ port out pin
    2023-11-06 (Portal): fixed core-fax slider value
    2023-11-06 (Portal): on a new internal port insert row in porting.x_port_in_to_wt
    2023-11-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-11-06 (Portal): fixed port note email template
    2023-11-03 (Portal): cdr reporting adjustments (removed superfluous data)
    2023-11-03 (Portal): updated profile account js counter
    2023-11-01 (Portal): lowered the accountStartRange
    2023-11-01 (Portal): allow updating of billing address info in company settings edit page
    2023-11-01 (Portal): modified accountInfo sessionStorage on billing pin update
    2023-10-31 (Portal): modified assignDIDtoAccount method in IODids
    2023-10-27 (Portal): rearranged some logic for customer alerts banner
    2023-10-27 (Portal): stripping all non-alpha characters for do-not-reply emails
    2023-10-26 (Portal): fixed bug with sending onboarding pamphlet
    2023-10-26 (Portal): fixed chartsio bug
    2023-10-24 (Portal): added ability to update customer account pin from billing dash
    2023-10-24 (API Services): softened force_cnam requirement and added detailed fail messaging
    2023-10-23 (Portal): allow mass/single did port-out edit
    2023-10-23 (Portal): added alertNotification fadeout on successful cc payment
    2023-10-18 (Portal): made a minor bug fix to account alert notifications
    2023-10-18 (Portal): on astdb_did insert inherit account pin for port_out_pin
    2023-10-18 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-10-18 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-10-18 (Portal): fixed issue with 3cx pbx template not downloading to client properly
    2023-10-17 (Portal): corrected an SQL oopsie in the Fax Tracker
    2023-10-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-10-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-10-17 (Portal): fixed bug with fetchphonenumberquery servlet
    2023-10-17 (API Services): updating cnam_external on storage push, deleting cnam external on storage deactivate
    2023-10-16 (Portal): Core-Fax adjust
    2023-10-16 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-10-16 (Portal): Core-Fax stage_3_ correction when fetching fax tracking data
    2023-10-16 (Portal): added ability to delete core-fax domains
    2023-10-16 (API Services): added checking for a couple more neustar error codes
    2023-10-13 (Portal): added customer alert notification feature on main/billing dashboard for declined card notices/new account/suspended accounts
    2023-10-12 (Portal): additional IO suspension methods
    2023-10-12 (Portal): fixed minor issue with account suspension notification logic
    2023-10-12 (Portal): on FOC if port in carrier id is wiretap then whitelist DID on kam and reload blacklist
    2023-10-12 (Portal): modified SubmitPortInOrderAdmin to only update the port vendor ID on internal port selection
    2023-10-12 (Portal): modified uid during PortAddServlet
    2023-10-11 (Portal): added account suspension alert messages in main/billing dashboard
    2023-10-11 (API Services): decoding request params before pushing to neustar
    2023-10-10 (Portal): added support for tax categories in custom pb add
    2023-10-10 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-10-10 (Portal): modified cnam storage api
    2023-10-10 (API Services): added support for neustar activate/deactivate cnam storage api
    2023-10-09 (Portal): stumbled across a SQL bug and corrected. Portal display issue only
    2023-10-06 (Portal): made some port dao changes
    2023-10-06 (Portal): modified SubmitPortInOrderAdmin to submit an internal port with port_in_carrier_id of 100
    2023-10-06 (Portal): appended wtt internal port PON identifier "INT"
    2023-10-06 (Main Web Site): fixed issue with release notes/3cx modal version
    2023-10-05 (Portal): fixed ports_add cr modal
    2023-10-05 (Portal): changed selected value to 'None' for a few _ports_add.jsp values
    2023-10-05 (Portal): fixed bug in _profile_contact.jsp when accountcode equaled null
    2023-10-05 (Portal): added support for wtt internal ports in _super_admin_port_in_order.jsp
    2023-10-05 (Portal): added table with port_in_dids on _super_admin_port_in_order.jsp
    2023-10-04 (Porting Systems): modified port monitor to highlight wtt network ports
    2023-10-03 (Portal): cnam storage fix, P2 quote system fixes and sms numbers stuff
    2023-10-03 (Portal): Logging update to enhance portal debugging
    2023-10-03 (Portal): security update
    2023-09-28 (Portal): fixed add port note/fetch port notes not working on email link
    2023-09-27 (Portal): added check for core-fax on core-fax pages
    2023-09-27 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-09-27 (Portal): fixed issue when adding a port note from token email link
    2023-09-26 (Portal): removed legacy 911 extension logic -- no longer supported
    2023-09-26 (Portal): Automated P2 onboarding pamphlet sending
    2023-09-26 (Portal): fixed issue with do-not-reply email populating
    2023-09-26 (Portal): added porting agreement to onboarding, fixed bug where level wasn't updating
    2023-09-26 (Main Web Site): modified 3cx template download to instruct user to get it from portal
    2023-09-22 (Portal): fixed estimated taxes, added confirmation animation on quote save
    2023-09-22 (Portal): added profit margin comparison on toll rates P2 quote creator
    2023-09-22 (Portal): fixed pbx manager animation timeout bug along with other cosmetic fixes
    2023-09-22 (Portal): allow up to 2 decimal places in service price input on PB edit
    2023-09-22 (Portal): Fixed sidebar links/style issue on pricebook_edit.jsp, fixed MRC checkbox on create pb item
    2023-09-22 (Portal): corrected stir/shaken related issue that was disrupting the CDR view
    2023-09-22 (Portal): Updated NewAccount test build range, tweaked PortAddServlet for whitelabel compatibility on split port success msg
    2023-09-21 (Portal): removed unnecessary logging on trunk.js
    2023-09-21 (Portal): Added "PBX Templates & Trunk Setup Guides" section to _trunks.jsp
    2023-09-21 (Main Web Site): removed redundant 3cx sms tutorial step
    2023-09-20 (Portal): Finalized P2 PBX Manager feature
    2023-09-19 (Portal): resolved issue where looping would short circuit on bulk p2 build operation
    2023-09-19 (Portal): removed bug that retuns no values in getProcessQueueRootByAction
    2023-09-19 (Portal): added tooltip info items
    2023-09-18 (Portal): Added tooltip to P2 PBX Manager portlet
    2023-09-18 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-09-18 (Portal): Enhancement to error messaging UI on invalid pin submission
    2023-09-14 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-09-14 (Portal): tooltip stuff for staged billing cycle ?
    2023-09-14 (Portal): version update
    2023-09-14 (Portal): corrected bug preventing customer from adjusting top up values
    2023-09-14 (Portal): Billing Cycle Operations messaging build out
    2023-09-14 (Portal): Added version examples to trunk cert
    2023-09-14 (Portal): Finished manual trunk cert mode
    2023-09-13 (API Services): adjusted internal triggers on port completes.
    2023-09-12 (SMS/MMS Gateways): smsapi updates to enhance MMS processing for 3CX. 3CX doc is wrong
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Continuing business rules updates for p2 billing cycle
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Continuing build-out of p2 billing cycle business rules
    2023-09-12 (Portal): add balance forward to non-qualifying p2 liability
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Fixed issue with trunk cert refresh on cert complete
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Refactored feedback tool, UI and JS updates
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Fixed MRC checkbox fetch in populatePricebookEditDataFields() and fixed alignment
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Prevent negative P2 Retail PB Service Item Price
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Moved P2 Wholesale PB DT's into accordions
    2023-09-12 (Portal): Split P2 Sales dash into two separate pages, modified sidebar and changed all references to deprecated _dashboard_core-msp_sales.jsp
    2023-09-12 (API Services): adjusted internal message triggering on completed ports.
    2023-09-12 (API Services): Completed ports trigger updates
    2023-09-12 (API Services): porting trigger notify updates
    2023-09-11 (Portal): allow p2 to request access to commissioned accounts
    2023-09-11 (Portal): P2 billing cycle rules adjustments / additional business logic
    2023-09-11 (Portal): removed ability to modify font-family vals in P2 Portal Designer
    2023-09-11 (Portal): prepended '$' to all instances of prices on the P2 portal
    2023-09-11 (Portal): security updates
    2023-09-11 (Portal): security updates
    2023-09-11 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-09-11 (Portal): security updates
    2023-09-11 (Portal): Updated the onboarding process to allow BYOD without DNS validation, also fixed do-not-reply email issue.
    2023-09-11 (API Services): added main method for internal automated email testing
    2023-09-11 (API Services): remove references to recently dropped columns
    2023-09-11 (API Services): added additional internal logging
    2023-09-08 (Portal): Fixed minor bug with ProcessCoreMSPImageUpload
    2023-09-07 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-09-07 (Portal): Removed some P2 CRM custom fields
    2023-09-07 (Portal): version update
    2023-09-07 (Portal): Set status to declined on cc decline when processing from P2 dashboard
    2023-09-07 (Portal): Corrected cosmetic logging issue on class file reference
    2023-09-07 (Portal): Corrected cosmetic logging class file reference
    2023-09-07 (API Services): Removed some P2 CRM custom fields
    2023-09-07 (API Services): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_apiservices_v2.git
    2023-09-07 (API Services): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_apiservices_v2.git
    2023-09-07 (API Services): Removed some P2 CRM custom fields
    2023-09-05 (Portal): Made minor DT changes to P2 sales page
    2023-09-05 (Portal): If subaccount, do not try updating PA if one already exists in NewAccount class
    2023-09-05 (Portal): Fixed bug with FetchTrunkCertifications
    2023-09-05 (Portal): Do not allow multiple trunking products on quoteable items
    2023-08-30 (Portal): Fixed bug with TrunkCertification, phase 1 should be good to deploy
    2023-08-30 (Portal): Made minor changes to FetchPhoneNumberPurchase Slack message
    2023-08-25 (Portal): minor version update
    2023-08-25 (Portal): corrected cast issue with SQL on custom service insertion
    2023-08-25 (Portal): adjusted internal quoting API URL for consistency and SSL cert
    2023-08-24 (API Services): partner program hard copy quote compatibility for external api systems
    2023-08-24 (API Services): partner program hard copy quote compatibility for internal api systems
    2023-08-24 (API Services): adjust quote hard copy feature to support partner program
    2023-08-23 (Portal): overhauled and refactored Quote Creator, also added support for MRC custom PB
    2023-08-22 (Portal): Fixes to P2 onboarding DNS resolver
    2023-08-22 (Portal): Prevent P2 from creating lead if primary email == existing portal user email
    2023-08-22 (Portal): Updated quote system API call in P2 quote creator
    2023-08-22 (Portal): Added trunk certification feature to _trunks.jsp (still needs minor fixing)
    2023-08-21 (Portal): Hardcoded all P2 JSP sidebars and matched them
    2023-08-21 (Portal): Added a check for an existing portal user on create/update P2 lead
    2023-08-21 (Portal): Added isDoesAnyThresholdAmountDueExist check when attempting to modify Top Up amount/thresh/shutoff
    2023-08-16 (Portal): billing ops docs updated
    2023-08-16 (Portal): Calculation adjustment for prior period
    2023-08-16 (API Services): gutted web.xml
    2023-08-16 (API Services): adjust invoice pull to V2
    2023-08-15 (Portal): Fixed minor bug where "Route from" dropdown wouldn't clear on DID loadForEdit
    2023-08-14 (Internal Systems): adjust token
    2023-08-14 (Portal): Modified ViewOutboundFax getOutboundFaxes subdomain
    2023-08-11 (Portal): Fixed Top Selling Services Chart
    2023-08-11 (Portal): More minor changes to invoicing
    2023-08-11 (Portal): Extended new account test build range to 9000-9099
    2023-08-11 (Portal): Added onclick to subaccount invoicing table
    2023-08-11 (API Services): Fixed Top Selling Services Chart
    2023-08-10 (Portal): versioning update
    2023-08-10 (Portal): docs updated for billing cycle ops
    2023-08-10 (Portal): Added "Invoice Manager" feature documentation
    2023-08-10 (Main Web Site): Updated main website certification version
    2023-08-09 (Portal): Added Zendesk Live Chat widget
    2023-08-09 (Portal): removed unused aor
    2023-08-09 (Portal): removed usage of aor
    2023-08-09 (Portal): adjusted to allow multi-account dashboard access
    2023-08-08 (Portal): Added subaccount invoices section to P2 Sales Dashboard
    2023-08-08 (Portal): billing dashboard calculations adjusted for cosmetic balancing
    2023-08-07 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-08-07 (Portal): Fixed minor bug with Fax Tracker consoles not loading fax content
    2023-08-04 (Portal): superflous push
    2023-08-04 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-08-04 (Portal): online docs updated with p2 billing operations main billing cycle info
    2023-08-04 (Portal): Fixed several additional bugs in the P2 Invoice Manager
    2023-08-04 (Portal): reduced subselects on closing period to increase DB performance
    2023-08-04 (Portal): wired up front-end persistence on financial dash staged items
    2023-08-04 (Portal): Stubbed out Billing Staging Operations section in documentation page
    2023-08-04 (Portal): Fixed minor bug in P2 Invoicing Manager where you could add undefined custom PB items
    2023-08-03 (Portal): api key support adjustments for continued security
    2023-08-03 (Portal): bazillion upgrades to support full P2 billing cycles
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Added documentation on Importing existing PBX to the P2 "PBX Manager"
    2023-08-03 (Portal): billing actions for p2 zipped up and ready.
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Fixed tooltip for "Quotes Table" on P2 Sales page
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Fixed bug where "Login Screen" preview panel in P2 Portal Designer wasn't showing input form
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Removed "Portal Appearance" tab from Partner Settings page since "P2 Portal Designer" replaces it
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Fixed initColorPicker() in Portal Designer not loading the correct existing colors
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Added modal response on emailQuote()
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Enhanced PBX inventory to hide username/password until mouseover
    2023-08-03 (Portal): Completed phase 1 CoreMSP PBX Manager feature
    2023-07-31 (Portal): p2 monthly build initiation logic added
    2023-07-31 (Portal): Made small change to encryption method params and everything else that calls it
    2023-07-31 (Portal): Ongoing PBX Manager development
    2023-07-29 (Portal): Eliminated month restriction on recorded payments prior month calcs.
    2023-07-29 (Portal): building out full p2 automation for billing cycles. Massive updates
    2023-07-29 (Portal): method restructure to reduce IO and increase user experience.
    2023-07-26 (Portal): pushing p3 billing cycle notifications and proper logging
    2023-07-26 (Portal): Wired up to billing system API's for p2 operational billing cycles
    2023-07-25 (Portal): building out automated suspension logic for p3
    2023-07-24 (Portal): version update
    2023-07-24 (Portal): adjusted logging by adding efficiency feature
    2023-07-24 (Portal): connecting the p3 billing cycle frontend/backend components
    2023-07-24 (Portal): Removed service orders table from billing dashboard temporarily
    2023-07-24 (Portal): Added profit margin percentage indicator to facilitate editing P2 pricebook items
    2023-07-21 (Portal): Updated breadcrumbs, links, and changed "Cancel" to "Done" on P2 edit pages
    2023-07-20 (Portal): Fixed tooltip logic, for real this time!
    2023-07-20 (Portal): made p2 dashboard daily/monthly graphs compatible with sub-accounts
    2023-07-20 (Portal): corrected tooltip issue
    2023-07-19 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-07-19 (Portal): Updated and fixed tooltip logic
    2023-07-18 (Portal): cleaned up and stubbed out partner control center
    2023-07-18 (Portal): avoid captcha for internal testing. Damn thing is annoying
    2023-07-18 (Portal): Changes to P2 docs
    2023-07-18 (Portal): completed round 1 of p3 staged billing cycles
    2023-07-14 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-07-14 (Portal): Bug fixes to IQ/BW FetchPhoneNumberPurchase API calls/resp
    2023-07-13 (Portal): build out of billing staging continuing...
    2023-07-13 (Portal): building out deletion feature of staged billing operations
    2023-07-12 (Portal): ongoing billing cycle staging operations build out.
    2023-07-11 (Portal): building out billing cycle staging business logic
    2023-07-11 (Portal): Removed help text from wholesale pricebook and added to tooltip table
    2023-07-11 (Portal): Propagated tooltips to all P2 pages
    2023-07-10 (Portal): converted P2 billing cycle operations to staging operations
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Tooltip logic update
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Replaced companyAccountCode object to sessionAttribute instead
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Fixed tooltip JSON related bug
    2023-07-07 (Portal): adjusted enterprise info for feedback email
    2023-07-07 (Portal): automated feedback feature created to enhance user experience
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-07-07 (Portal): added enhanced feedback messaging to db, activity center and email
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Extended feedback tool to P2 main dashboard
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Ongoing development of P2 landing/lead gen page on the portal
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Minor email template branding fix for Partners
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Extended "Manage Users" feature to Partner Portal
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Added logic for checking invoicing pay type when restricting new users from accessing Financial/Sales/SIP Ops page
    2023-07-07 (Portal): Fixed some branding issues from the ResetPasswordServlet email
    2023-07-07 (Portal): TOS check fix on quote build account modal
    2023-06-30 (Portal): Added street_number field to e911 numbers edit page
    2023-06-27 (Portal): Fixed the same _vip_quote issue for the 3rd time
    2023-06-27 (Portal): Added Manage Users section to P2 dashboard pages and multiple bug fixes
    2023-06-27 (Portal): Fixed SSL issue with P2 page resources
    2023-06-20 (Portal): Fixed minor bug within the P2 Portal Designer
    2023-06-20 (Portal): Added ability to fetch tooltips if none are found in sessionStorage
    2023-06-20 (Portal): Added documentation for the Core-MSP P2
    2023-06-20 (API Services): added feature to process non-quote, non-tax tax runs ad-hoc
    2023-06-19 (Portal): add ability for a BTN update by the end-user
    2023-06-19 (Portal): Core-MSP agreement updated
    2023-06-15 (Portal): completed migration of payment recordation from P3 main to P3 fin
    2023-06-15 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_portal.git
    2023-06-15 (Portal): Portal Designer and other P2 changes
    2023-06-13 (Portal): migration to new development platform
    2023-06-13 (Portal): Whole lotta code - Added the P2 Portal Designer feature along with various fixes
    2023-06-02 (Portal): eliminate inactive switches from carrier switch mappings
    2023-05-23 (API Services): adjusted FOC'd notification
    2023-05-23 (API Services): logging adjustment
    2023-05-23 (API Services): corrected FOC log entry issue on already issued FOC'd ports
    2023-05-22 (Portal): initial commit to new repo
    2023-05-20 (Main Web Site): commit test
    2023-05-20 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/_wtt_website.git
    2023-05-20 (Main Web Site): commit test
    2023-05-20 (Main Web Site): wtt_website/Cody/Wiretap_Telecom/software_development/workspaces/202305/wtt_website/target/m2e-wtp/web-resources/.gitignore edited online with Bitbucket
    2023-05-20 (Main Web Site): initial commit to new repo
    2023-05-20 (API Services): initial commit to new repo
    2023-05-20 (Sales Systems): initial commit to new repo
    2023-05-20 (API Services): initial commit to new repo
    2023-05-19 (Portal): core-msp coming soon page updates
    2023-05-19 (Portal): Removed sidebar from _profile_contact.jsp
    2023-05-18 (Portal): Do not require TOS acceptance on subaccount quote
    2023-05-18 (Portal): Removed logo from onboard in progress jsp
    2023-05-18 (Portal): Temporarily commented out service orders table
    2023-05-18 (Portal): Fixed additional info in P2 Quote Creator FOR GOOD!
    2023-05-17 (Portal): Modified wholesale pricebook to exclude stir shaken and coremsp prods
    2023-05-17 (Portal): Bug fix to update coremsp partner settings
    2023-05-17 (Portal): Updated CMSP opt in to initialize billing details with CoreMSP service + x"
    2023-05-17 (Portal): Modified cmsp quote creator to accomodate existing subaccount quotes
    2023-05-17 (Portal): Modified EmailQuoteServlet on the portal to send different email if existing subaccount quote
    2023-05-17 (Portal): Added TOS and CPNI to wizard during onboarding
    2023-05-16 (Main Web Site): 3cx template updated for SMS
    2023-05-16 (Sales Systems): Duplicate quote feature now duplicates pricebook items
    2023-05-16 (Sales Systems): Fixed edit custom pricebook quote item bug
    2023-05-16 (Sales Systems): Fixed pricebook add bug
    2023-05-15 (Portal): Fixed additional info table and fetch telecom prod on quote load
    2023-05-15 (Portal): Prohibit accessing sales/sip operations dashs without making initial payment
    2023-05-15 (Portal): Fixed Core-MSP Wholesale pricebook
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Fixed whitelabeled telecom items not being populated in billing_details
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Removed PayGo topup and Core-MSP from Retail Pricebook
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Removed company_static_hash from trunk.jsp get getCarrierSwitchIPs method call
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Added an invoices table to P2 financial dash
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Added full accountcode to P3 new subaccount build email, fixed timestamp and removed enterprise
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Fixing dirtyworktree
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Prohibit pricebook service name edit on a Core telecom product
    2023-05-12 (Portal): Removed TOS check on subaccount on build modal
    2023-05-12 (Internal Systems): Invoice emails now have the correct invoice filename onclick
    2023-05-11 (Portal): corrected trunk diagnostic issue with legacy/decommed switches
    2023-05-11 (Portal): updated messaging for wholesale pricing in p3 sales dashboard
    2023-05-11 (Portal): adjust enterprise messaging on p3 payment modal
    2023-05-10 (Portal): version update
    2023-05-10 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-05-10 (Portal): version update
    2023-05-10 (Portal): version update
    2023-05-10 (Portal): version update
    2023-05-10 (Portal): Modified UserAddServlet so email uses $ variables instead of {!
    2023-05-10 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-05-10 (Portal): Removed ability to set MRC on a new pricebook item
    2023-05-10 (Internal Systems): added logging to tempalte scrubbing
    2023-05-10 (Internal Systems): adjust bank info on invoices for enterprise and root accounts
    2023-05-09 (Portal): verbiage adjustment in the billing cycle ops modal
    2023-05-09 (Portal): P2 build out complete (v1) for monthly sub-account processing
    2023-05-09 (Portal): Added Custom Pricebook functionality to Core-MSP Quote Creator
    2023-05-08 (Portal): corrected cosmetic messaging error when disabling a Core-SMS number
    2023-05-08 (Partner Program Billing Cycle): publish and deliver invoice/statements on on-demand P2 billing cycle
    2023-05-08 (Partner Program Billing Cycle): initial commit
    2023-05-05 (Portal): removed recordPayment from p3 Main Dash
    2023-05-05 (Portal): added monthly billing process to P3 Fin. Optimized subselects
    2023-05-05 (Portal): billing cycle completed via P3 fin dash
    2023-05-04 (Portal): core_msp_additional_servicesnow gets initialized with everything on custom pricebook in root account quote
    2023-05-04 (Portal): removed ability to delete telecom pricebook items. removed ability to import telecom prods
    2023-05-04 (Sales Systems): Now populating item_description in quote_custom_pricebook
    2023-05-04 (API Services): Corrected slack messaging on FOC, etc. Added func to Log class
    2023-05-03 (Portal): Added carousel for additional trunking products
    2023-05-03 (Internal Systems): handle cmdata keys for sub-accounts
    2023-05-03 (Internal Systems): offsetting entries adjusted for STIR/SHAKEN billing
    2023-05-03 (Internal Systems): use default keys as a safety net in cmdata
    2023-05-03 (Sales Systems): AddItemToQuote updates and hardcoding portal url in ViewURLQuoteServlet
    2023-05-02 (Portal): added logging and billing lockdown procs on critical API failure
    2023-05-02 (Sales Systems): removed unnecessary code from EmailQuoteServlet
    2023-05-01 (Portal): Disabling delete quote button if quote_stage == 20
    2023-05-01 (Portal): Fixed "GetQuotePDF" PDF filename and everything that calls it
    2023-05-01 (Portal): added "login to portal" button to P2 subaccount built email
    2023-05-01 (Portal): Added companyname prefix to P2 do-not-reply email
    2023-05-01 (Portal): Sending an email to P3 on subaccount build
    2023-05-01 (API Services): Fixed "GetQuotePDF" filename
    2023-05-01 (API Services): Added explicit rather than implicit cc processing filter
    2023-05-01 (API Services): Fixed WebServlet name for Get QuotePDF
    2023-05-01 (API Services): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/apiservices.git
    2023-05-01 (API Services): Fixed "GetQuotePDF" filename
    2023-04-28 (Internal Systems): completed invoice whitelabel
    2023-04-27 (Portal): Turned "State" field in Create New Lead Modal into a dropdown
    2023-04-27 (Portal): Fixed estimated taxes not displaying on first iteration
    2023-04-27 (Internal Systems): adjust fees processing for overrides
    2023-04-26 (Portal): On successful account build quote on sales dash no longer shows "Rejected"
    2023-04-26 (Portal): Modified EmailQuoteServlet to send out the correct quote URL
    2023-04-26 (Portal): Added "quote_hash" to DTCoreMSPQuotes (more lost code or am i crazy??)
    2023-04-26 (Portal): Fixed view quote from sales dash URL (quote_hash)
    2023-04-26 (Portal): Added product whitelabel functionality for service_price
    2023-04-25 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-25 (Portal): Pushed remaining whitelabel service name stuff
    2023-04-25 (Portal): added prepaid values to Payment_Account CR Object
    2023-04-25 (Portal): versioning update
    2023-04-25 (Portal): Added whitelabel functionality to P2 quote service names
    2023-04-25 (Portal): adjusted portal to use auth user rather than did assigned when faxing via portal
    2023-04-25 (API Services): Misc updates to accommodate P3 Fin Dashboard
    2023-04-25 (Internal Systems): adjust (minor) to prior push
    2023-04-25 (Internal Systems): added company name to billing reminder template
    2023-04-25 (Sales Systems): Modified pqbp and made changes to AddItemToQuote servlet
    2023-04-24 (Portal): Fixed some poorly formatted html
    2023-04-24 (Portal): Fixed P2 quote creator delete estimated taxes checkbox
    2023-04-24 (Portal): Fixed issue where quotes were not loading in P2 sales dashboard
    2023-04-24 (Portal): Finally fixed annoying import telecom prod modal issue
    2023-04-24 (Portal): Added functionality for P3 to request access to international calling
    2023-04-24 (Portal): Sending an email to portal admin when international request granted. Created emailTemplate 8
    2023-04-24 (Internal Systems): added additional billing messaging
    2023-04-21 (Portal): push email notification to p3 upon sub-account internation request
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Fixed companyid stuff in vip_quote
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Modified the jsp tags around the TOS to check companyid 0 instead
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Adding a "Coming soon!" to the Portal Design Wizard tab
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Modified "New Account Success" + "Portal admin success" emails to be compatible with P2
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Removed link tags from Too Expensive and Add width tags to Just Right logo
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Modified "Portal Approval Request" email template to be compatible with P2
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Updated "Port Note Notice" email to be compatible with P2
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Modified ResetPasswordServlet Email template to be compatible with P2
    2023-04-21 (Portal): Fixed: Temp remove favicon, subdomain failing to create, crm portal root being populated correctly
    2023-04-21 (API Services): Updated "Port Note Notice" email to be compatible with P2
    2023-04-21 (Sales Systems): Fixed: On view vip_quote email template has https://https:
    2023-04-21 (API Services): Updated "Port Note Notice" email to be compatible with P2
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Updated logactivity in PortCancelServlet
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Minor changes to P2 Wholesale pricebook
    2023-04-20 (Portal): removed superfulous chart wells. Replaced with coming soon.
    2023-04-20 (Portal): added more clarity to redirect on p3 sign in
    2023-04-20 (Portal): clean header on sign in page
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Remove duplicate activity on successful login redirect to P3 URL
    2023-04-20 (Portal): remove chat window on VIP Quote for sub-accounts
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Remove phone number sub-account messaing on my build code
    2023-04-20 (Portal): remove pdf quote option for sub-accounts
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Added PBX Operations Portlet
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Added new account_built column to core_msp_leads
    2023-04-20 (Portal): Code, pls stop disappearing
    2023-04-19 (Portal): sign up and registration updates
    2023-04-19 (Portal): added email notifications for P3 on subaccount activity
    2023-04-19 (Portal): added ability to reassign p3 did to subaccount (backend)
    2023-04-19 (Portal): Allow a P3 to reassign and previously unassigned DID
    2023-04-19 (Portal): Added wholesale pricebook table to P2 sales dashboard
    2023-04-19 (Portal): Added additional styling to coremsp onboard bank details section
    2023-04-19 (Portal): added quote_hash sessionStorage value
    2023-04-19 (Portal): Fixed paygo slider on refresh
    2023-04-19 (Portal): Fixed paygo parms on GetStarted
    2023-04-19 (API Services): adjust logo fetch URL
    2023-04-19 (Internal Systems): P3 unassigned DIDs now have a billing component
    2023-04-19 (Sales Systems): Updated AddItemToQuote
    2023-04-18 (Portal): Commented out the media logo override for P2
    2023-04-18 (Portal): Added logo width constraints to vip_quote
    2023-04-18 (Portal): Fixed fubar'd build modal
    2023-04-18 (Portal): P3 quote sending adjustments. Authenticate URL redirect cleanup
    2023-04-18 (Portal): Added Root_Billing_Account_Plan DAO and added method to pull root account plan details in IOBilling
    2023-04-18 (Portal): Added updateDoNotReplyEmail method to IOCoreMSP
    2023-04-18 (Portal): Fixed preview quote bug where quote_hash wasn't getting populated
    2023-04-18 (API Services): adjusted media url meta data
    2023-04-18 (API Services): added prepaid DAO and components for financial P3 dashboard
    2023-04-18 (API Services): Added media logo full path values to getRootInstance
    2023-04-18 (API Services): Updated portal root url for getRootInstance
    2023-04-18 (API Services): fixed portal_full_url and launch_url cmdata values
    2023-04-18 (Sales Systems): Added support for all toll rates to Quote System
    2023-04-17 (Portal): bring customer view back by adjusting cmdata account code check
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-17 (Portal): adjusted cmdata to further help P3 know here they are (P3 Dash or Acct)
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Fixed managing paygo billing details in partner settings page
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Added additional "Optional" text to "Bank Details" wizard page during onboard
    2023-04-17 (Portal): For P2 - Control Core-MSP identity on porting communication
    2023-04-17 (Portal): hard coding do not reply email during P3 Onboard
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Corrected logout SSL discrepancy
    2023-04-17 (Portal): removed digicert on company id 0 from login page
    2023-04-17 (Portal): adjust messaging on sign-on to more easily inactivate a global message
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Added support for all toll rates in CMSP Quote Creator
    2023-04-17 (Portal): redirect P3 sign on when landing on wiretap proper
    2023-04-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-17 (Main Web Site): Tell blackhat hackers to fuck off when attempting to exploit our JS
    2023-04-15 (Sales Systems): replaced legacy quote template with new features and dressing
    2023-04-15 (Sales Systems): added messaging to tax modal indicating MRC/NRC included
    2023-04-14 (Portal): financial dashboard updates, error corrections.
    2023-04-14 (Portal): 04/14/2023 (Demo day revised)
    2023-04-14 (Portal): index on master: 9586f05 fixed banking for onboarding
    2023-04-13 (Portal): fixed banking for onboarding
    2023-04-13 (Portal): gracefully load income / expense transactions on new (no data) subs
    2023-04-13 (Portal): use aor whtn generating a subdomain
    2023-04-13 (Portal): Fixed bug when trying to edit an existing quote
    2023-04-13 (Portal): Updated _vip_quote sidebar
    2023-04-13 (API Services): accommodate new sub-accounts with no financial history
    2023-04-12 (Portal): onboarding updates for P3
    2023-04-12 (Portal): Fixed "undefined" error msg in quotes
    2023-04-12 (Portal): Fixed "undefined" field quotes bug
    2023-04-12 (Portal): Fixed bug where it would duplicate quote on a refresh. Now using localStorage
    2023-04-12 (Portal): adjusted sent sub-account quotes to redirect on click to quotes.core-msp
    2023-04-12 (API Services): Changes to cmdata to support partner FQDN cmdata fetch
    2023-04-12 (API Services): Added feature if Partner does not upload a logo a blank logo will appear
    2023-04-12 (Sales Systems): minor bug corrections
    2023-04-12 (API Services): more P3 adjustments for taxing
    2023-04-11 (Portal): modified quote url to avoid 301 redirect on API call
    2023-04-11 (Portal): optimized multi-dash load time and filtered roots from list
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Do not clear sessionStorage on P2 onboarding start
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Minor bug fix to P3 lead edit page
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Added logActivity to DisconnectDID
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Fixed bug on P3 Quote Creator where it allowed adding empty additional info. Also restrict saving quote unless trunking prod added
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Fixed bug where leads table would not preview onclick. Fixed link on "Cancel" to reutn to sales dashboard
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Modified getQuoteByNumber method to return estimated_tax & estimated_usage values
    2023-04-11 (Portal): Made EmailQuoteServlet compatible with P3 custom do-not-reply emails
    2023-04-11 (API Services): corrected do-not-reply addresses for P3 communications
    2023-04-11 (API Services): addressed root level resale taxation exemptions and considerations
    2023-04-10 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/smsapis.git
    2023-04-10 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Modified ReceiveSMSFromIQ to run in a thread to avoid NGINX timeouts
    2023-04-07 (Portal): P3 dashboard graph corrections and load features added
    2023-04-07 (Portal): adjusted filtering port notes mechanism. Removed sign via token restriction
    2023-04-06 (Portal): ongoing p3
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-06 (Portal): P3 updates via string testing
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Fixed bug with importing telecom service items
    2023-04-06 (Portal): p3 front-end updates and testing
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Fixed "Next" wizard button not resetting on error bug
    2023-04-06 (Portal): .
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-06 (Portal): messaging and redirect updates for p3 program
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Moved captcha above the submit button in portal signup page
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Moved captcha in register page above submit button
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Changed Core-MSP coming soon date :(
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Modified AJAX call servlet in CoreMSP Coming Soon page
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Removed copyright date in login page
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-04-06 (Portal): Quote note now displays P3's company name instead of Wiretap Agent's name
    2023-04-05 (Portal): adjusted terms link on new account build
    2023-04-05 (Portal): Added CustomPricebook dao and added method to IOQuotes
    2023-04-05 (Portal): Added overlay wrapper to P2 manage invoices page
    2023-04-05 (Portal): Fixed minor UI bug with onboard_in_progress page
    2023-04-05 (Portal): Added "Custom Pricing" section to _vip_quote page
    2023-04-05 (Portal): Fixed bug with P2 redirect on Authenticate
    2023-04-05 (Portal): Fixed bug when importing telecom prods
    2023-04-05 (Sales Systems): adjusted messaging and tax calcs on internal quote system.
    2023-04-05 (Sales Systems): adjusted email links for environments
    2023-04-05 (Sales Systems): added quote view limiter
    2023-04-05 (Sales Systems): Made minor bug fix to updating custom pricebook items
    2023-04-04 (Portal): adjusted CoreFax object to gen new object_key for portal submissions
    2023-04-04 (Portal): Fixed Port note not displaying bug
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): enhanced estimated taxes listed on quotes
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): allow filter parm on authenticate
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): resolving merge
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): Merging IORequest
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): revising quote system to support root account builds
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): Added ability to add, update and remove custom pricebook items
    2023-04-04 (Sales Systems): added optional limit of quotes to display for efficiency
    2023-04-03 (Portal): enhanced prior update
    2023-04-03 (Portal): wired up communication levels for porting by the P3 and sub-accounts
    2023-04-03 (Portal): updated to handle BYOFQDN for P2
    2023-04-01 (Portal): increased Core-Fax fax size limits via portal
    2023-04-01 (Internal Systems): summarized taxing details to reduce space on invoice
    2023-04-01 (API Services): pulled in missing method for tax io
    2023-04-01 (API Services): added PIU adjust
    2023-03-31 (Portal): Portal Fax development
    2023-03-31 (Internal Systems): finalized sub-account and root-account billing
    2023-03-31 (Faxing Systems): updated misc
    2023-03-29 (Portal): added feature on nav for WT to identify access to Root/Sub Accts
    2023-03-29 (Portal): Changed build progress to be compatible with duplicate portal admin emails
    2023-03-29 (Portal): P2 onboarding updates and fixes
    2023-03-29 (Portal): Added some error logging to CMSP subdomain creator
    2023-03-29 (Portal): If portalUserType is 3 then redirect to new onboard_in_progress page
    2023-03-29 (Portal): If P3 hasn't uploaded logo default to new blank logo
    2023-03-28 (Portal): Added updatePortalUrl method
    2023-03-28 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-28 (Portal): Fixed CoreMSPOnboard/OptIn Servlet naming
    2023-03-28 (Portal): Minor changes to _profile_partner page
    2023-03-28 (Portal): Fixed bug with trying to fetch/enable Puerto Rico/Virgin islands for international calling
    2023-03-27 (Portal): adjusted prior correction to soften on null column AND missing row
    2023-03-27 (Portal): adjust for nulls on fax header and fax company name
    2023-03-27 (Portal): Fixing a bug with NewAccount builds
    2023-03-26 (Internal Systems): Continuing updates to accommodate P2 program
    2023-03-24 (Internal Systems): Modified billing priority queue to process based on business logic
    2023-03-23 (Portal): version update
    2023-03-23 (Portal): removed line break when recording payment on P3 dash (purely cosmetic)
    2023-03-23 (Portal): added consistent TTI-Header messaging for Core-Fax
    2023-03-23 (Portal): adjusted taxing queue priorities to sub-account processing order requirements
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Added check to NewAccount class to see if portal_admin_email is already associated with an existing portal user
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Modified Authenticate to redirect to _onboard_in_progress page if CMSP level < 1 && user type > 1
    2023-03-23 (Portal): UX improvements to importing telecom products modal/wizard
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Added ability for P2 to update their Paygo topup/threshold along with UI improvements to Partner Settings page
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Ongoing P2 onboarding development
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-23 (Portal): Changed CoreMSPOnboard filename
    2023-03-23 (Internal Systems): removed ability for Top Up Processors to adjust billing queue priorities
    2023-03-23 (Faxing Systems): added new company header hierarchy to Core-Fax
    2023-03-23 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Updates to TCR Monitoring Slack Message
    2023-03-22 (Portal): corrected clean auto-clear switch on submit
    2023-03-22 (Portal): added tti_header options to domain name Core-Fax management
    2023-03-22 (Portal): allowed Core-Fax domain names adjustements to caller-id/tti-header
    2023-03-22 (Faxing Systems): added domain level tti header options
    2023-03-21 (Main Web Site): .
    2023-03-21 (Main Web Site): clean up on prior adjust
    2023-03-21 (Main Web Site): build certification messaging
    2023-03-21 (Main Web Site): added template messaging
    2023-03-21 (API Services): corrected cosmetic internal FOC messaging.
    2023-03-21 (Sales Systems): Adding test quote logic to generate accountID within 900-999 range
    2023-03-20 (Portal): added address management to P3 settings tab page
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Fixed bug with feedback widget and added styling to MRC service item display
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Fixed CSS bug with Importing Telecom service modal
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Changed the "avatar" section to include the correct P2 links
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Lots of UI and bug fixes to sales/main dashboard
    2023-03-20 (Portal): P3 contacts update
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-20 (Portal): P3 contact information added to P3 dashboard
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Fixed a bug when loading P2 pricebook service items
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-20 (Portal): Fixed a bug with pinning and fetching P2 additional quote info
    2023-03-20 (Portal): added bank info management for p3
    2023-03-19 (Portal): added logic for p3 to manage ACH information
    2023-03-18 (Portal): Added some addtl fuck you code for black hat hackers
    2023-03-17 (Monitors / Systems): added additional messaging and recovery logic to automated crash report
    2023-03-16 (Portal): removed captcha and timeout restrictions on SMS A2P TCR form
    2023-03-16 (Portal): P3 dashboard charts continued refinement
    2023-03-15 (Portal): Fixed minor bug with Top Selling Services chart in P2 financial dashboard
    2023-03-15 (Portal): Added a feedback widget to P2 dashboard pages
    2023-03-15 (Portal): adjusted P3 dashboard gauges and graphs
    2023-03-15 (Portal): Fixed billing dashboard CSS issue
    2023-03-15 (Portal): P2 dashboard pages now have sidebar links shown as active and removed root account link. Fixed bug with quote creator
    2023-03-15 (Portal): Fixed minor bug with DID related services in Top Selling Services chart
    2023-03-15 (Portal): Minor UI improvements to P2 sales dashboard, fixed broken preview quote function, imported lottie-player and animations to local filesystem for improved performance
    2023-03-15 (Portal): Removed 'back-to-top' scroll element
    2023-03-13 (Portal): added P3 customer view marquee to pages
    2023-03-12 (Portal): added p2 customer view label to the majority of portal pages
    2023-03-11 (Fraud Protection): initial commit to new repo and added soft run non-evasive option
    2023-03-10 (Portal): added the Wiretap Telecom 3CX SMS template as a convenience to SMS number management
    2023-03-10 (Main Web Site): minor updates to bring copyright current, etc.
    2023-03-10 (Main Web Site): added 3CX SMS Integration guide to main site footer
    2023-03-10 (Main Web Site): adjusted Wiretap Telecom 3CX SMS template
    2023-03-10 (Main Web Site): Minor 3CX Tutorial Fix
    2023-03-10 (Main Web Site): Added 3CX SMS Webpage
    2023-03-09 (Portal): Removed legacy keys. Added 3CX webhook functionality
    2023-03-09 (Main Web Site): updated Wiretap Telecom 3CX trunk template with SMS configs
    2023-03-09 (SMS/MMS Gateways): enhanced v2API key validation for 3CX SMS integration
    2023-03-09 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Minor fixes to SendSMS2ClientURL internal class
    2023-03-09 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Added compatibility for 3CX MMS
    2023-03-08 (Portal): Updates to getTopSellingServices API and ongoing 3CX SMS compatibility development
    2023-03-08 (Portal): charts added to P3 dashboard
    2023-03-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): redirect db connection to a local
    2023-03-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Minor bug fixes to 3CX SMS
    2023-03-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Ongoing 3CX SMS compatibility development
    2023-03-08 (API Services): Minor fixes to getTopSellingServices API
    2023-03-06 (Portal): version update
    2023-03-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-06 (Portal): Corrected P3 onboarding cmdata incorrect page load issue
    2023-03-06 (Portal): Finalized 'Top Selling Services' chart in CMSP Financial Dashboard
    2023-03-06 (Portal): Misc P3 upgrades
    2023-03-06 (Portal): change account reference column to match billing standards
    2023-03-06 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-03-06 (Portal): added ability to trunk diag multiple trunk registrations per trunk
    2023-03-06 (API Services): renamed services object to be generic
    2023-03-05 (Portal): added full support for multiple reg trunks on a diagnostic test
    2023-03-05 (Portal): added additional carrier switch diagnostic search for reg trunks
    2023-03-03 (API Services): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/apiservices_v2.git
    2023-03-03 (API Services): made compatible the P2 product level white-label feature
    2023-03-03 (API Services): adjusted column name for uniformity p2 additional services
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Misc updates to P2
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Added functionality for P3 to create and view subaccount invoices
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Added logic to Authenticate servlet to redirect to "onboard in progress" page if P3 has not completed onboarding
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Added a new "Top Selling Services" pie chart to financial dashboard
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Added DigiCert seal to login page and unrelated CSS changes
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Changes to the billing dashboard to support the new billing queue system
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Added the ability to delete Core-Fax email addresses
    2023-03-02 (Portal): Updates to Core-MSP Quote Creator to support tax estimations
    2023-03-02 (API Services): added service level white label feature
    2023-03-02 (API Services): Added an API to fetch the top selling services for a list of subaccounts
    2023-03-02 (Internal Systems): chased down resultSet issue. Benign, but resolved anyway.
    2023-03-02 (API Services): append to prior push
    2023-03-02 (API Services): added service level white label feature
    2023-03-01 (Internal Systems): removed month select to improve performance
    2023-02-28 (API Services): Massive v2 adjustments to facilitate privatizing v1
    2023-02-28 (API Services): refactoring to support privatizing
    2023-02-28 (Fraud Protection): separated sub-accounts from communications
    2023-02-27 (Portal): Added missing method to IOBilling
    2023-02-27 (API Services): Migrated updateCallerID to APIServices (v2)
    2023-02-27 (API Services): Migrated GetCurrentCDR to APIServices (v2)
    2023-02-27 (API Services): added Caller ID to APIServices (v2)
    2023-02-27 (Sales Systems): zip code validation added as well as tax estimations
    2023-02-27 (API Services): Physically removed UpdateCallerID from APIServices
    2023-02-27 (API Services): GetCurrentCDR physical removal
    2023-02-27 (API Services): Decom GetCurrentCDR
    2023-02-27 (API Services): Decommed CallerID from APIServices
    2023-02-27 (API Services): Decom Agent Clock
    2023-02-25 (Monitors / Systems): added crash report monitors
    2023-02-25 (Quality Assurance Packages): initial commit
    2023-02-24 (Portal): estimated taxes added to vip quote view
    2023-02-24 (Portal): Minor fix for LogActivity
    2023-02-24 (API Services): process quoted taxes enhancements
    2023-02-23 (Sales Systems): Tax API for quotes and quote-auto-zip-code verify
    2023-02-23 (API Services): zip code verification and tax quote api's
    2023-02-22 (Internal Systems): fine tune previous update
    2023-02-22 (Internal Systems): added queue priority check for accounts in billing account queue
    2023-02-22 (Internal Systems): fine tuning new billing cycle main init cycle
    2023-02-20 (Portal): Updates to IOBilling fetch invoices method and ongoing CMSP manage invoices development
    2023-02-20 (Portal): TCR form IO Exception bug fix
    2023-02-19 (Internal Systems): enhanced Tax API internal logging
    2023-02-19 (Internal Systems): Continue finalizing Taxing API and monthly processes
    2023-02-17 (Internal Systems): massive re-engineering of billing and tech debt reduct. Spins on account rather than module now
    2023-02-17 (API Services): cleaned, refactored and began tax api certification
    2023-02-16 (Portal): load receivables on international approval to avoid OOB condition
    2023-02-16 (Portal): adjusted taxing category for misc item to accommodate tax API
    2023-02-16 (Portal): billing queue activated method created
    2023-02-16 (API Services): Adjusted static tax categories
    2023-02-15 (Portal): P2 Invoice Management updates & fixed issue with PDF filename not displaying on PDF preview
    2023-02-15 (API Services): GetDNSZoneRecords and CreateDNSRecord APIs for P2 onboarding finalized
    2023-02-15 (API Services): Invoicing fix for returning a PDF with appropriate filename
    2023-02-15 (API Services): adjust tax factory to accommodate account level processing
    2023-02-12 (Internal Systems): built entry point for new billing processes and major tech debt reduct
    2023-02-11 (Portal): version update
    2023-02-10 (Internal Systems): We just eliminated our monthly billing window with 100% automation
    2023-02-09 (Portal): Fixed bug with granting Int access in SuperAdmin by inserting receivables transaction
    2023-02-08 (Portal): Minor Bug Fixes to CMSP Onboarding
    2023-02-08 (Portal): Fixed User Avatar to pull from users table instead of CRM
    2023-02-08 (Portal): Fixed sessionStorage issue when jumping into CMSP subaccount
    2023-02-06 (API Services): Added new GrabAccountsFinancialPeriods API to APIServices V2
    2023-02-06 (Internal Systems): launched new failover service. Code adjust to accommodate shared storage
    2023-02-06 (Sales Systems): Changes to AddItemToQuote to make compatible with CMSP Quote/Service Order Creator. Minor bug fixes
    2023-02-06 (Sales Systems): security remediation
    2023-02-06 (Sales Systems): moved quote system file systems to shared storage
    2023-02-06 (Faxing Systems): AWS S3 bucket ad-hoc fetch module created
    2023-02-06 (Faxing Systems): Added Fax Gateway name to Fax Tracker Info tab on outbound fax
    2023-02-05 (Portal): Version update
    2023-02-03 (Portal): version update
    2023-02-03 (Portal): Continuing PON cleanup for porting
    2023-02-03 (Portal): Added porting PON ifExists
    2023-02-03 (Portal): Porting: replaced PON MD5 with a more human readable format
    2023-02-03 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-02-03 (Portal): removed legacy URL routing on errors wttportal
    2023-02-02 (Portal): Working on P2 Financial's Dashboard charts and tables
    2023-02-02 (Portal): Added "Customer View" Flair to all JSPs
    2023-02-02 (API Services): added new feature attributes to GrabPayments API
    2023-02-01 (Portal): hot-fix for AOR fetch on commissioned acct owners with no personal accts
    2023-02-01 (API Services): moved usage content to dedicated table for quick extraction for p2
    2023-01-31 (Portal): NewAccount build related fixes
    2023-01-31 (API Services): API Tax estimates and processing updates (simulation mode created)
    2023-01-28 (Portal): adjusted authentication procedure to properly display error messages. Bug was produced and resolved via a recent s2 implementation.
    2023-01-27 (Portal): remove auto-signup (temporarily) of p2 when opting-in
    2023-01-27 (Portal): Removed check for null accountcode when initializing company_id in CompanyMetaDataFactory
    2023-01-27 (Portal): Minor bug fixes to GetStarted class and JS fix for billing.js
    2023-01-27 (Portal): added cmdata to inbound fax service in preparation for p2
    2023-01-27 (Portal): hot fix to accommodate a vendor API (undocumented) change
    2023-01-27 (Portal): Misc updates and adjustments for log activity and tech debt reduct
    2023-01-27 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-01-27 (Portal): Added the ability for P3's to create service orders and quotes for existing subaccounts
    2023-01-26 (Portal): Removed environment checks from code to reduce code base
    2023-01-26 (Portal): LogActivity fully implemented / technical debt reduction on redirects
    2023-01-25 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-01-25 (Portal): Fixed avatarurl creating JSP exception when viewing ports_edit page from an email link without authentication
    2023-01-24 (Portal): exclude root (p3) accounts from multi-account dashboard
    2023-01-24 (Portal): billing dashboard (payments), and manage plan logActivity completed.
    2023-01-24 (Portal): opened private cmdata method for public use when no session/request is available
    2023-01-24 (Portal): properly clear session storage when accessing p3 dashboard
    2023-01-24 (Portal): force cmdata on LogActivity
    2023-01-24 (Portal): removed commissioned accounts from p3 dashboard
    2023-01-24 (Portal): resolved p3 sign in issue with cmdata
    2023-01-24 (API Services): resolved application name conflict in cmdata for p3 accounts
    2023-01-24 (Internal Systems): Filter out sub-accounts on batch cc-payments processing
    2023-01-24 (Internal Systems): filter out sub-accounts from internal (select) billing reports
    2023-01-23 (Internal Systems): pom technical debt reduction
    2023-01-23 (Internal Systems): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_billing_system_2.2.git
    2023-01-23 (Internal Systems): resolved anomaly with mixed payment on same reference number. Technical debt reduction.
    2023-01-19 (Portal): Removed sub-acount from activities table and re-factored
    2023-01-19 (Portal): loaded billing account with root account on sub-account creation
    2023-01-19 (Portal): Fixed bug in trunks page, password reset fixes
    2023-01-19 (API Services): added proper do-not-reply messaging on FOC'd ports for sub-accounts
    2023-01-19 (API Services): manage proper e-mail messaging for completed ports to sub-accounts
    2023-01-17 (Portal): Fixed beta sign up page logo sizing
    2023-01-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2023-01-17 (Portal): Lots of minor bug fixes related to cmdata
    2023-01-17 (Portal): service pack version update
    2023-01-17 (Portal): Removed the request access link from portal sign in -- not needed.
    2023-01-17 (API Services): API Services v2 now includes a payments api
    2023-01-17 (Internal Systems): Removed unnecessary System.out
    2023-01-17 (Internal Systems): build out of root account MRC from subs
    2023-01-13 (Portal): Added SSN/FEIN requirement for "Lets do This" modal, Changes to logo/favicon fetching on all JSPs, tons of P2 updates
    2023-01-12 (API Services): Fixed bug related to core_msp_root_accountcode not being populated correctly when being called by a subaccount
    2023-01-12 (Internal Systems): Build out complete for rolling sub-accounts charges to root accounts
    2023-01-12 (Internal Systems): inlucded e-mail address for ACH notifications
    2023-01-12 (Internal Systems): Added ACH notify content to invoices
    2023-01-10 (API Services): Tax API build-out cont'd...
    2023-01-10 (API Services): Version 1.0 of the back-end of Tax Estimations API is complete.
    2023-01-07 (API Services): building out the partner program ad-hoc taxing API
    2023-01-06 (Portal): Changes to logo/favicon fetching, TCR form bug fixes, Core-MSP onboarding feature and other minor updates
    2023-01-06 (Internal Systems): adjusted taxing union to accommodate upcoming API
    2023-01-06 (API Services): Taxing API in progress - RT-Quote stubs and full API taxation in place
    2023-01-05 (Portal): Version
    2023-01-05 (Portal): versioning properties updated
    2023-01-05 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_telecom.git
    2023-01-05 (Main Web Site): Minor responsive bug fixes
    2023-01-05 (API Services): Added cmdata support for P2 media URLs
    2023-01-04 (API Services): added partner program levels to cmdata object
    2023-01-04 (Internal Systems): Another cosmetic deployment for invoicing
    2023-01-04 (Internal Systems): Additional minor updates to invoicing (credit cards)
    2023-01-04 (Internal Systems): Cosmetic invoice adjustment for negative net balances
    2023-01-03 (Internal Systems): Costmetic MRC total rounding adjustment
    2023-01-03 (Internal Systems): Additional cosmetic adjustments to invoicing
    2023-01-03 (Internal Systems): Cosmetic billing invoice (rounding) adjustment | added prepaid reduction from due amount at top of invoice
    2023-01-03 (Internal Systems): Resolved Stir/Shaken Verify billing blip.
    2022-12-22 (Internal Systems): STIR/SHAKEN Verify tweaked for billing inclusion
    2022-12-21 (Internal Systems): adjusted incentives to include reseller sub-account processing
    2022-12-21 (Internal Systems): adjusted billing totals for MMS and STIR/SHAKEN Verify
    2022-12-21 (Internal Systems): adjust for P3 plan pricing on aggregate sub-accounts on Canada usage
    2022-12-20 (Portal): added versioning properties with an update on account login
    2022-12-20 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-12-20 (Portal): Updates to dark mode CSS
    2022-12-20 (Portal): Sub-version and SP update
    2022-12-20 (Portal): technical debt SQL reduction
    2022-12-20 (Internal Systems): added currency rounding on message notifications
    2022-12-20 (API Services): balancing for sub-account aggregation completed.
    2022-12-19 (Portal): expose versioning for portal and partner program
    2022-12-19 (API Services): housekeeping
    2022-12-19 (Internal Systems): added additional call-out info to billing invoices.
    2022-12-16 (Portal): Another huge update - TCR rework and international calling access update
    2022-12-13 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-12-13 (Portal): Massive update - Manage International Calling Countries feature, Activity/Action Log, CSS changes, and a ton of Minor Bug Fixes
    2022-12-13 (Portal): created credit card processing adjustments to calculations
    2022-12-13 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-12-13 (Portal): Fixed company_id issue with New Builds (NewAccount)
    2022-12-13 (Main Web Site): Removed long term verbiage from TOS / We only offer month-to-month
    2022-12-13 (Main Web Site): Minor changes and updates
    2022-12-13 (Internal Systems): Finalized prepaid calculations as well as technical debt cleanup
    2022-12-13 (API Services): Remove superfluous cmdata messaging
    2022-12-13 (Internal Systems): Batch payment accommodations to credit card calculations updates.
    2022-12-12 (Portal): change redirect from Portal_2.3 to /
    2022-12-12 (Portal): added prepaid processing for bulk transactions
    2022-12-10 (Internal Systems): adjusted invoicing and billing activations (APIs) to accommodate the upgraded prepaid module
    2022-12-07 (Portal): added new prepaid processing rules
    2022-12-07 (Main Web Site): Added GeoLocation functionality to the signup system
    2022-12-07 (Internal Systems): added new prepaid processing rules
    2022-12-07 (Internal Systems): added new prepaid processing rules
    2022-12-07 (Faxing Systems): added new getMe() method to identify carrier switch for fax tracker
    2022-12-07 (Internal Systems): added additional logging when an account goes OOB
    2022-12-06 (Portal): Added ability to log activities (actions) to display to end-user
    2022-12-02 (API Services): Revert gross amount due from GetCurrentUsage - not needed
    2022-12-01 (API Services): included gross amount due to GetCurrentUsages
    2022-11-30 (Portal): Added spinner animation to sign in button in account_login.jsp
    2022-11-30 (Portal): Removed DID transfer feature from number consoles (This feature is now reserved to the Partner Program)
    2022-11-30 (Portal): Updates to multi-account dashboard to preserve cmdata sessionStorage
    2022-11-30 (Portal): Added Servlet to allow the partner to assign a DID to a subaccount from their available DID inventory
    2022-11-30 (Portal): Updated DisconnectDID to check for a core_msp_accountcode and if so populate core_msp_did_inventory instead of our inventory
    2022-11-30 (Portal): Fixed issue with cmdata initialization in NewAccount build
    2022-11-18 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-11-18 (Portal): Updating mvpreadyadmin css file versioning
    2022-11-18 (Portal): adjusting SSL
    2022-11-18 (Portal): Fixing a minor logo bug
    2022-11-18 (Portal): Fixed theme issue when switching from dark mode to light mode. Fixed issue with logo on 1800 accounts
    2022-11-18 (API Services): convert List to List
    2022-11-18 (API Services): Removed ./logo from CompanyID 200 logo filepath
    2022-11-17 (Portal): Made a minor logo style change to style.css
    2022-11-17 (Portal): P3's can now update their portal favicon and logo from the partner settings page. Updating themes WIP
    2022-11-17 (Portal): Private SMS Keys are now saved to the AoR
    2022-11-17 (Portal): Refactor CMDATA to use full account in sub-account list
    2022-11-17 (Portal): Completed dark mode toggle feature. Updated all JSPs
    2022-11-17 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-11-17 (Portal): Adjust metadata factory to accommodate nginx test instance
    2022-11-16 (Portal): Cleaned up console printing for method IORequest.getCarrierSwitchIDsByDomain()
    2022-11-16 (Portal): updated ContactsCF SQL to avoid future issues.
    2022-11-15 (Portal): adjusted portal to accommodate partner program themes, logos, etc
    2022-11-15 (Portal): Minor UI changes to main dashboard and multi account dashboard, added Dark mode Portal theme
    2022-11-15 (Portal): Minor UI improvements to Fax Tracker page
    2022-11-15 (Portal): Ongoing development for the Partner Program Quote Creator, added compatibility with Bertha
    2022-11-15 (Portal): Updated Slack message on Transaction failure
    2022-11-15 (Portal): adjusted CMDATA to accommodate portal sub-domaining
    2022-11-15 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-11-15 (Portal): Synchronizing IORequest with local changes
    2022-11-15 (API Services): Adjusted CMDATA to accommodate Core-MSP Partner Program
    2022-11-15 (API Services): Adjust CMDATA to accommodate internal API keys
    2022-11-15 (API Services): Tweaking database connection info to be compatible with Bertha
    2022-11-15 (API Services): Updated Database connection info to be compatible with Staging environment
    2022-11-03 (Portal): Adjust Core-Fax Approval approval message --> point to requestor
    2022-11-03 (Portal): Corrected SQL update on Core-Fax Domain Request
    2022-11-02 (Portal): lifted invoice list restriction for billing dashboard
    2022-11-01 (Portal): synch gradle and pom with commons lang3 versions
    2022-11-01 (Internal Systems): cosmetic summary invoice adjustment to reflect tax descriptions
    2022-10-31 (Portal): upgraded StringUtils version
    2022-10-31 (Portal): Process quote information locally (on chosen load balanced server)
    2022-10-31 (Portal): Still fixing GetStarted
    2022-10-31 (Portal): Fixed GetStarted AddItemToQuote call
    2022-10-31 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-10-31 (Portal): Ongoing Partner Program Development. Fixed issue with SMS keys during DID allocation.
    2022-10-31 (Portal): hot fix to remove random increment on a new build (replace with seq to follow database rules)
    2022-10-25 (Sales Systems): Working on Partner Program Quote System
    2022-10-24 (Monitors / Systems): added ability to accommodate backups without a harsh reponse
    2022-10-17 (Portal): Core-MSP Buildout - Building out the quote system
    2022-10-14 (Portal): Added getContactIDByAccountID method to IORequest
    2022-10-14 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-10-14 (Portal): coalesce stir shaken verification
    2022-10-13 (Portal): Bug fixes -- Fixed logo link on login page & Fax Tracker not showing outbound text on modal open
    2022-10-13 (Faxing Systems): push correction (inmaterial)
    2022-10-13 (Faxing Systems): added addtl logging and expanded carrier switch Core-Fax load balance
    2022-10-07 (Portal): Corrected CDR load issue on null Stir/Shaken Verification
    2022-10-07 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-10-07 (Portal): FEATURE -- Core-MSP Pricebook feature completed
    2022-10-06 (Portal): propagate STIR/SHAKEN Verification through the portal
    2022-10-06 (Internal Systems): built billing component for STIR/SHAKEN Verification
    2022-10-06 (API Services): Rounded out final Stir/Shaken Verify calculations
    2022-10-05 (Portal): Corrected auto-account build issue with Contact creation for new poratl user.
    2022-10-05 (Portal): Stir/Shaken Verification functionality added to the portal
    2022-10-05 (API Services): adjust parameter type for stir/shaken verification process
    2022-10-04 (API Services): prepping for STIR/SHAKEN Verification enhancements
    2022-10-01 (Portal): prepped for upcoming roles and access rights based portal feature
    2022-10-01 (Internal Systems): revised and cleaned up girthy SQL statement
    2022-10-01 (Trunking Systems): push trunk health requests into shell files
    2022-09-29 (Portal): minor technical debt reduction
    2022-09-29 (Portal): created User Roles and User Access Rights Objects and SQL Fetches
    2022-09-29 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-09-29 (Portal): Removed super admin link from Fax-Tracker page. Fixed 404 redirect
    2022-09-28 (Internal Systems): adjust payment monitors to look for confirmed payments before sending late notice
    2022-09-27 (Portal): completed a feature request to optionally provide for a company name (or whatever you want) on a fax header --> Company Settings --> Core-Fax-Settings.
    2022-09-27 (Portal): Ongoing Development for the CoreMSP Lead Management System
    2022-09-27 (Portal): send approved Core-Fax domain messaging to proper requestor address
    2022-09-27 (Portal): added Core-MSP partner program payment sandbox feature
    2022-09-27 (Portal): CoreMSP Feature -- added ability for partners to add and edit custom fields for use when managing leads.
    2022-09-27 (Internal Systems): re-invoke top up monitor monitors (too much logging previously removed)
    2022-09-27 (Internal Systems): removed excessive superfluous logging
    2022-09-27 (Internal Systems): crushed a top-up casting error. It ended up being benign, but short circuited so future enhancements could have been adversely affected.
    2022-09-27 (Internal Systems): suppress top-up notices unless action is required - noise cancellation!
    2022-09-27 (Faxing Systems): Deployed Core-Fax feature enhancement to optionally set company level fax header
    2022-09-22 (Portal): added additional logging and messaging to the TCR form submission
    2022-09-22 (Portal): Removed an error in the TCR form insertion process.
    2022-09-21 (Portal): adjusted carrier switch diagnostic to filter only active switch if it's a connected registration trunk
    2022-09-20 (Portal): Squashing some more frontend Trunk Diagnostic bugs
    2022-09-20 (Portal): resolved switch level call count issue on diagnostics check
    2022-09-20 (Portal): Finalized Trunk Diagnostics Tool v1
    2022-09-20 (Portal): building fax company header option in company settings
    2022-09-20 (Portal): killed call count bug on null direction
    2022-09-20 (Trunking Systems): minor correction to trunk health status update
    2022-09-20 (Trunking Systems): increased carrier switch batch trunk health limit
    2022-09-20 (Trunking Systems): moved stage 2 timing for trunk health to SQL update to avoid race condition
    2022-09-19 (Portal): moved user-agent to parent object -- tons of cool bug kills!
    2022-09-19 (Portal): Ongoing Trunk Diagnostic Development
    2022-09-19 (Portal): removed legacy API calls to web server systems and pointed to api systems
    2022-09-19 (Portal): corrected broken links during the new acct registration process
    2022-09-19 (Portal): Ongoing Trunk diagnostic tool development
    2022-09-19 (Portal): SIpPeer blacklist tracking
    2022-09-19 (Portal): added call count by trunk/switch to sip peer JSON. Stubbed out blacklist
    2022-09-19 (Internal Systems): removed legacy API calls to web server systems and pointed to api systems
    2022-09-19 (Internal Systems): added additional messaging on billing UI index
    2022-09-19 (Trunking Systems): silence sip load file failure alert. Scrub a bad trunk on load request
    2022-09-18 (Internal Systems): added Dynamic class to reduce fee-rigidity / technical debt redux
    2022-09-18 (Fraud Protection): quiet repeated messaging after fraud detected and mitigation occurs
    2022-09-16 (Portal): partially load a SIP Peer during a Diagnostic
    2022-09-16 (Portal): MMS DAO adjustments for the portal
    2022-09-16 (Portal): added new MMS box to the billing dashboard (outbound usage)
    2022-09-16 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-09-16 (Portal): Fixed SQL statements for FetchSMSChatLog Messages
    2022-09-16 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-09-16 (Portal): sip peer status correction on sip request
    2022-09-16 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-09-16 (Portal): Fixed PrelimCheck on enable Core-SMS DIDs, fixed bug where disabling a DID for SMSMMS didn't work on SMS only enabled numbers
    2022-09-16 (Portal): No change -- clearing dev cache
    2022-09-16 (Internal Systems): adjusted to accommodate real-time MMS calculations
    2022-09-16 (API Services): expanded calculations for MMS
    2022-09-15 (Portal): Include in-progress carrier switches in trunk health JSON
    2022-09-15 (Portal): adjusted trunk health action to 2 to leave trunk in memory
    2022-09-15 (Portal): Ongoing Trunk Diagnostic Feature Update
    2022-09-15 (Portal): trimm down superfluous values on new sip peer object. JSON design cplt
    2022-09-15 (Portal): continuing build-out of carrier switch status
    2022-09-15 (Portal): provide sip domains including SRV for public use.
    2022-09-15 (Portal): Added trunk name to Trunk level object
    2022-09-15 (Main Web Site): Added 3CX template to index.jsp
    2022-09-15 (Trunking Systems): adjusted timers on action 2 in trunk health daemon
    2022-09-14 (Portal): minimized carrierSwitchResponse. Removed business logic from servlet
    2022-09-14 (Portal): ongoing development for the new Trunk Health feature
    2022-09-14 (Portal): trunk status servlet completed
    2022-09-14 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- Offcanvas navbar links for mobile users
    2022-09-14 (Main Web Site): IO updates and DAO adjustments
    2022-09-14 (Main Web Site): added release note category for release_notes.jsp (greater public value)
    2022-09-13 (Portal): Trunk Status Health - Major upgrade complete. Currently headless
    2022-09-13 (Portal): Removed some temporary code
    2022-09-13 (Portal): Finalizing SMS Chat feature v1
    2022-09-13 (Main Web Site): Moved legacy code
    2022-09-13 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- favicons
    2022-09-13 (Main Web Site): Fixed a couple links
    2022-09-13 (Main Web Site): Complete redesign of main WT website
    2022-09-13 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Disabled JSON escaping for SendSMS2IQ API call
    2022-09-13 (Trunking Systems): pre-deployment finalized
    2022-09-13 (Trunking Systems): adjusted status values on trunk health. full prod deploy
    2022-09-13 (Trunking Systems): expand boolean switch to integer for more granular tracking
    2022-09-12 (Trunking Systems): added new diagnotic feature to trunk health check (no prime)
    2022-09-09 (Trunking Systems): finished up carrier switch actions processor on trunk health-check
    2022-09-08 (Portal): Fixed -- Sending SMS to other portal users. Implemented MMS
    2022-09-08 (Trunking Systems): lower level carrier switch peer mappings underway
    2022-09-08 (Trunking Systems): initial commit - carrier switch actions processor
    2022-09-06 (Internal Systems): adjust internal URL for billing APIs
    2022-09-02 (Portal): added MMS to BAP DAO
    2022-09-02 (Portal): Fixed -- Not fetching old messages since they are not populated with a user_email
    2022-09-02 (Portal): Fixed -- only fetch messages after the 2022-09-01 since messages before do not have user_email populated
    2022-09-02 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-09-02 (Portal): Lots of changes -- Chat client nearly ready for production. Working on displaying inbound/outbound rates for both SMS and MMS
    2022-09-02 (SMS/MMS Gateways): SMS API now inserts options user_email field so the SMS client can pull messages only associated to that user_email
    2022-09-02 (Porting Systems): remove restrictive notify for unanswered port notes on canceled port
    2022-08-30 (Portal): included print option and clean up net calcs on recorded payments
    2022-08-30 (Internal Systems): soften rigid print requirements for statements. New IO methods
    2022-08-30 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Fixed -- Minor bug with rs.getString("did")
    2022-08-30 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Initial commit -- Added Brand and DID campaign check
    2022-08-29 (Portal): Fixed -- sms_did gets populated with brand/campaign ids on insert
    2022-08-29 (Portal): added prepaid balance info to billing dashboard
    2022-08-29 (Main Web Site): advertising conversion script added
    2022-08-29 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_telecom.git
    2022-08-29 (Main Web Site): Added direct link to signup modal
    2022-08-29 (Internal Systems): remove prepaids from balancing
    2022-08-29 (Internal Systems): balancing routine report calculation correction for recorded payments
    2022-08-28 (Portal): linking billing dashboard with partner program recorded payments
    2022-08-28 (Portal): partner program payment recordation calculations confirmed
    2022-08-27 (Portal): Recorded payments for partner program - punched through all walls
    2022-08-26 (Portal): pushed a hot-fix for a minor e-911 portal issue on location save.
    2022-08-26 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Initial commit
    2022-08-25 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-08-25 (Portal): introduced part/pgm recorded payments feature throughout the system
    2022-08-25 (Portal): Feature -- Added ability to purchase the Core-SMS pack directly from the portal
    2022-08-25 (Portal): Features -- TCR Approval required prior to enabling SMS on a DID, created API call to tnMessagingCampaign
    2022-08-25 (Portal): added brand/campaign columns to a2p brands form
    2022-08-24 (Portal): Feature -- SMS chat client can now receive and display SMSs from numbers not on their contacts list
    2022-08-24 (Portal): Pay Recordation, bill partial pays, bal fwd pays, front-end Part-Pgm
    2022-08-24 (Portal): added TCR switch to A2P TCR form table
    2022-08-24 (Portal): Work in progress -- Checking to see if customers have an existing approved TCR form before allowing them to add SMS enabled DIDs
    2022-08-24 (Internal Systems): Billing API - added payment recordation feature
    2022-08-23 (Portal): Simple update to force static call
    2022-08-23 (Portal): Building out payment recordation for Partner Program
    2022-08-23 (Portal): Partner program updates to payment recordation
    2022-08-23 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-08-23 (Portal): Building out SMS client feature, users can now allocate DIDs to their username
    2022-08-23 (Internal Systems): added payment recordation tables for Partner Program.
    2022-08-22 (Portal): added additional messaging on double-bill attempt
    2022-08-22 (Internal Systems): shore-up a rare anomaly with two identical payments made on diff cards
    2022-08-22 (Internal Systems): introduced prepaids to balancing routine in prep for partner program
    2022-08-19 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-08-19 (Portal): Work in progress -- Portal SMS chat client
    2022-08-19 (Portal): added root account persistence for Partner Program dashboard
    2022-08-19 (Portal): Added E-911 to Partner Program Dashboard
    2022-08-19 (Portal): Fixed -- Account prefix forcing to "L" on signup build
    2022-08-19 (Main Web Site): final push for release notes
    2022-08-19 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_telecom.git Conflicts: Wiretap_Telecom/WebContent/release_notes.jsp Conflicts resolved
    2022-08-19 (Main Web Site): corrected home route and cleaned up messaging
    2022-08-19 (Utilities): initial commit - source code commit tracking/release notes
    2022-08-19 (General): removed excessive logging
    2022-08-19 (General): initial commit - expose release notes / commits
    2022-08-17 (Portal): Include trunks list in Core-MSP Partner Program Dashboard
    2022-08-17 (Portal): Include porting list in Core-MSP Partner Program Dashboard
    2022-08-17 (Portal): Feature -- added updated avatar to all pages in portal
    2022-08-17 (Portal): Feature -- Users can now create SMS API keys from "My Profile" and change their avatar which will automatically update on the CRM
    2022-08-17 (Main Web Site): Added sticky navbar link to release notes page
    2022-08-17 (Main Web Site): Increased visibility to release notes
    2022-08-16 (Portal): Created Core-MSP Coming Soon. Adjusted Multi-Account Dashboard to sup.
    2022-08-15 (Portal): added access to partner program via multi-account dashboard.
    2022-08-15 (Portal): Feature -- added ability for users to change their basic information and change their passwords
    2022-08-15 (Portal): css update for trunk registrations.
    2022-08-14 (Portal): increased real-time trunk registration visibility
    2022-08-12 (Sales Systems): 3CX Reseller list site scraper finished
    2022-08-11 (Portal): continuing build out of Core-MPS --> Lead development
    2022-08-10 (Portal): building out main partner program (Core-MSP) dashboard
    2022-08-10 (Internal Systems): changed ip for payments from zinfandel to pinot noir
    2022-08-10 (Internal Systems): changed payment ip from zinfandel to pinot noir
    2022-08-10 (Sales Systems): Initial commit
    2022-08-09 (Portal): .
    2022-08-09 (Portal): .
    2022-08-09 (Portal): adding Core-MSP features to the dashboard, continued...
    2022-08-09 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Added null check to getMediaURL in ReceiveSMS
    2022-08-08 (Portal): Core-MSP build out.
    2022-08-04 (Main Web Site): cleaned up POM and changed 3cx url to our config guide
    2022-08-04 (API Services): Still working on first API
    2022-08-04 (API Services): Creating GrabDIDInfo API -- work in progress
    2022-08-03 (Portal): Fixed -- Added necessary servlets and dao object for API key management
    2022-08-03 (Portal): Feature added -- Customers can not generate up to 3 API key pairs in their account settings
    2022-08-02 (Portal): Minor fixes -- Removed thread sleep when iterating through payment methods
    2022-08-01 (Portal): cleaned up slack messaging
    2022-08-01 (Portal): added logging and corrected loop bug. added more sleep
    2022-08-01 (Portal): removed a bizarre line of code that rotates default card
    2022-08-01 (Internal Systems): minor Conflicts: Wiretap_Telecom_Top_Up_Monitor/src/main/java/com/wiretaptelecom/main/StartTopUpMonitor.java
    2022-08-01 (Internal Systems): minor corrections to auto-pay and adjustment to billing calc on jsp
    2022-08-01 (Internal Systems): corrected amount due on new BatchPay JSP
    2022-07-29 (Portal): added more logging
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Still diagnosing isDefault issue
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Diagnosing isDefault issue
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Fixed -- processing primary card first before the non-primaries
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Check for autopay status on credit card if not then push
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Stop charging cards on payment success
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Added feature to disable account autopayment setting checkbox if global switch is off
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Fixed minor accountcode bug for global switch update
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Added auto pay settings update/get for _super_admin
    2022-07-29 (Portal): Added 2s sleep timer during processPayments
    2022-07-29 (Internal Systems): .
    2022-07-29 (Internal Systems): resolved misc errors
    2022-07-29 (Internal Systems): Fixed top up monitor printing issue
    2022-07-29 (Internal Systems): implement final automatica payment kill switch logic.
    2022-07-29 (Internal Systems): add automatic payment kill switch
    2022-07-29 (Internal Systems): Fixed ClientResponse object
    2022-07-28 (Portal): Added global/account auto payment update switches to _super_admin.jsp
    2022-07-28 (Portal): remove super admin from multi-account dashboard
    2022-07-28 (Portal): Updated paramater token name
    2022-07-28 (Portal): unit testing - minor pre-deploy updates
    2022-07-28 (Internal Systems): Pre-production tweaks from testing automatic payments
    2022-07-28 (Internal Systems): Updated BatchPayments.jsp and added BatchPaymentsProcessServlet
    2022-07-27 (Internal Systems): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_billing_system_2.2.git
    2022-07-27 (Internal Systems): Nearly done with BatchPayments.jsp
    2022-07-27 (Internal Systems): delete / not used/needed
    2022-07-27 (Internal Systems): Updated BatchPayments.jsp
    2022-07-27 (Internal Systems): Added BatchPayments page and added IORequests method
    2022-07-26 (Portal): slight reworking of code. parameter TLC
    2022-07-26 (Portal): Added accountcode to CR_BatchPayments, added verbose logs and fixed a couple issues
    2022-07-26 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-07-26 (Portal): default user_name to system when not supplied
    2022-07-26 (Portal): Added log entries for DelegateBatchProcess
    2022-07-26 (Portal): Bug fixes for BatchPaymentsAPI
    2022-07-26 (Portal): Created BatchPayments CR and API
    2022-07-26 (Portal): added server-side vendor none creation
    2022-07-26 (Internal Systems): added feature for automatic credit card payment processing
    2022-07-25 (Portal): separate payment servlets from business logic. Enhanced Logger
    2022-07-25 (Portal): Made FetchClientToken and PaymentNonceServlet APIs
    2022-07-25 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- captcha not showing on page load
    2022-07-25 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- signup captcha not showing on page load
    2022-07-25 (Internal Systems): Added servlet to batch process payments
    2022-07-25 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- signup captcha not showing on page load
    2022-07-22 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- Hour spent on making modal nav responsive ?
    2022-07-22 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- modal width on mobile and ribbon color
    2022-07-22 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- added signup modal to all pages
    2022-07-22 (Main Web Site): Updated -- recaptcha sitekey and priv key
    2022-07-22 (Main Web Site): Fixed -- added signup modal to all pages
    2022-07-21 (Portal): allow new blacklist entries to be CSV
    2022-07-21 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'signup-system'
    2022-07-21 (Main Web Site): Added welcome email template
    2022-07-21 (Main Web Site): Added confetti animation
    2022-07-21 (Main Web Site): Fully ported signup system to Wiretap
    2022-07-21 (Main Web Site): Softcoded company id in BuildAccountValidate
    2022-07-19 (Portal): Fixed -- Lets do this button 1800, for real this time
    2022-07-19 (Portal): Fixed -- Lets do this button on 1800 quote
    2022-07-19 (Portal): Fixed -- auth-email readonly field not being populated
    2022-07-19 (Main Web Site): Updated SVG in genAcc tab
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): Fixed -- CoreSMS always being populated
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): Fixed SQL insert on createQuoteHeader
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): Fixed -- SMS always got added to quote Fixed -- QuoteMetaData gets populated if PQBP present
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): set pqbp to null rather than instantiate
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): corrected duplicate quote added parms to accommodate added parms
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_telecom_service_quote_2.2.git
    2022-07-19 (Sales Systems): Needs fixing -- Populating QuoteMetadata if PQBP exists
    2022-07-18 (Portal): adjusted URL referencing to correct destinations
    2022-07-18 (Portal): added additional system.out.println tracking
    2022-07-18 (Portal): additional cosmetic tracking (system.out.println)
    2022-07-18 (Portal): change 1800telecom to 1800 to get SSL on NGINX
    2022-07-18 (Portal): change web context for API to wtt_quote
    2022-07-18 (Portal): Removed port from AddItemToQuote API call
    2022-07-18 (Main Web Site): changed url to internal IP referencing
    2022-07-18 (Main Web Site): adjusted URL reference to the portal
    2022-07-15 (Portal): Fixing modentity concur update
    2022-07-15 (Portal): Autofill "Lets do this" fields if quote created through signup system
    2022-07-15 (Main Web Site): Fixes
    2022-07-14 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-07-14 (Portal): added credit to paygo and enabled calling (trial PayGo Signup)
    2022-07-14 (Main Web Site): Added notif to chosen prods tab if user selects call path option
    2022-07-13 (Portal): Finalized UI for Detailed Trunk Uptime Chart
    2022-07-13 (Portal): Increment modentity table for accounts, contacts, leads, and potentials
    2022-07-13 (Portal): Trunk DID chart complete
    2022-07-11 (Main Web Site): Changed "3CX Template" to "3CX SIP Trunk Template"
    2022-07-11 (Main Web Site): Added 3CX certification with links to config and template
    2022-07-08 (Portal): Trunk Usage data loop through Trunks and Days
    2022-07-08 (Portal): corrected GetTrunkUsage WebServlet and moved to trunks servlet
    2022-07-08 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-07-08 (Portal): Trunk Dashboard Initial
    2022-07-08 (API Services): Testing TrunkUsage API
    2022-07-07 (API Services): built stubbed out TrunkUsage
    2022-07-07 (API Services): stubbed out GrabMyTrunkUsage
    2022-07-07 (API Services): migrate to ubuntu
    2022-07-05 (Main Web Site): Initial signup system for Wiretap
    2022-06-30 (Main Web Site): Added ribbon to signup, added PayGo/CallPath explanation, fixed UI elements
    2022-06-29 (Portal): adjust entity crm sequence
    2022-06-29 (Portal): corrected variable scope issue with ClientResponse object
    2022-06-29 (Portal): build changes for 1800 needed some TLC
    2022-06-29 (Main Web Site): Working on the loading spinner
    2022-06-29 (Main Web Site): Fixed confetti
    2022-06-29 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/
    2022-06-29 (Main Web Site): Fixed CR messages in BuildAccountValidate and edited SVG genAcc animation
    2022-06-29 (Sales Systems): increased pricing for PayGo during Free Trial build
    2022-06-29 (Sales Systems): Fixed "Welcome to {company_name}" quote comment
    2022-06-29 (Sales Systems): If quote built through API populate PreAuth fields
    2022-06-29 (Sales Systems): Revert "If quote created through API populate first, last name and primary email preAuth fields" This reverts commit
    2022-06-29 (Sales Systems): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/wiretap_telecom_service_quote_2.2.git
    2022-06-29 (Sales Systems): If quote created through API populate first, last name and primary email preAuth fields
    2022-06-28 (Portal): final touches for auto-quote-build
    2022-06-28 (Portal): created a new org dup checker
    2022-06-28 (Portal): Changed unitPrice param value to 0
    2022-06-28 (Portal): Updated API call to AddItemToQuote
    2022-06-28 (Portal): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/portal_2.3.git
    2022-06-28 (Portal): Updated API call to AddItemToQuote
    2022-06-28 (Portal): Added basic_info_hash parameter to AddItemToQuote API call
    2022-06-28 (Portal): Vendor updates for 1800 (ongoing)
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): added a main for ease of sending test emails
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): BuildAccountValidate Now returns JSON client response
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): BuildAccountValidate now returns JSON client response
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): BuildAccountValidate now returns JSON clientresponse result
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): added back slack pop
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): GenAcc btn now displays after exception fail
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): Fixed UI Issues
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): Bug fixes for signup
    2022-06-28 (Main Web Site): Changed state values to abbreviated version
    2022-06-28 (Sales Systems): corrected cosmetic messaging in quote comments
    2022-06-28 (Sales Systems): auto-signup automation
    2022-06-27 (Portal): Post code-review
    2022-06-27 (Portal): remove technical debt code
    2022-06-27 (Portal): testing and tweaking pre-go-live
    2022-06-27 (Portal): correct do-not-reply email with cmdata
    2022-06-27 (Main Web Site): Tidy up PreQuoteParams
    2022-06-27 (Main Web Site): Fixed slack message not popping up
    2022-06-27 (Main Web Site): testing and tweaking pre-go-live
    2022-06-27 (Main Web Site): Updated index.html and signup_validation.js -- again
    2022-06-27 (Main Web Site): Fixed version of index.html and signup_validation.js
    2022-06-27 (Sales Systems): testing and tweaking pre-go-live
    2022-06-27 (Sales Systems): corrected variable scope bug
    2022-06-27 (Trunking Systems): Removed unecessary imports during audit for REACHABLE status
    2022-06-26 (Portal): made corrections/completed lead, org, contact, potential crm creation
    2022-06-26 (Main Web Site): corrected a package reference error. Uncommented slack post
    2022-06-24 (Portal): basic corrections to crm creation entries. note non-compileable
    2022-06-24 (Portal): testing and tweaking auto-sign-up logic
    2022-06-24 (Portal): PreQuote API calls - test 1
    2022-06-24 (Portal): Added PreQuote API files
    2022-06-24 (Main Web Site): content update to modal header
    2022-06-24 (Sales Systems): moved http session logic to non-api code block
    2022-06-23 (Main Web Site): Added necessary PreQuote files
    2022-06-23 (Main Web Site): content updates and JSON example
    2022-06-23 (Main Web Site): corrected mapping to double/integer
    2022-06-22 (Portal): added pieces to allow a quote to be generated
    2022-06-22 (Portal): Added customer email notification to CoreFAX domain approval
    2022-06-22 (Sales Systems): converted item to a pseudo-api for new account gen
    2022-06-20 (Portal): ongoing sign up now updates
    2022-06-17 (Portal): Portal_2.3/.classpath edited online with Bitbucket
    2022-06-17 (Portal): latest greatest -- classpath, etc
    2022-06-17 (Main Web Site): 1800 signup -- continued
    2022-06-16 (Portal): 1800 update and auto-signup automation
    2022-06-15 (Portal): ongoing updates
    2022-06-15 (Main Web Site): Final build v1.0
    2022-06-14 (Sales Systems): move to new repo
    2022-06-13 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/
    2022-06-12 (Main Web Site): content updates
    2022-06-10 (Main Web Site): Merge branch 'master' of git@bitbucket.org:wiretaptelecom/
    2022-06-10 (Main Web Site): core-api page updates
    2022-06-10 (Main Web Site): Added BasicInfo lead creation
    2022-06-09 (Main Web Site): Merged Content-Updates into master
    2022-06-09 (Main Web Site): added core-api page content
    2022-06-09 (Main Web Site): Fixing stuff
    2022-06-08 (Main Web Site): Additional updates Added signup_validation.js, Updated header/footer on all main pages, Updated index.html, Created Ajax function for contact form submission
    2022-06-07 (Portal): fax domain approval
    2022-06-07 (Main Web Site): Ongoing updates
    2022-06-06 (Portal): approve core fax
    2022-06-03 (Portal): migration to ubuntu dev machine
    2022-06-03 (Main Web Site): .
    2022-06-03 (Internal Systems): .
    2022-06-03 (SMS/MMS Gateways): migrate to ubuntu
    2022-06-03 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2022-06-03 (Trunking Systems): .
    2022-06-03 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2022-06-03 (Helpdesk): .
    2022-06-03 (Faxing Systems): .
    2022-06-03 (Internal Systems): initial push
    2022-05-25 (Main Web Site): initial commit
    2022-05-25 (Faxing Systems): .
    2022-05-25 (Faxing Systems): .
    2022-05-25 (Faxing Systems): ...
    2022-05-24 (Faxing Systems): .
    2022-03-29 (Portal): 1800 and misc
    2022-03-29 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2022-03-29 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2022-03-29 (Monitors / Systems): added new log.Info slack pop
    2022-03-29 (Faxing Systems): .
    2022-03-14 (Portal): .
    2022-03-14 (Main Web Site): fix broken link
    2022-03-08 (Portal): 1800
    2022-03-06 (Portal): 1800
    2022-03-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2022-03-03 (Portal): 1800
    2022-03-03 (Fraud Protection): enhanced slack messaging
    2022-03-01 (Portal): billing page correction on monthly lock. 1800 updates
    2022-02-28 (Internal Systems): 1800 updates
    2022-02-27 (Portal): 1800 updates
    2022-02-27 (Internal Systems): added 1800 logic
    2022-02-23 (Portal): 1800 upgrades
    2022-02-21 (Portal): 1800 updates
    2022-02-21 (API Services): minor updates
    2022-02-16 (Portal): updates
    2022-02-16 (API Services): updates
    2022-02-10 (Internal Systems): .
    2022-02-09 (Portal): updates
    2022-02-09 (API Services): initial
    2022-02-09 (Internal Systems): added Peerless
    2022-02-04 (Portal): misc updates
    2022-02-04 (Main Web Site): tou update
    2022-02-04 (SMS/MMS Gateways): TCR compatible updates
    2022-02-04 (Faxing Systems): caller id updates
    2022-02-04 (Faxing Systems): updates
    2022-02-04 (Faxing Systems): updates
    2022-02-04 (Faxing Systems): updates
    2022-02-04 (Fraud Protection): logging
    2022-02-04 (Utilities): file read
    2022-01-18 (Portal): core-fax updates
    2022-01-18 (Main Web Site): pricing update
    2022-01-18 (Faxing Systems): Core-Fax Tracker
    2022-01-18 (Faxing Systems): Core-Fax Tracker
    2022-01-18 (Faxing Systems): Core-Fax Tracker
    2022-01-18 (Faxing Systems): core fax tracker
    2022-01-18 (Utilities): Created large file reader
    2022-01-10 (Portal): fax tracker updates
    2022-01-10 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker updates
    2022-01-10 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker
    2022-01-10 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker
    2022-01-10 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker updates
    2022-01-04 (Faxing Systems): added domain receipt logic
    2021-12-23 (Faxing Systems): removed staged folder bug
    2021-12-22 (Portal): fax tracker
    2021-12-22 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker
    2021-12-22 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker
    2021-12-22 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker
    2021-12-16 (Portal): fax tracker updates. checkbox on sa page for port pins
    2021-12-16 (SMS/MMS Gateways): .
    2021-12-16 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-12-16 (Faxing Systems): fax tracker
    2021-12-16 (Faxing Systems): corrected db call to spice instead of mint
    2021-12-06 (Internal Systems): added vendor int
    2021-12-03 (Portal): fax tracker updates
    2021-12-03 (Portal): A whole clobbering of changes and updates
    2021-12-03 (Faxing Systems): Incorporate Fax Tracker logic
    2021-12-03 (Faxing Systems): removed dead code, etc.
    2021-12-03 (Faxing Systems): added logic to avoid a race condition for Fax Tracker and Replication
    2021-11-19 (Faxing Systems): track individual inbound emails
    2021-11-18 (Faxing Systems): removed readonly flag
    2021-11-18 (Faxing Systems): added fax tracker logic
    2021-11-17 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-11-09 (Porting Systems): made changes to system string reference
    2021-09-20 (Main Web Site): metadata update
    2021-09-05 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-09-03 (Portal): SQL optimizing
    2021-08-31 (Portal): .
    2021-08-26 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-08-26 (Internal Systems): push certain alerts to the new sales_alerts channel
    2021-08-12 (Portal): ongoing updates
    2021-08-12 (Internal Systems): ongoing updates
    2021-08-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-08-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-08-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-08-12 (Helpdesk): .
    2021-08-12 (Faxing Systems): ongoing updates
    2021-08-12 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-08-12 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-08-12 (Fraud Protection): .
    2021-08-12 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2021-08-05 (Portal): add port out pin logic
    2021-07-13 (Internal Systems): added $3.00 notify safety net
    2021-07-13 (Internal Systems): added CRM switch to remove Slack static with autopay off customers.
    2021-07-07 (Portal): Porting updates
    2021-06-30 (Portal): .
    2021-06-30 (Main Web Site): .
    2021-06-30 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-06-30 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2021-06-30 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-06-30 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-06-30 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-06-30 (Fraud Protection): .
    2021-06-30 (Utilities): .
    2021-06-30 (Porting Systems): .
    2021-06-30 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-06-29 (Portal): porting updates
    2021-06-29 (Faxing Systems): portal updates
    2021-06-26 (Internal Systems): ongoing updates.
    2021-06-26 (Faxing Systems): replace chardonnay with api
    2021-06-25 (Internal Systems): went to /mnt/nfs
    2021-06-17 (Portal): misc updates
    2021-06-17 (Faxing Systems): Added port triggers
    2021-06-16 (Portal): ongoing porting updates
    2021-06-15 (Faxing Systems): Prevent FOCs on FOCs and Completes
    2021-06-06 (Main Web Site): updates
    2021-05-27 (Portal): ongoing port updates
    2021-05-26 (Portal): porting updates
    2021-05-26 (Faxing Systems): added porting status trigger logic
    2021-05-25 (Portal): updates
    2021-05-22 (Portal): port-in order automation is production
    2021-05-20 (Portal): port automation
    2021-05-19 (Portal): automated porting
    2021-05-15 (Portal): building port-in-admin page
    2021-05-13 (Porting Systems): ongoing updates
    2021-05-13 (Porting Systems): include system name in filter for unanswered port notes.
    2021-05-12 (Faxing Systems): use the new cdr.cdr_current_month in Topup Monitors
    2021-05-12 (Fraud Protection): change hand off so it's first come first serve each day
    2021-05-05 (Portal): billing thread added to allow faster billing process
    2021-05-04 (Faxing Systems): let e-mail address override DID receipt status
    2021-05-03 (Portal): misc
    2021-04-28 (Internal Systems): new url for quote
    2021-04-21 (SMS/MMS Gateways): added email logging
    2021-04-03 (Faxing Systems): Rewrote the process to read call files
    2021-04-02 (Internal Systems): initialize usage object when null
    2021-03-18 (Portal): removing Portal_2.3
    2021-03-18 (Faxing Systems): .
    2021-03-12 (Portal): edit trunk page allows secret generate
    2021-03-11 (Portal): allow registration created trunks
    2021-03-08 (Internal Systems): supress midnight message.
    2021-03-05 (Internal Systems): logic correction to message when account has prior unpaid top up
    2021-03-03 (Internal Systems): balancing corrections
    2021-03-03 (Internal Systems): added account as optional parm
    2021-02-25 (Portal): ongoing and auth-code rebuild on auto-build
    2021-02-23 (Faxing Systems): added FOC automation for IQ. Added Completed Automation for BW
    2021-02-10 (Portal): added capri to trunk health check
    2021-02-10 (Portal): .
    2021-01-29 (Main Web Site): .
    2021-01-26 (Portal): ongoing updates
    2021-01-26 (Internal Systems): adjust sql group by for differring mysql version
    2021-01-26 (Internal Systems): round 1 complete.
    2021-01-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2021-01-21 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2021-01-21 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2021-01-18 (Internal Systems): agent statement update
    2020-12-30 (Portal): correct bw porting bug and point more SQL to Spice
    2020-12-17 (Portal): .
    2020-12-17 (Main Web Site): .
    2020-12-17 (Internal Systems): load balance
    2020-12-17 (SMS/MMS Gateways): .
    2020-12-17 (Monitors / Systems): load balance programmatically and push server as user to logs.
    2020-12-17 (Faxing Systems): point to spice
    2020-12-05 (Portal): misc bug fixes
    2020-11-29 (Portal): .
    2020-11-14 (Portal): .
    2020-11-14 (Portal): allow admin agents full access.
    2020-11-14 (Faxing Systems): correct caller-id issue
    2020-11-14 (Faxing Systems): added logging
    2020-10-07 (Portal): .
    2020-10-06 (Portal): stubbed out port-out pin logic
    2020-10-06 (Main Web Site): .
    2020-10-06 (Internal Systems): added anti-hacker logging
    2020-10-01 (Internal Systems): added faxing to domestic minutes calculations
    2020-10-01 (Faxing Systems): include fax minutes in domestic calcs
    2020-09-23 (Faxing Systems): port-out web hook for IQ
    2020-09-22 (Portal): Allow porting on non-portable. Shore up forward/PRI calcs
    2020-09-22 (Internal Systems): capture forwarding and plus 1 excluding PRI/CAN
    2020-09-21 (Portal): allow port even on non-portable (stop gap)
    2020-09-10 (Portal): continuing fax ata gateway logic
    2020-09-10 (Portal): ata fax gateway logic
    2020-09-03 (Portal): slack on remove/add did. add tier to new did. allow offnet purchase
    2020-09-03 (Portal): added tier logic to ports
    2020-08-27 (Portal): various updates (ongoing)
    2020-08-27 (Main Web Site): Initial Commit
    2020-08-26 (Faxing Systems): ?
    2020-08-26 (Faxing Systems): added more email logging
    2020-08-19 (Portal): filter compeitor pricing
    2020-08-19 (Portal): allow http on SMS api.
    2020-08-07 (Portal): added blacklisting page
    2020-08-07 (Portal): adding blacklisting logic
    2020-06-24 (Portal): helpdesk updates
    2020-06-11 (Fraud Protection): removed rate_cost filter and added heartbeat for multi-server process
    2020-06-04 (Internal Systems): api related changes, etc.
    2020-06-04 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2020-06-04 (Faxing Systems): .
    2020-06-03 (Portal): Helpdesk, account build, and SMS adjustments.
    2020-05-30 (Portal): ongoing helpdesk buildout
    2020-05-30 (Helpdesk): ongoing helpdesk buildout
    2020-05-25 (Portal): helpdesk buildout
    2020-05-25 (Helpdesk): helpdesk buildout
    2020-05-23 (Portal): helpdesk buildout
    2020-05-23 (Helpdesk): helpdesk buildout
    2020-05-20 (Portal): Building helpdesk page
    2020-05-20 (Helpdesk): Building helpdesk page.
    2020-05-18 (Portal): helpdesk build out
    2020-05-18 (Portal): building helpdesk page
    2020-05-18 (Helpdesk): Helpdesk build out
    2020-05-16 (Portal): building helpdesk
    2020-05-16 (Helpdesk): building Zendesk API's
    2020-05-14 (Portal): added envelope logic to SMS
    2020-05-14 (Internal Systems): changed sms notification did
    2020-05-14 (SMS/MMS Gateways): added logging to reduce research time
    2020-05-14 (SMS/MMS Gateways): modified sql statement
    2020-05-14 (SMS/MMS Gateways): added conversation envelope
    2020-05-14 (Helpdesk): .
    2020-05-14 (Faxing Systems): .
    2020-05-14 (SMS/MMS Gateways): added conversation envelope
    2020-05-13 (Portal): removed duplicate PIN upadte which caused cosmetic Slack issue.
    2020-05-12 (Portal): added consoles description modal.
    2020-05-12 (Portal): E-911 console complete
    2020-05-12 (Porting Systems): include additional status's in the dangling unanswered notes
    2020-05-12 (Porting Systems): added cosmetic space to slack message
    2020-05-12 (Helpdesk): corrected api key for tf did
    2020-05-11 (Portal): Installed Trunk Consoles.
    2020-05-10 (Portal): Number Consoles released.
    2020-05-10 (Helpdesk): Move SMS to TF DID
    2020-05-09 (Portal): tightened up did purchasing
    2020-05-07 (Faxing Systems): filter out webhook fire on Telephone Number order
    2020-05-05 (Faxing Systems): added ping tests as well as filters to IQ Webhook
    2020-05-05 (Porting Systems): Cleaned up Slack messaging
    2020-04-30 (Faxing Systems): added webhook adjustments
    2020-04-29 (Portal): removed recent bug introduced into autobuild.
    2020-04-29 (Portal): origination calcs. TF update bug fix. SA trigger, etc.
    2020-04-29 (Faxing Systems): added iq webhook
    2020-04-27 (Internal Systems): corrected pay_type to paygo check for trunk accounting. Misc updates.
    2020-04-23 (Internal Systems): added e-mail logging
    2020-04-23 (Porting Systems): added more logging and notifications
    2020-04-21 (Portal): .
    2020-04-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2020-04-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2020-04-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2020-04-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2020-04-21 (Internal Systems): template updates
    2020-04-21 (Internal Systems): sales commissions bug removal.
    2020-04-21 (Faxing Systems): .
    2020-04-21 (Utilities): .
    2020-04-21 (Utilities): .
    2020-04-19 (Portal): misc updates and bug fixes
    2020-04-19 (Internal Systems): .
    2020-04-19 (Fraud Protection): moved call to GetCurrentUsages to api.
    2020-04-15 (Porting Systems): initial commit
    2020-04-14 (Internal Systems): changes to facilite move to pinot and chard
    2020-04-14 (Faxing Systems): added migration invoice redundancy
    2020-04-13 (Portal): user management complete (bugs expected)
    2020-04-13 (Portal): user management
    2020-04-12 (Internal Systems): corrected SQL bug
    2020-04-12 (Internal Systems): added slack messaging. Not sure why this process randomly fails
    2020-04-11 (Portal): user creation updates and misc updates
    2020-04-06 (Internal Systems): removed /mnt/nfs for now. Added granularity to agent percent and fee
    2020-04-01 (Portal): don't show messaging more than one time per hour.
    2020-04-01 (Portal): .
    2020-04-01 (Portal): installed our messaging platform
    2020-04-01 (Internal Systems): added cnam_dip and put top up monitor to sleep on billing cycle.
    2020-04-01 (Monitors / Systems): avoid sending top up monitor is down messages during billing cycle.
    2020-03-31 (Portal): added password expiry feature
    2020-03-30 (Portal): portal user add/update/delete is in place.
    2020-03-30 (Portal): Wrapping portal ability to add users
    2020-03-28 (Portal): added trunk addition on port
    2020-03-27 (Portal): building user features and pin/trunk to ports
    2020-03-26 (Internal Systems): added commission_month_count to aging table.
    2020-03-25 (Internal Systems): resolved bugs in new commissions system
    2020-03-24 (Internal Systems): prep for migration and added sales commission app
    2020-03-21 (Portal): preparing for a move to Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay
    2020-03-21 (Internal Systems): built in more defenses, softcoded DB, moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Gri
    2020-03-21 (Faxing Systems): Added GetCurrentUsages API
    2020-03-17 (Monitors / Systems): added safety try/catch block
    2020-03-17 (Faxing Systems): Softcoded DB and moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. Forced direct CID
    2020-03-17 (Faxing Systems): softcoded DB and moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
    2020-03-17 (Helpdesk): Softcoded DB and moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
    2020-03-16 (Utilities): Softcoded database
    2020-03-16 (Porting Systems): Added a midday routine.
    2020-03-15 (Fraud Protection): Softcoded DB and migrated to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
    2020-03-15 (Fraud Protection): Softcoded DB and migrated to Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, And EC2 Alerter
    2020-03-15 (Fraud Protection): softcode database creds and moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
    2020-03-13 (Monitors / Systems): remove redundant messaging
    2020-03-13 (Monitors / Systems): Added to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio and created FileIO Option
    2020-03-08 (Internal Systems): softcoded database and moved to Chardonnay
    2020-03-08 (Faxing Systems): Softcoded database and moved to Chardonnay
    2020-03-08 (Porting Systems): softcoded database
    2020-03-08 (Fraud Protection): softcoded database and moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
    2020-03-08 (Fraud Protection): softcoded database and moved to chardonnay
    2020-03-08 (Fraud Protection): Softcoded database and moved to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio
    2020-03-07 (Internal Systems): added logging
    2020-03-07 (Internal Systems): moved creds to file to facilitage moving off ginger
    2020-03-05 (Portal): ongoing portal / automation updates
    2020-03-05 (Faxing Systems): .
    2020-03-04 (Portal): misc plus removed bug where billing email no propagate on autobuild
    2020-03-04 (Faxing Systems): added additional logging
    2020-02-27 (Portal): Corrected toll free routing bug
    2020-02-26 (Portal): build automation - installed round 1 to prod
    2020-02-26 (Portal): ongoing bug fixes for automation
    2020-02-25 (Portal): completed front-end dev on account build automation.
    2020-02-23 (Portal): ongoing auto-build updates
    2020-02-17 (Portal): ongoing updates for automation
    2020-02-17 (Internal Systems): unknown updates plus AWS SES added
    2020-02-17 (Internal Systems): .
    2020-02-17 (Internal Systems): now using quote system email and name and switched to AWS SES
    2020-02-13 (Portal): auto-build updates.
    2020-02-13 (Internal Systems): corrected internal metadata bugs
    2020-02-12 (Internal Systems): completed quote system updates
    2020-02-11 (Internal Systems): major updates and accommodate account build automation
    2020-02-05 (Portal): round one is complete. Testing phase begins.
    2020-02-02 (Portal): auto-account-build work
    2020-02-01 (Fraud Protection): fixed channel bug
    2020-01-31 (Portal): maven now requires https
    2020-01-31 (Portal): prepared timer for production timer seconds
    2020-01-31 (Portal): locked background on timer modal show
    2020-01-31 (Portal): session timers on every page has been added.
    2020-01-31 (Portal): adding timeout logic to each page.
    2020-01-31 (Porting Systems): adjusted unanswered port alert for only manual support status.
    2020-01-24 (Fraud Protection): removed but that forced alert on single call on multiple call alert
    2020-01-21 (Portal): continuing automation of new account builds
    2020-01-20 (Portal): ongoing account automation
    2020-01-19 (Portal): working through build account automation.
    2020-01-18 (Portal): Continuting to build account build automation
    2020-01-18 (Portal): account automation
    2020-01-16 (Fraud Protection): resolved manager issue where hangup wasn't working
    2020-01-14 (Fraud Protection): corrected sql bug
    2020-01-11 (Faxing Systems): reverted push to all switches. back on triniti exclusive
    2020-01-10 (Portal): added responsivemess to new table
    2020-01-09 (Portal): logic for bulk port pricing and removed bug on port submission
    2020-01-08 (Portal): new poring file upload listing and misc updates.
    2020-01-05 (Portal): corrected console persistence bug and softcoded mysql creds
    2019-12-30 (Fraud Protection): kill single channels. Corrected possibly massive kill-all bug.
    2019-12-28 (Fraud Protection): fixed looping bug. Reduced Slack cycles. Added delay for kills.
    2019-12-22 (Fraud Protection): added whitelist behavior
    2019-12-22 (Fraud Protection): sql bug correction
    2019-12-20 (Fraud Protection): many enhancements
    2019-12-17 (Internal Systems): added realtime minutes chart to accompany the count chart
    2019-12-16 (Fraud Protection): Round 1 complete. No auto-kill set yet.
    2019-12-15 (Fraud Protection): ongoing development.
    2019-12-14 (Fraud Protection): initial commit
    2019-12-09 (Portal): Porting console released and some fax bug fixes
    2019-11-20 (Internal Systems): adjusted google graphs
    2019-11-12 (Portal): Major email related fax updates.
    2019-11-12 (Portal): mostly fax updates. Many misc updates.
    2019-11-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-11-12 (Helpdesk): .
    2019-11-12 (Faxing Systems): added additional logging to track sent e-mails.
    2019-11-12 (Faxing Systems): Major adjustment to receipts. Now sends receipts to sender only
    2019-11-12 (Faxing Systems): inbound fax url correction
    2019-11-12 (Fraud Protection): .
    2019-11-06 (Internal Systems): Added filter buttons
    2019-10-30 (Portal): Changed E-911 provisioning per vendor request.
    2019-10-27 (Portal): dedicate fax and misc logic
    2019-10-09 (Porting Systems): .
    2019-10-03 (Portal): misc
    2019-09-24 (Utilities): limit usage to reduce bandwidth usage
    2019-09-24 (Fraud Protection): removed superfluous updates to usage_limits to streamline replication
    2019-09-17 (Internal Systems): removed cross server fetch (reduce bandwidth issues)
    2019-09-13 (Portal): added failed calls to cdr
    2019-09-12 (Portal): almost finished with DID mass update feature.
    2019-09-09 (SMS/MMS Gateways): added broadcast message api and assigned main number to it.
    2019-09-05 (Portal): did mass update almost ready for prime time
    2019-09-04 (SMS/MMS Gateways): added BW to SMS
    2019-09-04 (Internal Systems): added new credit card token table to check if auto-pay on/off
    2019-08-28 (Portal): continuing updates for the mass edit did feature
    2019-08-26 (Internal Systems): added alexa snippets
    2019-08-25 (Internal Systems): cosmetic updates
    2019-08-23 (Portal): added puerto rico calcs and ongoing did mass update logic
    2019-08-20 (Portal): working through mass edit of DID logic
    2019-08-19 (Faxing Systems): adjust for shared storage
    2019-08-19 (Faxing Systems): adjust for shared storage
    2019-08-19 (Faxing Systems): adjust for shared storage
    2019-08-19 (Faxing Systems): adjust for shared storage
    2019-08-19 (Faxing Systems): adjust for shared storage
    2019-08-16 (Faxing Systems): emergency fix, allow leading 1 in DID
    2019-08-15 (Portal): working on numbers mass update.
    2019-08-15 (SMS/MMS Gateways): updates are old, not sure what they are...
    2019-08-15 (Helpdesk): .
    2019-08-15 (Helpdesk): .
    2019-08-15 (Helpdesk): .
    2019-08-15 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-08-15 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-08-15 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-08-15 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-08-15 (Faxing Systems): added logic to select a healthy PBX for outbound Core-Fax
    2019-08-15 (Fraud Protection): adjust messaging
    2019-08-15 (Faxing Systems): remove mass delete to accommodate redundant servers.
    2019-08-15 (Porting Systems): Ongoing development
    2019-08-15 (Internal Systems): Removed bug where reconciled wasn't excluded.
    2019-08-15 (Utilities): .
    2019-08-15 (Trunking Systems): .
    2019-08-15 (Trunking Systems): .
    2019-08-11 (Portal): added NPA management and corrected Core-Fax bug
    2019-08-11 (Internal Systems): feed heartbeats to log for monitoring and added sleep cycle.
    2019-08-11 (Monitors / Systems): Monitor for the Top Up Monitor and notify if it's down.
    2019-08-11 (Faxing Systems): added ability to embed did in to e-mail address
    2019-08-10 (Portal): Major rewrite to portability and adjusted purchasing restriction logic
    2019-08-10 (Faxing Systems): added encoding to remove a bug when files have a plus sign in them.
    2019-08-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-08-01 (Portal): added invoicing to credit card logic
    2019-08-01 (Internal Systems): made services api optional for portal credit card processing
    2019-07-29 (Portal): Corrected channel gateway fee calculation (cosmetic)
    2019-07-28 (Portal): final credit card related changes. Going live phase 1.0
    2019-07-27 (Internal Systems): billing address changes.
    2019-07-25 (Internal Systems): billing address change
    2019-07-25 (Internal Systems): billing address change
    2019-07-25 (Internal Systems): physical address change.
    2019-07-24 (Portal): credit card updates.
    2019-07-24 (Utilities): standard updates.
    2019-07-22 (Portal): Ongoing credit card updates.
    2019-07-20 (Portal): Continuing credit card updates
    2019-07-19 (Portal): more credit card updates.
    2019-07-18 (Internal Systems): Added additional industries on the main page.
    2019-07-13 (Internal Systems): minor update to prior update.
    2019-07-12 (Internal Systems): reduce messaging to end-user on account suspension
    2019-06-30 (Portal): Ongoing credit card updates plus a cosmetic update enmass
    2019-06-25 (Portal): Credit cards updates
    2019-06-24 (Trunking Systems): initial commit
    2019-06-23 (Portal): ongoing updates for credit card processing.
    2019-06-21 (Portal): Churning through credit card processing.
    2019-06-18 (Portal): credit card updates
    2019-06-16 (Portal): Ongoing cc updates
    2019-06-16 (Portal): Continuing updates on the new credit card system.
    2019-06-16 (Internal Systems): forgo balance review when invoice period is closed.
    2019-06-15 (Portal): credit card updates.
    2019-06-14 (Internal Systems): final filter adjust
    2019-06-14 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2019-06-10 (Portal): Working through the new credit card processing process.
    2019-06-09 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-06-05 (Internal Systems): final adjustments to agent processing
    2019-06-05 (Internal Systems): removed agent accounting bug
    2019-06-05 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-06-04 (Internal Systems): built fees to the account level.
    2019-06-01 (Portal): Building new payment system with vendor
    2019-06-01 (Internal Systems): adjust portal closing and avoid cdr reload on trunk only calcs
    2019-05-21 (Portal): wiretap pricing on quotes now reflects current quote
    2019-05-21 (Portal): .
    2019-05-16 (Portal): added mandi and trixi to trunk list
    2019-05-14 (Portal): facilitate node group selections
    2019-05-13 (Portal): Version 1 of port edits has been completed.
    2019-05-12 (Portal): Wrapping up ports edit features.
    2019-05-11 (Portal): port edit upgrades
    2019-05-10 (Portal): Enabling porting edits
    2019-05-08 (Porting Systems): URLEncode Slack
    2019-05-07 (Internal Systems): corrected statement sql bug
    2019-05-07 (Internal Systems): added usage and msp logic to agent processing (large update)
    2019-05-04 (Portal): Misc updates
    2019-05-04 (Portal): add distinct e-mail logic
    2019-05-03 (Internal Systems): UI enhancements added and cdr_month file automated
    2019-04-30 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-04-30 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-04-25 (Portal): fixed portability bug and work on ports edit
    2019-04-23 (Portal): adding port edit capability
    2019-04-23 (Portal): .
    2019-04-23 (Portal): CSR Lookup TLC, billing rounding correction
    2019-04-23 (Portal): installed CSR Lookup (v1) and messaging changes
    2019-04-23 (Internal Systems): updated slack message
    2019-04-22 (Fraud Protection): added vibration effect
    2019-04-22 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-04-22 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-04-22 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-04-22 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2019-04-20 (Portal): adding CSR Lookup ablities to the super admin page
    2019-04-19 (Portal): Added phone provisioning check and non-Tier 0 purchasing.
    2019-04-16 (Portal): Portability
    2019-04-16 (Internal Systems): added logic to allow new accounts to not be notified on 0.00 balance.
    2019-04-16 (Internal Systems): set trigger on PayGo threshold and automate receivable.
    2019-04-16 (API Services): Initial commit
    2019-04-12 (Portal): Portability and an SMS campaign bug fix
    2019-04-12 (Portal): CSRLookup, DID availability lookup, etc.
    2019-04-08 (Internal Systems): Added MOP and Paper-Bill details
    2019-04-04 (Portal): Miscellaneous updates
    2019-04-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-04-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-04-04 (Internal Systems): new analysis (competitor) deck
    2019-04-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-04-04 (Internal Systems): miscellaneous adjustments
    2019-04-04 (Porting Systems): .
    2019-04-04 (Utilities): .
    2019-04-01 (Portal): tier level calcs
    2019-04-01 (Internal Systems): Added HI and AL to billing
    2019-03-30 (Portal): added CNAM to be removed on disconnect.
    2019-03-29 (Portal): many bug fixes, enhancements, and did tier levels
    2019-03-29 (Internal Systems): accommodate tier origination price levels
    2019-03-29 (Internal Systems): accommodate tier origination levels
    2019-03-26 (Portal): renamed cc token table and added tokenized sign on for port notes.
    2019-03-23 (Portal): Cleaned up phone search page and worked on profile page
    2019-03-22 (Internal Systems): New comparisons
    2019-03-18 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-03-14 (Portal): developing page profile page. Corrected porting price bug and CNAM msg
    2019-03-14 (Internal Systems): Corrected payment recon and non-mrc initializing.
    2019-03-14 (Porting Systems): cleaned up messaging and added new user message alert.
    2019-03-13 (Portal): Removed some bugs from CID/CNAM Dip
    2019-03-12 (Portal): Caller ID and CNAM Dip Updates
    2019-03-12 (Utilities): Caller ID and CNAM Dip
    2019-03-09 (Portal): .
    2019-03-09 (Internal Systems): messaging updates
    2019-03-05 (Portal): Misc updates
    2019-03-05 (Internal Systems): avoid full billing for an item the month after a service order payment
    2019-03-05 (Internal Systems): accommodate source_id column
    2019-03-05 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-03-05 (Utilities): accommodate new source_id column
    2019-03-01 (Portal): moved insertion to aging for MRC items to the billing system.
    2019-03-01 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-03-01 (Internal Systems): Added automatic paygo aging and receivable transactions.
    2019-02-28 (Portal): Misc updates
    2019-02-28 (Internal Systems): added continue to avoid messages on disabled accounts
    2019-02-28 (Internal Systems): Moved account termiation from -35.00 to 0
    2019-02-25 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-02-25 (Internal Systems): Added SEO update
    2019-02-22 (Internal Systems): Added agent/reseller section
    2019-02-17 (SMS/MMS Gateways): .
    2019-02-17 (Internal Systems): added text message notify for after hours 3cx visitors
    2019-02-17 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-02-17 (Provisioning Systems): .
    2019-02-15 (Faxing Systems): Added get caller id API
    2019-02-14 (Faxing Systems): .
    2019-02-10 (Internal Systems): corrected captcha
    2019-02-09 (Portal): multiple updates
    2019-02-07 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-02-07 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-02-07 (Internal Systems): .
    2019-02-07 (Internal Systems): adjusted SQL to handle agent calc on customer credits
    2019-02-05 (Internal Systems): added did pricing
    2019-02-05 (Internal Systems): show prices for google ad visitors.
    2019-02-05 (Internal Systems): Show rates to visitors from google ads and 3cx
    2019-02-05 (Internal Systems): updated form
    2019-02-02 (Portal): misc updates
    2019-02-02 (Internal Systems): Bug fixes
    2019-01-31 (Utilities): initial commit
    2019-01-30 (Internal Systems): cosmetic updates to the main page.
    2019-01-29 (Portal): Toll Free search is in place (excludes purchasing)
    2019-01-29 (Helpdesk): Initial Commit
    2019-01-29 (Helpdesk): Initial Commit
    2019-01-28 (Portal): Added number disconnect logic
    2019-01-26 (Portal): Pricebook addition and phone number purchasing
    2019-01-21 (Portal): include with prior post
    2019-01-21 (Portal): added logic to deny port when a did is on an active order
    2019-01-21 (Portal): updates to did purchasing
    2019-01-21 (Portal): A functional DID purchasing system. Rounte 1 - Complete
    2019-01-18 (Portal): .
    2019-01-18 (Portal): phone number purchasing work
    2019-01-17 (Porting Systems): adjust to only slack missing did ports on FOC
    2019-01-15 (Portal): did purchasing and general cleanup on new e911, etc.
    2019-01-13 (Portal): vendor phone number search is complete (round 1)
    2019-01-12 (Portal): phone number query fromvendor is working now
    2019-01-10 (Portal): Wrapped up testing of E-911 and Porting portal billing
    2019-01-10 (Portal): Building out the billing component for ports and e911
    2019-01-09 (Portal): Added pricebook and billing details init on super admin
    2019-01-09 (Internal Systems): Added a load non-MRC from service order module.
    2019-01-08 (Portal): Pricebook, E911 billing, Porting bug fixes
    2019-01-07 (Portal): Corrected agent statement bug
    2019-01-06 (Portal): Int rate check, E911 bug removal, FOC date to SA
    2019-01-06 (Internal Systems): Corrected tax bug and corrected agent cycle bug
    2019-01-04 (Portal): E911 Complete
    2019-01-04 (Internal Systems): Ongoing updates
    2019-01-02 (Portal): Bug fixes and last remaining functionality (extension logic, etc)
    2018-12-31 (Portal): Added off net to E-911
    2018-12-31 (Portal): Wrapping up e-911
    2018-12-27 (Portal): Added Mexico to fixed rate calling
    2018-12-27 (Internal Systems): Added Mexico to flat rate calling
    2018-12-27 (Fraud Protection): Added Mexico to fixed rate pricing
    2018-12-23 (Internal Systems): Moved agent statement processing from open to closed month for pay capt
    2018-12-14 (Portal): Misc updates.
    2018-12-12 (Portal): super admin and related adjustments
    2018-12-12 (Fraud Protection): exclude secondary tech if in technical. Correct bug in second techn
    2018-12-09 (Portal): working on new cc form
    2018-12-09 (Portal): Super admin kill channels and updated all jsp avatar to portal admin
    2018-12-08 (Portal): Completed round 1 of super admin term/orig routing toggles
    2018-12-08 (Portal): Porting section of super admin is complete (round 1)
    2018-12-08 (Portal): Super Admint basic operations and DID Operations are done (round 1)
    2018-12-08 (Portal): super admin
    2018-12-06 (Portal): working on super-admin page
    2018-12-06 (Portal): Slack cleanup and e911 work
    2018-12-06 (Internal Systems): Slack cleanup
    2018-12-06 (Internal Systems): Slack adjustment and new prepaid balances page
    2018-12-06 (Monitors / Systems): Slack cleanup
    2018-12-06 (Fraud Protection): Slack cleanup
    2018-12-06 (Porting Systems): Cleanup Try on Slack and added missing DID check for ports
    2018-12-06 (Fraud Protection): Slack cleanup
    2018-12-06 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Slack cleanup
    2018-12-06 (Fraud Protection): slack cleanup
    2018-12-06 (Fraud Protection): slack cleanup
    2018-12-04 (Internal Systems): Corrected bug that was preventing account listing. Textual adjusts
    2018-12-03 (Portal): E911 build
    2018-12-03 (Portal): 911 updates...misc updates
    2018-11-30 (Internal Systems): Robocall update
    2018-11-24 (Internal Systems): added new graphs
    2018-11-21 (Portal): continuing build out
    2018-11-21 (Portal): Corrected truncation issue
    2018-11-20 (Portal): finishing up e911
    2018-11-19 (Portal): Working through E911
    2018-11-18 (Portal): E911 refactoring and build out
    2018-11-17 (Portal): .
    2018-11-17 (Portal): E911 work and new Log object.
    2018-11-12 (Portal): .
    2018-11-12 (Portal): minor unrelated changes
    2018-11-11 (Fraud Protection): Corrected massive calculation bug.
    2018-11-10 (Portal): Quote updates
    2018-11-09 (Internal Systems): Wrapping up new changes
    2018-11-09 (Fraud Protection): added area code TF 833 to whitelist.
    2018-11-08 (Portal): Quotes
    2018-11-08 (Internal Systems): Correct column typo
    2018-11-08 (Internal Systems): Added Additional Information section
    2018-11-07 (Portal): Working on new quote display
    2018-11-05 (Internal Systems): added revenue graph
    2018-11-05 (Internal Systems): Corrected a bug in agent statements.
    2018-11-04 (Portal): Major update to how trunks verify status.
    2018-11-04 (Portal): trunk status work
    2018-11-03 (Internal Systems): added content to main page
    2018-11-03 (Internal Systems): Product update on main page.
    2018-11-03 (Internal Systems): updating content.
    2018-11-03 (Internal Systems): cosmetic change to the code
    2018-11-03 (Internal Systems): Added customer expense page and added missing origination billing calcs
    2018-11-02 (Portal): misc
    2018-11-01 (Portal): .
    2018-10-31 (Fraud Protection): enable channel monitor hangup on offending channels
    2018-10-31 (Utilities): increased wait time and relocated server files
    2018-10-30 (Internal Systems): Corrected misspellings for Utah and Idaho
    2018-10-25 (Portal): Ongoing updates
    2018-10-24 (Internal Systems): Trunk processor install plus accommodate new forward_rate_cost value
    2018-10-22 (Internal Systems): Added trunk level usage totalling for agents and resellers
    2018-10-20 (Fraud Protection): Installed, but without antomomous shutdown until observed in prod
    2018-10-20 (Fraud Protection): added autonomous account shutdown, notification, and suspension
    2018-10-19 (Fraud Protection): added logic for the app to kill channels autonomously.
    2018-10-19 (Fraud Protection): Only send messages once during a run. No need to spam slack.
    2018-10-19 (Fraud Protection): Don't send alerts to inactive customers
    2018-10-18 (Portal): Added promo messaging for porting on the portal
    2018-10-18 (Portal): Version 1 of porting is complete and functional.
    2018-10-18 (Portal): working through porting
    2018-10-17 (Portal): Changes to many diff areas for prod support
    2018-10-17 (Portal): .
    2018-10-16 (Portal): security updates and lots of porting progress.
    2018-10-16 (Portal): Finished edit logic in javascript
    2018-10-16 (Portal): .
    2018-10-16 (Portal): Building out the number porting system.
    2018-10-16 (Portal): Working on port automation
    2018-10-15 (Portal): added case to get description when memo isn't present
    2018-10-15 (Portal): Added agent statements to invoice section
    2018-10-14 (Internal Systems): Added statement to the file name
    2018-10-14 (Internal Systems): Finished phase 1 (full functionality) of the Statement Processor
    2018-10-14 (Fraud Protection): Added dollar thresholds
    2018-10-12 (Utilities): Initial Commit
    2018-10-11 (Internal Systems): Round 1 of 2 of the new Agent Statement Processor is complete.
    2018-10-08 (Portal): Added channel to cdr to allow sorting by trunk
    2018-10-08 (Fraud Protection): more hardening
    2018-10-05 (Portal): .
    2018-10-04 (Internal Systems): adjust receievalbes when applying fees. Use abs val on credits for fees
    2018-10-03 (Internal Systems): Added fee process
    2018-09-30 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2018-09-21 (Portal): Corrected bug where recordings didn't check extensions directory
    2018-09-21 (Internal Systems): Don't lock billing when updating a single account.
    2018-09-21 (Internal Systems): Added cnam dip (plus misc)
    2018-09-18 (Portal): trunk work
    2018-09-18 (Portal): E911 work
    2018-09-18 (Portal): Trunk work on monitoring
    2018-09-18 (Portal): more E911 work
    2018-09-18 (Portal): Trunks update on monitoring logic
    2018-09-18 (Portal): More 911 updates
    2018-09-18 (Portal): 911 updates
    2018-09-15 (Portal): trunk work on monitoring
    2018-09-15 (Portal): location for e911
    2018-09-15 (Portal): .
    2018-09-15 (Trunking Systems): Corrected ms bug.
    2018-09-15 (Fraud Protection): separate alert options for Wiretap and the customer
    2018-09-14 (Fraud Protection): Added optional e-mail support.
    2018-09-13 (Trunking Systems): Init commit
    2018-09-13 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2018-09-12 (Internal Systems): created new page - corrected cosmetic bug
    2018-09-12 (Internal Systems): created new SMS page
    2018-09-11 (Portal): Completed fax send.
    2018-09-11 (Faxing Systems): adjust for portal faxes. Allow fax file pulls
    2018-09-10 (Portal): fax viewing is complete
    2018-09-10 (Portal): wrapping up view faxes
    2018-09-10 (Portal): View inbound and outbound faxes is in place
    2018-09-09 (Portal): moved addportnote and began work on send fax view
    2018-09-07 (Faxing Systems): Changed file location
    2018-09-07 (Faxing Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-09-07 (SMS/MMS Gateways): ...
    2018-09-06 (Portal): 911 adjustments
    2018-09-05 (Internal Systems): Changed to SES and log e-mails to database.
    2018-09-04 (Internal Systems): Made monitor pause during pending close period (prevent false/positive)
    2018-09-04 (Internal Systems): Added much needed prorate logic and automated top-up monitor pause.
    2018-09-03 (Portal): 911 work...
    2018-09-03 (Portal): continued 911 work
    2018-09-03 (Portal): E911 buildout
    2018-09-02 (Portal): added security and dependency classes
    2018-09-02 (Portal): Moved sidebar code to db
    2018-09-02 (Portal): Completed billing cycle in process page
    2018-09-02 (Portal): synchronized title and created new billing pending close page
    2018-09-02 (Portal): E911 build out
    2018-08-31 (Portal): Building e-911 services
    2018-08-31 (Portal): SMS Campaign leftovers and E911 work
    2018-08-27 (SMS/MMS Gateways): avoid truncating by substring to column max
    2018-08-27 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Corrected usage limits bug
    2018-08-27 (Internal Systems): added effective date to vendor
    2018-08-25 (SMS/MMS Gateways): More apis
    2018-08-24 (SMS/MMS Gateways): building more apis
    2018-08-23 (Internal Systems): effective date updates.
    2018-08-22 (SMS/MMS Gateways): new apis
    2018-08-21 (SMS/MMS Gateways): building apis
    2018-08-21 (Porting Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-08-21 (Utilities): initial commit
    2018-08-20 (Portal): Replaced uid (auto_increment) with a hashed campaign queue
    2018-08-20 (SMS/MMS Gateways): New APIs: CreateCampaign and FetchCampaigns
    2018-08-17 (Portal): Campaigns can drill into response messages. That's as deep as we go.
    2018-08-16 (Portal): completed round 1 of did management for sms
    2018-08-16 (Portal): Working through phase 2 of sms management (manage sms dids)
    2018-08-13 (Portal): single send now works in the portal
    2018-08-08 (Portal): corrected datatable bug
    2018-08-08 (Portal): .
    2018-08-08 (Portal): Final touches on SMS Campaigns
    2018-08-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): corrected minor post-prod bugs
    2018-08-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): final touches on campaign manager
    2018-08-08 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Final touches
    2018-08-07 (Portal): Working through campaign queues
    2018-08-07 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Added support for campaign blasts.
    2018-08-07 (Internal Systems): Add new billing e-mail overflow csv for customers needing more than 2
    2018-08-07 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Added slack support and wrapping up initial commits
    2018-08-04 (Portal): ensure queue_id is unique
    2018-08-04 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Handle a new API to send campaign messages
    2018-08-04 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Initial Commit
    2018-08-03 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Built new api to receive portal campaign send requests
    2018-08-02 (Portal): Completing the UI portion of campaign sms queuing
    2018-08-01 (Internal Systems): corrected deficiency with balance forward printing (cosmetic)
    2018-08-01 (Internal Systems): Corrected SQL bug that prevented current total to display (cosmetic)
    2018-07-31 (Portal): building send message process for SMS
    2018-07-30 (Portal): Multi-DID delete feature is complete for core-sms
    2018-07-30 (Portal): updated left pane for SMS
    2018-07-30 (Portal): round 1 of sms UI complete (delete feature needed next)
    2018-07-30 (Portal): SMS UI is mostly complete. Need multi-select delete and done.
    2018-07-30 (Utilities): corrected bug by auto-crearing directory if needed.
    2018-07-30 (Utilities): elimiated bug by auto-creating directory if needed.
    2018-07-29 (Portal): SMS upload
    2018-07-27 (Portal): wrapping up sms bulk upload
    2018-07-27 (Portal): various changes on plan page and a reboot on sms work
    2018-07-26 (SMS/MMS Gateways): handle inbound text when no referenceId is provided.
    2018-07-25 (Portal): Churning through manage plan details on plan manage page
    2018-07-25 (Portal): Added much needed detail to portal detail page
    2018-07-25 (Portal): Building manage plan page
    2018-07-24 (Portal): Added ability to identify portal users with international toggle priv
    2018-07-24 (Internal Systems): Changed email address to info@
    2018-07-23 (Portal): building SMS management page
    2018-07-19 (Portal): SMS bulk loading updates
    2018-07-18 (Portal): SMS gateway work
    2018-07-18 (Portal): Building core-sms campaigns
    2018-07-17 (Portal): Building Core-SMS
    2018-07-17 (SMS/MMS Gateways): Migrated to new vendor API
    2018-07-16 (SMS/MMS Gateways): moving to the new SMS API process (vendor Changes)
    2018-07-16 (Internal Systems): Removed Plivo
    2018-07-16 (Monitors / Systems): Removed Plivo
    2018-07-15 (Portal): IVR work with some CDR residual content
    2018-07-13 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2018-07-13 (Fraud Protection): Initial commit
    2018-07-12 (Portal): Corrected inbound call recording bug
    2018-07-11 (Portal): working on IVR Wizard and eliminated a trunk bug
    2018-07-09 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-07-08 (Portal): Paygo visibility is complete on the portal. Moving on to new things...
    2018-07-07 (Internal Systems): corrected topup closing period bug. Pushed to prior month
    2018-07-06 (Internal Systems): updates to modernize
    2018-07-03 (Internal Systems): changed main quote button to free trial button text
    2018-07-03 (Internal Systems): Major overhaul of usage calcs
    2018-07-03 (Internal Systems): Major overhaul for usage calculations
    2018-07-02 (Internal Systems): building paygo, canada, and sms billing
    2018-07-01 (Portal): changed the 404 page to jsp for security and added billing lock
    2018-06-29 (Portal): cosmetic change
    2018-06-29 (Portal): Added usage buckets to the billing dashboard
    2018-06-27 (Portal): added new faq section
    2018-06-25 (Portal): Billing dashboard is ready for prod.
    2018-06-25 (Internal Systems): added 3CX Summer 2018 conversion tracking
    2018-06-24 (Portal): working through billing credit card collection modal
    2018-06-24 (Portal): working through the billing dashboard
    2018-06-23 (Portal): Added auto-email notification when port notes are updated.
    2018-06-22 (Portal): added porting slack notice.
    2018-06-22 (Portal): dashboard work and completion of port notes and end user action
    2018-06-21 (Portal): working on billing dashboard
    2018-06-20 (Portal): dashboard billing work
    2018-06-20 (Portal): Billing dashboard work
    2018-06-18 (Portal): Billing dashboard development
    2018-06-16 (Internal Systems): Fixed SQL error on densitiy map
    2018-06-15 (Portal): Fixed bug that lists e-mail addresses twice.
    2018-06-15 (Portal): removed boiler plate index.
    2018-06-15 (Internal Systems): Changed branding and removed additional pricing
    2018-06-15 (Faxing Systems): Tie into the new faxapis queue table to manage queueing
    2018-06-15 (Faxing Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-06-13 (Portal): did purchasing
    2018-06-12 (Portal): purchasing via BW in progress
    2018-06-11 (Portal): Removed them makers theme link
    2018-06-11 (Internal Systems): Close db cons properly
    2018-06-11 (Internal Systems): close db properly
    2018-06-11 (Internal Systems): properly close db connections
    2018-06-10 (SMS/MMS Gateways): close connection properly.
    2018-06-10 (SMS/MMS Gateways): initial (re)commit
    2018-06-10 (Internal Systems): Added proper db closure
    2018-06-10 (Internal Systems): added db closing procedures
    2018-06-10 (Monitors / Systems): added db closures
    2018-06-10 (Faxing Systems): Added proper db closing procedures
    2018-06-09 (Portal): porting and add ALL connections to finally block
    2018-06-05 (Portal): version 1 of porting on the portal is complete
    2018-06-05 (Portal): add new header with port feature
    2018-06-05 (Portal): port updates are 90% on the portal
    2018-06-04 (Internal Systems): fixed quote buttons
    2018-06-01 (Portal): renaming cleanup and rate centers work
    2018-06-01 (Internal Systems): init commit
    2018-05-31 (Portal): corrected a newly introduced bug in core-fax
    2018-05-30 (Portal): updated sidebar for new IVR Recording feature.
    2018-05-30 (Portal): IVR Recording is complete
    2018-05-30 (Portal): Completed fax enabling
    2018-05-28 (Portal): update/delete complete. Working on Listen
    2018-05-28 (Portal): added save ivr metadata
    2018-05-28 (Provisioning Systems): .
    2018-05-28 (Utilities): completed
    2018-05-27 (Portal): Wrapping up IVR Recordings.
    2018-05-27 (Portal): ivr recordings pieces are in place. Finishing up
    2018-05-27 (Portal): Wrapping up call recording
    2018-05-27 (Utilities): initial commit
    2018-05-26 (Portal): building ivr-recording
    2018-05-26 (Portal): IVR Recording management
    2018-05-24 (Portal): added os multi-select
    2018-05-24 (Portal): Trunking mass did update is complete
    2018-05-24 (Portal): trying to wrap up multi-update trunk numbers.
    2018-05-23 (Portal): Major datatable update and work on trunk dids
    2018-05-22 (Portal): Trunk DID management
    2018-05-22 (Faxing Systems): added vars to the gs call to get landscape rotated to fit
    2018-05-22 (Faxing Systems): Correct message on console
    2018-05-22 (Faxing Systems): initial commit
    2018-05-22 (Faxing Systems): fixed missing receipt on failed fax
    2018-05-22 (Faxing Systems): Closing connection properly.
    2018-05-21 (Portal): Phone number ordering work
    2018-05-21 (Faxing Systems): closed connections properly
    2018-05-16 (Faxing Systems): added closing connection statements where missing.
    2018-05-12 (Portal): .
    2018-05-12 (Faxing Systems): .
    2018-05-12 (Fraud Protection): .
    2018-05-11 (Faxing Systems): Remove marketing message to prepare for WL. Needs softcoded logic.
    2018-05-11 (Faxing Systems): changed lookup by email to lookup by did to fix email array issue
    2018-05-10 (Internal Systems): Added 3CX line and removed pricing to avoid competing with agents.
    2018-05-09 (Portal): Working on phone number ordering
    2018-05-09 (Portal): Corrected a trunk update bug
    2018-05-09 (Portal): Building phone number query api
    2018-05-08 (Portal): Completed trunk management for dids
    2018-05-08 (Portal): removed http references and updated sidebar
    2018-05-08 (Internal Systems): moved from http to https
    2018-05-08 (Internal Systems): moved all http: to https:
    2018-05-07 (Portal): Getting very close to having trunk / phone management complete.
    2018-05-07 (Portal): trunk/did build out
    2018-05-07 (Portal): building trunk did management
    2018-05-06 (Portal): Building phone number management
    2018-05-04 (Portal): working on phone number management
    2018-05-03 (Internal Systems): corrected rate_cost bug
    2018-05-02 (Portal): clear session storage
    2018-05-02 (Portal): resolved trunk issues and a little cdr sql cleanup
    2018-05-02 (Portal): device count issue corrected
    2018-05-01 (Internal Systems): Correct graph bug in carrier expense
    2018-04-30 (Portal): Ongoing trunk work
    2018-04-30 (Portal): added legacy trunk logic
    2018-04-30 (Faxing Systems): correct but preventing external outbound from receiving read receipts
    2018-04-29 (Portal): Trunk management is complete.
    2018-04-28 (Portal): ..
    2018-04-28 (Portal): trunk delete is in place
    2018-04-28 (Fraud Protection): spelling correction and disable internal check with value is 0
    2018-04-28 (Fraud Protection): initial commit
    2018-04-28 (Fraud Protection): Shutoff account when limit exceeded
    2018-04-26 (Portal): ...
    2018-04-26 (Portal): prepping for a prod push
    2018-04-26 (Portal): Trunk management
    2018-04-26 (Faxing Systems): finished putting fax limits on
    2018-04-26 (Faxing Systems): Added faxing daily limits with a default of 50
    2018-04-25 (Portal): Working through trunks
    2018-04-25 (Internal Systems): Added expense graphs
    2018-04-24 (Portal): Working through trunks
    2018-04-24 (Portal): main work was to get call recording on the cdr. done.
    2018-04-23 (Portal): finishing up core-fax round one as well as starting on notifications
    2018-04-23 (Portal): round 1 complete
    2018-04-23 (Portal): core-fax
    2018-04-23 (Portal): Working on core-fax
    2018-04-23 (Internal Systems): adjustments to SQL statements
    2018-04-22 (Portal): Wrapping up core-fax
    2018-04-22 (Portal): Working on core-fax
    2018-04-21 (Portal): moved captcha in front of sign in button
    2018-04-21 (Internal Systems): Created a core-fax faq/landing page. Removed header from fax.html
    2018-04-21 (Faxing Systems): brand to core-fax
    2018-04-21 (Faxing Systems): branded to core-fax
    2018-04-21 (Faxing Systems): branded to core-fax
    2018-04-20 (Fraud Protection): initial commit
    2018-04-19 (Portal): adding core-fax domain logic
    2018-04-19 (Faxing Systems): Make compaitble for multple e-mail on inbound fax
    2018-04-18 (Portal): remove slider page from trunk management
    2018-04-18 (Portal): .
    2018-04-18 (Portal): fix type and accommodate removal of ai in astdb_did
    2018-04-18 (Portal): Build the registration process
    2018-04-17 (Portal): synchronizing auth and side-bar
    2018-04-17 (Portal): Stubbed out FAQ page.
    2018-04-17 (Portal): Core-Fax is complete
    2018-04-17 (Internal Systems): Added vendor and adjusted some sql to accommodate direction col
    2018-04-17 (Internal Systems): Vendor and misc changes
    2018-04-15 (Portal): core-fax work. log entry work. authentication work
    2018-04-14 (Portal): working on core-fax logic
    2018-04-13 (Portal): Building fax did portal
    2018-04-13 (Portal): Working on reCAPTCHA messaging and logic.
    2018-04-13 (Faxing Systems): Allow 1 and +1 in fax subject.
    2018-04-10 (Portal): working through multi-user account page
    2018-04-10 (Portal): account management grid is functioning
    2018-04-10 (Portal): Building multi-account process
    2018-04-09 (Portal): Auth and beta main page
    2018-04-09 (Portal): Authentication work
    2018-04-09 (Portal): Building authentication
    2018-04-09 (Internal Systems): Added link to portal_2.3 request beta page.
    2018-04-01 (Portal): Finalizing cdr
    2018-04-01 (Portal): Beta is ready for CDR with full filter and date range processing
    2018-04-01 (Portal): completing date calcs and filtering
    2018-03-31 (Portal): cdr work on filter and dates
    2018-03-30 (Portal): provisioning work
    2018-03-27 (Portal): Rate decks are pulling to the UI correctly.
    2018-03-27 (Portal): Rate Center work and adjusted jsp's for recent package rename
    2018-03-27 (Faxing Systems): Correct bug that confused regular faxing for fax-to-email
    2018-03-26 (Portal): Changed package names. Working on Rate Center API
    2018-03-26 (Portal): flipped sort order
    2018-03-26 (Portal): Setup paging, etc. on cdr
    2018-03-26 (Internal Systems): slogan change
    2018-03-24 (Faxing Systems): Added queue process to manage completed files without PBX unlock
    2018-03-24 (Faxing Systems): Corrected target value on fax SMS add in e-mail
    2018-03-22 (Portal): Added round 1 of data export features
    2018-03-22 (Portal): Pushing round 1 of the CDR to beta
    2018-03-20 (Portal): Working on CDR
    2018-03-18 (Faxing Systems): Initial Commit : Added local fax calls
    2018-03-18 (Faxing Systems): Final ajustments for receipts.
    2018-03-18 (Faxing Systems): synched changes in file naming.
    2018-03-18 (Faxing Systems): .
    2018-03-18 (Faxing Systems): Bug fix
    2018-03-18 (Faxing Systems): Installed to production
    2018-03-17 (Faxing Systems): pushing sender information to recipient e-mail
    2018-03-17 (Faxing Systems): under development
    2018-03-17 (Faxing Systems): Added [] to id this as a search key for downstream processing.
    2018-03-16 (Faxing Systems): updates
    2018-03-16 (Faxing Systems): Added additional logging
    2018-03-16 (Faxing Systems): Initial commit
    2018-03-12 (Portal): Added redirect db control and cdr work
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Changes to bring to current. This includes non-functional changes.
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Correct link issue
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Ongoing adjustments
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Corrected an imaging bug
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Enhancements
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Migration related changes.
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Migration to Stella related changes.
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Migration to Stella related changes.
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): Migration to Stella related changes.
    2018-03-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2018-03-12 (Faxing Systems): Ongoing updates
    2018-03-12 (Provisioning Systems): updates
    2018-03-11 (Faxing Systems): Prod prep. Installed. Fax imaging now prints correctly when converted to pdf
    2018-03-10 (Faxing Systems): Prepping for prod install
    2018-03-10 (Faxing Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-03-10 (Faxing Systems): image compression work
    2018-03-06 (Faxing Systems): Fixed issue with race condition
    2018-02-18 (Internal Systems): increased quality
    2018-02-18 (Faxing Systems): built to eliminate jasmine.
    2018-02-18 (Faxing Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-02-17 (Monitors / Systems): moved to java 8
    2018-02-17 (Monitors / Systems): .
    2018-02-17 (Monitors / Systems): Indent change
    2018-02-17 (Monitors / Systems): Initial Commit
    2018-02-11 (Provisioning Systems): enhanced logging
    2018-02-11 (Provisioning Systems): Added logging
    2018-02-08 (Internal Systems): README.md created online with Bitbucket
    2018-02-02 (Internal Systems): updated tos
    2018-01-31 (Portal): Save template modal is designed (needs logic)
    2018-01-30 (Portal): closing in on finishing update configs and template management
    2018-01-29 (Portal): Making excellent progress on provisioning
    2018-01-29 (Portal): Getting template swapping to work
    2018-01-29 (Portal): provisioning work
    2018-01-29 (Portal): redesigned db objects and adjusted code
    2018-01-27 (Portal): Continued work on provisioning
    2018-01-22 (Portal): Grandstream configs now do a round trip
    2018-01-21 (Portal): Completed a major round of softcoded ui values for grandstream
    2018-01-20 (Portal): Pushing configs to the ui
    2018-01-20 (Portal): Wiring up output for gs soft coded values to the ui
    2018-01-20 (Portal): ongoing provisionsing development
    2018-01-20 (Portal): Building out endpoint logic
    2018-01-19 (Portal): building endpoint logic
    2018-01-19 (Faxing Systems): Repo test
    2018-01-19 (Faxing Systems): repo test
    2018-01-19 (Faxing Systems): init commit to this repo
    2018-01-19 (Internal Systems): Initial commit to this repo
    2018-01-19 (Fraud Protection): Initial Commit
    2018-01-18 (Portal): building extension logic
    2018-01-17 (Internal Systems): force a random file selection to avoid a bad file blocking for all
    2018-01-16 (Portal): Wiring up SIP Devices.
    2018-01-16 (Portal): Building logic
    2018-01-16 (Portal): init commit to new repo
    2018-01-16 (Monitors / Systems): Changed messaging
    2018-01-16 (Provisioning Systems): init commmit to new repo
    2018-01-12 (Monitors / Systems): init commit
    2018-01-09 (Internal Systems): misc
    2018-01-04 (Internal Systems): look for device on all PBX's since we can't yet tell if success
    2018-01-04 (Internal Systems): SMS Intro
    2018-01-04 (Internal Systems): Fix bug when more than one invoice reference exists.
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): casting issues
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): More missing sms
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): This was missed in the SMS install so I hope it doesn't blow up
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): viewremote
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): Working through accountcode issues
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): point to ViewRemoteInvoice servlet.
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): Moved to _2.2
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): Added future payment reminder template and misc.
    2018-01-03 (Internal Systems): Added future payment reminder template logic
    2017-12-28 (Internal Systems): Don't loop on bad extension, changes to Originate
    2017-12-28 (Internal Systems): don't loop on bad extension
    2017-12-28 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-12-28 (Internal Systems): logging
    2017-12-27 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-12-26 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2017-12-26 (Internal Systems): last minute updates
    2017-12-26 (Internal Systems): Production Ready
    2017-12-26 (Internal Systems): production ready
    2017-12-23 (Internal Systems): init commit
    2017-12-22 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-12-15 (Internal Systems): move to ginger
    2017-12-10 (Internal Systems): pointing db to ginger
    2017-12-10 (Internal Systems): init commit : push to ginger
    2017-12-10 (Internal Systems): Point to ginger
    2017-12-09 (Internal Systems): point to ginger
    2017-12-09 (Internal Systems): Adjusted for ginger and revoked temporary changes (when Nikki died)
    2017-12-06 (Internal Systems): Change from services to services_2.2 when pushing the URL
    2017-12-06 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-12-06 (Internal Systems): minor tweaks
    2017-12-06 (Internal Systems): Migrating view invoice from services to services_2.2
    2017-12-06 (Internal Systems): changed to ginger
    2017-12-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-12-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-12-04 (Internal Systems): fix sql bug
    2017-12-03 (Internal Systems): point to db on ginger
    2017-12-03 (Internal Systems): point to db on ginger
    2017-12-03 (Internal Systems): point to db on ginger
    2017-12-03 (Internal Systems): Moved db connection to ginger
    2017-12-03 (Internal Systems): switched to ginger
    2017-12-03 (Internal Systems): Moved db connection to ginger
    2017-12-02 (Internal Systems): Point to ginger
    2017-11-06 (Internal Systems): Completed monthly usage bars on main dash
    2017-11-04 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-11-04 (Internal Systems): added code for vendor. They use vendor so we'll duplicate it
    2017-11-04 (Internal Systems): Added host_log
    2017-11-02 (Internal Systems): Change notes to a view to filter active
    2017-11-01 (Internal Systems): Pushed monthly minutes to the UI
    2017-11-01 (Internal Systems): Device updates. Digs into asterisk manager now!
    2017-10-31 (Internal Systems): muiltipart parsing work
    2017-10-31 (Internal Systems): working out sms issues
    2017-10-31 (Internal Systems): added logging
    2017-10-29 (Internal Systems): minor update
    2017-10-29 (Internal Systems): Adding API to client SMS posting
    2017-10-28 (Internal Systems): More grammar tweaks.
    2017-10-28 (Internal Systems): grammar changes
    2017-10-28 (Internal Systems): Corrected grammar
    2017-10-26 (Internal Systems): Modified subject in email
    2017-10-25 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-10-21 (Internal Systems): added contact phones
    2017-10-21 (Internal Systems): adjusted to accommodate contact fields added to CRM
    2017-10-11 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-10-11 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-10-11 (Internal Systems): added auto provision of external did and removed astdb_did requirement
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): removed ability to split on blanks
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): Working on multiple sms sending
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): Added logic to process multiple texts per e-mail
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): Added text scrubbing for non-ascii
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): Added sms stop string
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-08 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): Wrapping up receiving SMS from vendor
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): building the receiving process form vendor
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): Wrapping up
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): Debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): Debugging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): Added more logging
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): Round 1 completion of email2sms
    2017-10-07 (Internal Systems): completed TO_CARRIER SMS for vendor Processing.
    2017-10-06 (Internal Systems): Working on Peer Status
    2017-10-01 (Internal Systems): Charts now use sessionStorage
    2017-10-01 (Internal Systems): Converting to session storage to reduce AJAX refresh intervals.
    2017-10-01 (Internal Systems): Basic updates.
    2017-09-30 (Internal Systems): upgrades
    2017-09-29 (Internal Systems): Added alert test feature.
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): Added customer sms
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): Added keyword to SMS for phone alert apps
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): fix error in messaging
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): Fixed another SQL error and added SNS keys
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): fix sql bug
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): Post to SNS
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): SQL error on sent_date
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): bug sql connection fix
    2017-09-27 (Internal Systems): Added customer e-mail notification and host level on/off
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): Added slack notification
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): Reduce the barrage of messaging. Only send every 5 min for host/type
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): pushed noc messages to ajax.
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): Corrected time issue between 00:00:00 and 00:05:00
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): Added automated NOC status
    2017-09-25 (Internal Systems): Major rewrite
    2017-09-14 (Internal Systems): fix density map queiry
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): Added headers
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): Added prefix to destination.
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): Created a send SMS mechanism for vendor
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): Prevent slack message on authentiated users.
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): Remove backwards compatibility for quotes
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): Added account name to fax id
    2017-09-13 (Internal Systems): corrected a variable in the call file
    2017-09-10 (Internal Systems): Add create trunk logic -- completed.
    2017-09-09 (Internal Systems): Added slack notify on quote open
    2017-09-09 (Internal Systems): tweaking call file
    2017-09-08 (Internal Systems): add mailbox as parm
    2017-09-08 (Internal Systems): Continued tweaking.
    2017-09-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-09-06 (Internal Systems): Changed to CCITT 3
    2017-09-04 (Internal Systems): Finally got PDF conversion to work on land and port
    2017-09-01 (Internal Systems): fix break on note.
    2017-09-01 (Internal Systems): added note alert
    2017-08-19 (Internal Systems): Misc updates
    2017-08-19 (Internal Systems): Misc updates
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): misc bug fixes
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): adjust aws versioning
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): Change e-mail address to an authorized address.
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): logging adjustment
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): Rewrote tiff/pdf converter to be multi-page compatible. Added logging
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): added more logging. Made compatible with 1 and +1
    2017-08-18 (Internal Systems): added logging
    2017-08-17 (Internal Systems): Introduced ghostscript. Now it works!
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): adjustments
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): install
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): initital commit
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): log file work
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): gripes!
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-08-13 (Internal Systems): Initial commit after renaming project
    2017-08-12 (Internal Systems): Added more logging
    2017-08-12 (Internal Systems): remove tiff converter
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): added tiff conversion
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): wrapping it up
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): add file name logic
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): ...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): ...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): ...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): ...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): ...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): work...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): More build out
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): working on file naming, etc.
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): Records need to be a string
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): change toString to getAsString
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): Email to fax completion...
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): bug tracking
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): tweaks
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): gradle mods
    2017-08-11 (Internal Systems): Email to fax
    2017-08-10 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-08-09 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit (previous code never committed)
    2017-08-08 (Internal Systems): Added new API
    2017-08-06 (Internal Systems): added link
    2017-08-06 (Internal Systems): Completed OK SEC State APP
    2017-08-06 (Internal Systems): OK Sec State
    2017-08-04 (Internal Systems): Building OK Sec State
    2017-08-04 (Internal Systems): Make tif and pdf choices. PDF still only works on 1-page faxes.
    2017-07-17 (Internal Systems): CID Work.
    2017-07-16 (Internal Systems): Major updates - mostly in CIDM
    2017-07-16 (Internal Systems): Updates
    2017-07-06 (Internal Systems): updates
    2017-07-05 (Internal Systems): gradle
    2017-07-05 (Internal Systems): upgrades
    2017-07-01 (Internal Systems): email2sms
    2017-06-30 (Internal Systems): gradel
    2017-06-30 (Internal Systems): missed pom...
    2017-06-30 (Internal Systems): working through email2sms
    2017-06-30 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-06-30 (Internal Systems): in progress...
    2017-06-29 (Internal Systems): added email2sms api
    2017-06-27 (Internal Systems): change from bambi to triniti
    2017-06-27 (Internal Systems): Move to prod
    2017-06-27 (Internal Systems): point to triniti
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): added message description to SMS response
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): add try/catch
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): bug corrections
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): missed POM in prior push
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): Added SMS API that pushes texts to the carriers.
    2017-06-26 (Internal Systems): Remove API Manager in lieu of Maven
    2017-06-16 (Internal Systems): remove protocol
    2017-06-16 (Internal Systems): remove port from url
    2017-06-16 (Internal Systems): Misc updates (shortURL, etc.)
    2017-06-14 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-06-03 (Internal Systems): default MySQL back to Misti
    2017-06-03 (Internal Systems): added a pending status and put an iter in to avoid race condition.
    2017-05-26 (Internal Systems): added tiff to pdf conversion
    2017-05-20 (Internal Systems): Added logging
    2017-05-19 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2017-05-16 (Internal Systems): Fixed SO creation issue with order_hash.
    2017-05-15 (Internal Systems): Added FB Pixel code
    2017-05-14 (Internal Systems): Changed text from helpdesk to service ticket to match IVR verbiage.
    2017-05-14 (Internal Systems): Added code to enable zendesk chat
    2017-05-13 (Internal Systems): filtered test accounts from queries.
    2017-05-12 (Internal Systems): Added toll free number to main page
    2017-05-04 (Internal Systems): fix bug that prevents signed in users from viewing quotes
    2017-05-01 (Internal Systems): added color to total amount due and adjusted look and feel.
    2017-04-26 (Internal Systems): Added backwards compatibility for outstanding quotes
    2017-04-26 (Internal Systems): Fixed remaining issues
    2017-04-26 (Internal Systems): Fixed a bug here and there
    2017-04-26 (Internal Systems): obfuscated quote_number in URL. Added shortURL process.
    2017-04-22 (Internal Systems): Major updates
    2017-04-20 (Internal Systems): Continued build out
    2017-04-12 (Internal Systems): add a response to the user for the success/failure of e-mail sent
    2017-03-27 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2017-03-22 (Internal Systems): testing audio again...
    2017-03-22 (Internal Systems): and another test.
    2017-03-22 (Internal Systems): another audio bug fix attempt
    2017-03-22 (Internal Systems): trying to fix audio issue
    2017-03-21 (Internal Systems): changed byte process to attempt to fix recordings that don't work
    2017-03-19 (Internal Systems): Made autoincrement a true ai. Reloaded and changed compKey
    2017-03-16 (Internal Systems): put in console logging
    2017-03-15 (Internal Systems): fixed read more on hosting plans
    2017-03-13 (Internal Systems): remove month usage gauge
    2017-03-13 (Internal Systems): remove 884 in lieu of 443
    2017-03-13 (Internal Systems): remove 8443 in lieu of 443
    2017-03-13 (Internal Systems): Remove ssl port requirement
    2017-03-13 (Internal Systems): remove 8443 port requirement (moved to 443)
    2017-03-13 (Internal Systems): remove 8443 port requirement
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): fixed helpdesk and faq links
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): still working on link issue
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): all modals submit properly. Fixed FAQ link. Aside from chat, all works
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): the four product modals behave properly now.
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): Round one of content is complete.
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): building content
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): incremental updates
    2017-03-12 (Internal Systems): incremental updates
    2017-03-11 (Internal Systems): Major skin upgrade
    2017-03-09 (Internal Systems): Fixed logic to calculate day chart properly
    2017-03-09 (Internal Systems): Correct bug in SQL statement
    2017-03-06 (Internal Systems): add limit to date fetch
    2017-03-06 (Internal Systems): reverse sort
    2017-03-06 (Internal Systems): uncommented-standard
    2017-03-06 (Internal Systems): misc but mostly to add a year chart to panel
    2017-03-05 (Internal Systems): remove group as it doesn't work after SET GLOBAL event_scheduler = ON;
    2017-03-05 (Internal Systems): Password change
    2017-03-05 (Internal Systems): change average customer value to exlcude balance forward and non-recur
    2017-03-03 (Internal Systems): added new graphs, etc.
    2017-03-02 (Internal Systems): added current back into expense grapghs
    2017-02-27 (Internal Systems): Added more graphs
    2017-02-27 (Internal Systems): ic
    2017-02-27 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-02-27 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-02-27 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-02-27 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-02-26 (Internal Systems): Added expense graphs!
    2017-02-23 (Internal Systems): ivr_wizard work
    2017-02-23 (Internal Systems): ivr wizard work
    2017-02-20 (Internal Systems): changed from 24 to 36 months go avoid truncating -- temp fix
    2017-02-20 (Internal Systems): Building out IVR system.
    2017-02-20 (Internal Systems): Changed from cdrComp to rt_configs.cdr to speed up load time.
    2017-02-19 (Internal Systems): ivr wizard work
    2017-02-16 (Internal Systems): initial push of this new project
    2017-02-15 (Internal Systems): cleaned up UI call activity
    2017-02-15 (Internal Systems): adjusted text on call activity overview
    2017-02-15 (Internal Systems): Add a total calls line
    2017-02-15 (Internal Systems): Added usage chart
    2017-02-15 (Internal Systems): updated terms.
    2017-02-10 (Internal Systems): soft code server
    2017-02-10 (Internal Systems): added some additional logging.
    2017-02-10 (Internal Systems): Completed the new SIP Register Monitor Service.
    2017-02-09 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2017-02-01 (Internal Systems): Graph adjustments and new tax vendor quote feature
    2017-01-30 (Internal Systems): added PID monitor
    2017-01-30 (Internal Systems): added scrolling with per page count.
    2017-01-26 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-01-26 (Internal Systems): Increase limit for foodtronix
    2017-01-24 (Internal Systems): Increase CDR count limit from 500 to 1000
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): bug fix
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Change virtual delete to convert into physical delete and let it work.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Add virtual delete roll into physical delete when aged ~24 hours
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): .
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): tweaks
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): don't process the /tmp directory
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): auto-create a header file if it's missing
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): remove if exists on header to allow all to process.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): string bug rework
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): bug fix around .wav processing
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Fetch voicemail from .wav instead of .txt to avoid missing audio files
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Initial commit. Job to be run on Jasmine via cron
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Removed physical delete from file system. Moving to cron.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): don't return, continue and move to unprocessed when no need to process
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): remove extension as it is not stored in the DB.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Delete DB voicemail entry (if exists) on a new voicemail.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): Prevent an e-mail from being sent when a user deletes a voicemail.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): auto-delete mp3 files.
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): added file separator...
    2017-01-22 (Internal Systems): corrected path during delete attempt (added INBOX).
    2017-01-21 (Internal Systems): added logging for physical delete.
    2017-01-21 (Internal Systems): Voicemail phyiscal delete wasn't working. Added file extensions.
    2017-01-21 (Internal Systems): Kill SQS for now.
    2017-01-21 (Internal Systems): Files that are not INBOX files need to be moved to unprocessed.
    2017-01-15 (Internal Systems): Added 477 processor.
    2017-01-11 (Internal Systems): adjust text
    2017-01-04 (Internal Systems): Fix accessVoiceMail.jsp reference
    2017-01-04 (Internal Systems): benign change...commented out test code.
    2017-01-04 (Internal Systems): Removed the WT__ and WT_ logic. Removed from SymetricDS as well.
    2016-12-30 (Internal Systems): Created new IAM for SQS
    2016-12-28 (Internal Systems): Changed DID to did in astdb_trunks
    2016-12-28 (Internal Systems): Changed NPA to npa in astdb_npa
    2016-12-28 (Internal Systems): changed DID to did in astdb.caller_id
    2016-12-28 (Internal Systems): changed column DID to did in astdb_blacklist
    2016-12-19 (Internal Systems): Change font-color to white on new Call recording / CDR link
    2016-12-19 (Internal Systems): Change AWS security (again!!)
    2016-12-19 (Internal Systems): Change AWS security (again!!)
    2016-12-06 (Internal Systems): corrected bug where credits get passed to a pie chart.
    2016-12-01 (Internal Systems): added vendor to usage calcs.
    2016-11-29 (Internal Systems): fixed insert bug on filename
    2016-11-29 (Internal Systems): orders properties changes.
    2016-11-29 (Internal Systems): fixed bug
    2016-11-29 (Internal Systems): finishing up
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): continuous upgrades
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): removing order status
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): Remove status
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): remove order status
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): removing order status
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): Remove order status
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): Getting orders to work.
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): automated quote stage and completed service order creation
    2016-11-28 (Internal Systems): use sales stage from potentials for quote status
    2016-11-27 (Internal Systems): removed quote state
    2016-11-26 (Internal Systems): minor tweaks. Added links to main page.
    2016-11-25 (Internal Systems): added all to carrier graph
    2016-11-25 (Internal Systems): moved real time carrier to it's own jsp
    2016-11-25 (Internal Systems): added new charts
    2016-11-23 (Internal Systems): fixed npanxx issue.
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): complete parser
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): Add vendor Rate Decks
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): let sid 1 see all and filter out deleted potentials.
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): Still working on agent code logic...
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): fixed bug...
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): agent and service order work
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): Only send lead e-mail if the lead created it (not an agent)
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): Fix bug where lead salesman id wasn't coming over.
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): agent work
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): agent work
    2016-11-22 (Internal Systems): get agent id to work in the CRM
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): Correct 1) User id dictates dropdown select. 2) quote_details null fix
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): Replaced property file with RecurringInvoicesProperties resource.
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): completed round one of version 2.2
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): manually pusing
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): troubleshooting
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): troubleshooting
    2016-11-21 (Internal Systems): troubleshooting
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): getting it running in prod
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): adding logic for item selection, deletion
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): added version and filename (no version). Eliminates need for Gradle.
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): pom force compile in 1.7
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): java
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): java version
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): java version
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): compile issues
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): pom
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): More pom work
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): pom work
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): pom update
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): trying to get it to compile on jasmine.
    2016-11-20 (Internal Systems): version 2.2 is ready for beta
    2016-11-19 (Internal Systems): added e-mail logic
    2016-11-19 (Internal Systems): Rounding out the new app
    2016-11-19 (Internal Systems): more updates to the new quote system.
    2016-11-18 (Internal Systems): got table load working
    2016-11-16 (Internal Systems): Building out logic
    2016-11-14 (Internal Systems): Major changes and updates
    2016-11-13 (Internal Systems): major updates
    2016-11-12 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2016-11-10 (Internal Systems): add jave to pom
    2016-11-10 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-11-10 (Internal Systems): jave
    2016-11-10 (Internal Systems): jave to gradle
    2016-11-10 (Internal Systems): jave
    2016-11-10 (Internal Systems): Added MP3 conversion for voicemail
    2016-11-09 (Internal Systems): aws creds aren't working for some reason. Trying creds from notifier
    2016-11-08 (Internal Systems): Revoke changes.
    2016-11-08 (Internal Systems): more icrap adjustments
    2016-11-08 (Internal Systems): Changed settings to accommodate icrap
    2016-11-03 (Internal Systems): Added AR graph
    2016-11-02 (Internal Systems): Added a GEO Graph
    2016-11-02 (Internal Systems): added more graphs
    2016-11-01 (Internal Systems): New Charts
    2016-10-31 (Internal Systems): Added new analytics page
    2016-10-30 (Internal Systems): Misc plus a correction to modal re-load on expansion bay
    2016-10-28 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2016-10-28 (Internal Systems): changed IAM and removed e-mailing from SQS for voicemail
    2016-10-14 (Internal Systems): Make unlimited list as Unlimited on portal
    2016-10-13 (Internal Systems): using wt creds instead of personal
    2016-10-13 (Internal Systems): Using aws creds instead of personal
    2016-10-13 (Internal Systems): AWS creds used instead of personal
    2016-10-13 (Internal Systems): Used WT AWS creds
    2016-10-13 (Internal Systems): Moved from personal AWS email to WT
    2016-10-09 (Internal Systems): Completed.
    2016-10-09 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2016-10-05 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit -- Only trigger on new voice mail event
    2016-10-04 (Internal Systems): Added captchas to all areas to prevent fucking bot attacks
    2016-10-04 (Internal Systems): SQL changes to improve performance.
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): more anti-bot work
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): ... same
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): leads IO extended to 9000 range. Needs to be adjusted for max range
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): adding captchas
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): produ
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): move vendor sandbox to prod
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): b
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): x
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): messaging...
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): changed ContextType
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): d
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): did purchasing
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): remove bug
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): error reduction
    2016-10-03 (Internal Systems): Vendor purchase of DID. Add to inven and hit billing
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): f
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): r
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): r
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): f
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): dids
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): DID listing
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): dependencies
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): added dependency
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): DID purchase (incomplete)
    2016-10-02 (Internal Systems): DID purchasing logic (incomplete)
    2016-09-16 (Internal Systems): allow blacklist to handle characters for blacklisting restricted, etc.
    2016-09-07 (Internal Systems): kill leads email and slack due to fucking bots.
    2016-08-14 (Internal Systems): removed auto account creation to prevent fraud
    2016-08-10 (Internal Systems): extensions changes were requiring a mailbox assignment. Fixed.
    2016-08-09 (Internal Systems): order sip_devices by name for portal
    2016-08-08 (Internal Systems): load all dids for caller id on extension screen.
    2016-08-06 (Internal Systems): added vendor int
    2016-08-06 (Internal Systems): faq update
    2016-08-04 (Internal Systems): broke new trunk modal in two
    2016-08-03 (Internal Systems): Change tag line
    2016-08-03 (Internal Systems): Change tag line
    2016-08-01 (Internal Systems): google analytics
    2016-07-31 (Internal Systems): Remove default carrier (6) from auto trunk setup. Use LCR.
    2016-07-31 (Internal Systems): Populate Defaultuser in sip_devices on trunk setup
    2016-07-30 (Internal Systems): Cosmetic page corrections.
    2016-07-29 (Internal Systems): Recordings
    2016-07-29 (Internal Systems): cdr wired to recordings
    2016-07-28 (Internal Systems): Launching video
    2016-07-26 (Internal Systems): moved trunk did to it's own page
    2016-07-25 (Internal Systems): change replenish freebie to 3.00. at 1.00 they can't buy a DID...
    2016-07-25 (Internal Systems): Reduced prepay freebie to 1.00. Added 10.00 topup option, etc.
    2016-07-25 (Internal Systems): Adjustments. SMS was cleaned up
    2016-07-25 (Internal Systems): wholesale trunking and cleanup
    2016-07-24 (Internal Systems): Major changes.
    2016-07-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-21 (Internal Systems): faq
    2016-07-14 (Internal Systems): added %CLIENT% to outbound cdr logic
    2016-07-14 (Internal Systems): created domestic rate decks for vendors
    2016-07-10 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-10 (Internal Systems): Agent Referrals completed. SMS issue resolve.
    2016-07-10 (Internal Systems): fix calling card bug
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): remove switch 1.7 comp issue.
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): build.gradle java version
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-07-09 (Internal Systems): Plan minutes can be increased and decreased and paid online.
    2016-07-06 (Internal Systems): Added structured data
    2016-07-04 (Internal Systems): added pricing for metered and unmetered
    2016-07-03 (Internal Systems): remove watch video
    2016-07-03 (Internal Systems): added axis library. Not sure what happened when UTF-8 was added.
    2016-07-03 (Internal Systems): Go Live - Addressing UTF-8 issues.
    2016-07-03 (Internal Systems): Go Live
    2016-07-03 (Internal Systems): Go live.
    2016-07-03 (Internal Systems): credit recharge is available.
    2016-06-29 (Internal Systems): Credit card processing.
    2016-06-29 (Internal Systems): Day 1 work
    2016-06-29 (Internal Systems): Payment processing
    2016-06-27 (Internal Systems): SMS Gateway
    2016-06-27 (Internal Systems): SMS Gateway
    2016-06-27 (Internal Systems): SMS Gateway
    2016-06-27 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-06-26 (Internal Systems): SMS Gateway - Hit Plivo and SQS
    2016-06-26 (Internal Systems): SMS Gateway Work
    2016-06-24 (Internal Systems): SMS LIsts
    2016-06-24 (Internal Systems): upload to an accountID directory is in place.
    2016-06-23 (Internal Systems): sms lists
    2016-06-23 (Internal Systems): upload smslists
    2016-06-22 (Internal Systems): SMS Gateway work
    2016-06-21 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-06-21 (Internal Systems): Single SMS texting is in place.
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): SMS work
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): pushing to prod.
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): Added SMS Gateway and Agent Referral seciotns
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): New Template
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): XML provisioning is complete.
    2016-06-20 (Internal Systems): getting ready for rollout.
    2016-06-17 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-06-17 (Internal Systems): Major revisions
    2016-06-17 (Internal Systems): Enhancements
    2016-06-17 (Internal Systems): Bug Fix
    2016-06-17 (Internal Systems): Initial commit
    2016-06-16 (Internal Systems): increase modal width for manage imq
    2016-06-15 (Internal Systems): FAQ build out and misc enhancements.
    2016-06-15 (Internal Systems): building out. Added FAQ, etc.
    2016-06-15 (Internal Systems): Building out.
    2016-06-12 (Internal Systems): added comma separated to delete function to save time
    2016-06-12 (Internal Systems): Int calling cards wiring.
    2016-06-12 (Internal Systems): Internationall Calling Card wiring.
    2016-06-10 (Internal Systems): Gripes! Corrected grammatical correction...
    2016-06-10 (Internal Systems): fixed bug on display when too many e-mail addresses to display.
    2016-06-10 (Internal Systems): test deploy to bitbucket
    2016-06-09 (Internal Systems): New look and feel.
    2016-06-08 (Internal Systems): Add ability to send comma delimited e-mails.
    2016-06-07 (Internal Systems): residential work
    2016-06-06 (Internal Systems): residential work
    2016-06-05 (Internal Systems): Working on residential
    2016-06-04 (Internal Systems): Upgrades on the residential block
    2016-06-03 (Internal Systems): Correct lead SQL bug
    2016-06-03 (Internal Systems): Add lead to servlet.
    2016-06-03 (Internal Systems): Corrected SQL bug in callingcard pinless
    2016-06-03 (Internal Systems): Added a much needed account delete feature.
    2016-06-03 (Internal Systems): Removed call to an unused minutes processor.
    2016-06-03 (Internal Systems): threading update.
    2016-05-28 (Internal Systems): working on residential
    2016-05-28 (Internal Systems): more wiring
    2016-05-28 (Internal Systems): wiring site together after major makeover.
    2016-05-28 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2016-05-24 (Internal Systems): upgrade org.asterisk version to 1.1
    2016-05-24 (Internal Systems): gradle changes.
    2016-05-23 (Internal Systems): Added init view to provisioned devices.
    2016-05-23 (Internal Systems): fixed helpdesk link
    2016-05-22 (Internal Systems): pom file assembly changes
    2016-05-21 (Internal Systems): add manifest ref to gradle build file
    2016-05-21 (Internal Systems): no change, TC test.
    2016-05-21 (Internal Systems): add main to pom.xml
    2016-05-21 (Internal Systems): Remove trunk name and prefix from dialString. Added to TC
    2016-05-19 (Internal Systems): IMQ work
    2016-05-16 (Internal Systems): increase IMQ Count for prod
    2016-05-16 (Internal Systems): IMQ work.
    2016-05-15 (Internal Systems): IMQ work - not working yet.
    2016-05-14 (Internal Systems): minor cosmetic.
    2016-05-12 (Internal Systems): Add Services Restored Email Template
    2016-05-11 (Internal Systems): re-instate code to load to aging (corrected April USF issue with vendor)
    2016-05-11 (Internal Systems): Temporarily comment out load to aging to correct tax_rating_output
    2016-05-11 (Internal Systems): reset password buttons were dead...
    2016-05-11 (Internal Systems): fix quote fetch issue.
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): Made customer plural
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): grammatical corrections.
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): Removing more bugs.
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): Fixing bugs left by contractor
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): more updates
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): adjustments due to install
    2016-04-30 (Internal Systems): Outsourced new skin. Major revision.
    2016-04-28 (Internal Systems): updateSkyMailCredentials bug in SQL removed.
    2016-04-24 (Internal Systems): Added text to modals for IMQ and Software Development
    2016-04-23 (Internal Systems): fixed duplicate auto-increment issue.
    2016-04-23 (Internal Systems): FQDN and IP address help message added.
    2016-04-23 (Internal Systems): password_reset user-id bug fixed.
    2016-04-23 (Internal Systems): Threading, etc.
    2016-04-17 (Internal Systems): added cc collection for pre-paid processing (trunks)
    2016-04-14 (Internal Systems): adding content
    2016-04-13 (Internal Systems): Building out features
    2016-04-13 (Internal Systems): prepaid work
    2016-04-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-04-12 (Internal Systems): add feature to allow assign to tracking
    2016-04-11 (Internal Systems): email URL work
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): closed pstmt's. insert into caller_id.
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): modify welcome url. send as html.
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): Sip trunk calcs -- shutoff and card deactivation.
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): Resolved SQL calculation error in (CEIL(?/60)*?)
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): Trunk usage calculations
    2016-04-10 (Internal Systems): Added new servlets to support modified sip trunk calls.
    2016-04-09 (Internal Systems): included httpcore
    2016-04-09 (Internal Systems): Trunk work
    2016-04-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-04-08 (Internal Systems): exposed international pricing
    2016-04-04 (Internal Systems): CST
    2016-04-04 (Internal Systems): Switching to America/Chicago
    2016-04-04 (Internal Systems): Voicemails to CDT
    2016-04-03 (Internal Systems): voicemail timezone
    2016-04-03 (Internal Systems): more origdate adjustments for voicemail
    2016-04-03 (Internal Systems): Correcting date/time issue with voicemail
    2016-04-03 (Internal Systems): remove trunk type
    2016-04-03 (Internal Systems): Removed reference to trunk_type when inserting a new trunk.
    2016-04-02 (Internal Systems): Voicemail time is wrong.
    2016-04-02 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-04-02 (Internal Systems): Fixing e-mail date stamp issue.
    2016-04-01 (Internal Systems): Adjust billing and calling card logic for auto-trunk credits.
    2016-03-31 (Internal Systems): trunk and SQS work
    2016-03-31 (Internal Systems): trunk and SQS work
    2016-03-31 (Internal Systems): sip trunk auto-create settings.
    2016-03-31 (Internal Systems): added a set/get in dial event
    2016-03-31 (Internal Systems): adjust sqs queue (create)
    2016-03-30 (Internal Systems): Voicemail Email adjustments.
    2016-03-30 (Internal Systems): updates to voicemail e-mail
    2016-03-29 (Internal Systems): Adjusted limit on getVoiceMails
    2016-03-29 (Internal Systems): changed voicemail email to it's own table to deprecate asterisk email
    2016-03-29 (Internal Systems): changed voicemail email to it's own table to deprecate asterisk email
    2016-03-29 (Internal Systems): Logout correction
    2016-03-29 (Internal Systems): logout corrected as well as continued auto-trunk updates.
    2016-03-29 (Internal Systems): logout corrected as well as continued auto-trunk updates.
    2016-03-27 (Internal Systems): added process to allow PBX's to reload when portal changes.
    2016-03-27 (Internal Systems): Minor updates.
    2016-03-27 (Internal Systems): MessageWaitingEvent mandatory wasn't firing if user was subscribed.
    2016-03-27 (Internal Systems): Remove SQS queue from project. Not needed.
    2016-03-26 (Internal Systems): Finished password reset logic.
    2016-03-26 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-03-26 (Internal Systems): Corrected an issue with password reset settings in the URL
    2016-03-26 (Internal Systems): Corrected an issue with password reset settings in the URL
    2016-03-25 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2016-03-25 (Internal Systems): Added monitor process.
    2016-03-25 (Internal Systems): Voicemail admin work
    2016-03-25 (Internal Systems): Voice mail admin work
    2016-03-24 (Internal Systems): basic enhancement
    2016-03-23 (Internal Systems): view all voice mails enabled now
    2016-03-23 (Internal Systems): Added portal admin and voicemail in the sky features
    2016-03-23 (Internal Systems): Added portal admin and voicemail in the sky features
    2016-03-23 (Internal Systems): Added portal admin and voicemail in the sky features
    2016-03-22 (Internal Systems): Added partial credit logic to UI for trunks. Corrected trunk bug
    2016-03-21 (Internal Systems): correct SMS security hash issue.
    2016-03-21 (Internal Systems): Free trunk w/auto-provisioning
    2016-03-21 (Internal Systems): Working on auto-trunk provisioning throught portal
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): remove alert...
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): All desired voicemail functionality is in place.
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): correct SQL error
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): isVoiceMailValid wasn't being used properly.
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): Correct bug with new calls where vmd isn't populated.
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): gradle...
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): added plivo dependency to gradle
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): SMS Services in place
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): Fix bug where filename hash wasn't ready after insert.
    2016-03-19 (Internal Systems): completed e-mail component of voicemail
    2016-03-15 (Internal Systems): added more UI feature. Build AWS email class
    2016-03-15 (Internal Systems): voicemail UI work
    2016-03-15 (Internal Systems): Changed SQS acct
    2016-03-15 (Internal Systems): Changed SQS acct
    2016-03-15 (Internal Systems): Changed SQS acct
    2016-03-15 (Internal Systems): Changed SQS acct
    2016-03-14 (Internal Systems): Fixed a mailbox / vmailbox variable conflict.
    2016-03-14 (Internal Systems): Corrected mailbox and vmailbox variable conflict.
    2016-03-14 (Internal Systems): No changes... working with TC trigger rules
    2016-03-14 (Internal Systems): No changes... working with Team City configs.
    2016-03-14 (Internal Systems): mailbox bugs removed
    2016-03-13 (Internal Systems): removed tag line
    2016-03-12 (Internal Systems): Changed voicemail viewing to ajax
    2016-03-12 (Internal Systems): voicemail work
    2016-03-12 (Internal Systems): voicemail updates.
    2016-03-12 (Internal Systems): new and old voicemail. File renames, etc.
    2016-03-11 (Internal Systems): Works in test but not prod... adding a try catch on authToken
    2016-03-11 (Internal Systems): modified gradel to ROOT.war
    2016-03-11 (Internal Systems): Added images needed for e-mail signature, etc.
    2016-03-10 (Internal Systems): change color of main text to blue
    2016-03-09 (Internal Systems): Added gradle. Minor changes.
    2016-03-09 (Internal Systems): Building it out...
    2016-03-09 (Internal Systems): Push new leads to slack
    2016-03-09 (Internal Systems): uncomment features
    2016-03-09 (Internal Systems): Voicemail work
    2016-03-09 (Internal Systems): Voicemail work
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): refined ooops page, etc.
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): initial commit
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): Added WT logo to cdr.jsp content-header
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): more vmail updates
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): Modified text
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): added FileUtils to gradle.
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): bracket issue with IDE.
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): Finished the wiring of VoiceMails...
    2016-03-08 (Internal Systems): Changed template button to point to jsp (voicemail UI)
    2016-03-07 (Internal Systems): Worked sleep and thread issue. Resolved.
    2016-03-07 (Internal Systems): Building a new Voice Mail System. Deprecate Asterisk e-mail
    2016-03-07 (Internal Systems): Building a new Voice Mail System. Deprecate Asterisk e-mail
    2016-03-07 (Internal Systems): Building a new Voice Mail System. Deprecate Asterisk e-mail
    2016-03-05 (Internal Systems): Converted to Maven in prep for TC
    2016-03-04 (Internal Systems): Fixed bug where quote_number SQL was wrong.
    2016-03-04 (Internal Systems): Changed CRM account to String
    2016-03-04 (Internal Systems): CRM_Account should be String not int. Was failing on new accts.
    2016-03-04 (Internal Systems): Resolved issue with phantom blanks in the property file.
    2016-03-04 (Internal Systems): Converting to Maven - dealing with deploy issues.
    2016-03-02 (Internal Systems): Added auto-commissions.
    2016-03-01 (Internal Systems): Linked to Services Portal Login
    2016-03-01 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-02-29 (Internal Systems): JSP pages
    2016-02-29 (Internal Systems): major improvements to text and buildout
    2016-02-26 (Internal Systems): Merge https://github.com/wiretaptelecom/wt-repos
    2016-02-26 (Internal Systems): New changes
    2016-02-26 (Internal Systems): Added hasher and brought comments into Contacts from Leads
    2016-02-25 (Internal Systems): Added gradle
    2016-02-25 (Internal Systems): Holy crap I think I'm done! Web site to portal build! Provisioned.
    2016-02-24 (Internal Systems): Building out lead capture.
    2016-02-24 (Internal Systems): Leads now populate the CRM from the web site
    2016-02-24 (Internal Systems): system.out.println queue name to see what queue is attempting to SQS
    2016-02-22 (Internal Systems): working on create account servlet
    2016-02-21 (Internal Systems): Building out contact info
    2016-02-21 (Internal Systems): contact form work
    2016-02-20 (Internal Systems): Building business pages
    2016-02-19 (Internal Systems): working on business page
    2016-02-18 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2016-02-15 (Internal Systems): Added NewChannelEvent
    2016-02-14 (Internal Systems): uncommented
    2016-02-14 (Internal Systems): aws creds moved to code
    2016-02-14 (Internal Systems): aws creds moved to code.
    2016-02-14 (Internal Systems): aws creds
    2016-02-14 (Internal Systems): SQS Enhancements
    2016-02-14 (Internal Systems): Major enhancements
    2016-02-12 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-02-12 (Internal Systems): Removed spinner on vendor Events
    2016-02-12 (Internal Systems): Enhancing
    2016-02-12 (Internal Systems): Enhancing
    2016-02-11 (Internal Systems): IEvents toggle is in place with db activity complete.
    2016-02-10 (Internal Systems): Commiting gradle and other compoenents
    2016-02-10 (Internal Systems): vendor Events
    2016-02-10 (Internal Systems): vendor Events
    2016-02-10 (Internal Systems): vendor Events
    2016-02-09 (Internal Systems): Building out vendor Events
    2016-02-09 (Internal Systems): vendor Events
    2016-02-09 (Internal Systems): Working on vendor events.
    2016-02-08 (Internal Systems): Only send changes in QueueMemberStatusEvent
    2016-02-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-02-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-02-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-02-07 (Internal Systems): Limiting repeat values to SQS
    2016-02-06 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): props
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): PublishInvoiceServlet annotation was incorrect...
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): added filter to build.gradle.
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): fetch reference number for new tax records.
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): removing taxes from main billing.
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): remove S3279 from main load. Added a new tax routine to load.
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): ...continued.
    2016-02-03 (Internal Systems): we can now load vendor taxes via the billing panel
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Gradle code.
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Added output taxes as a servlet
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): java version
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Added @WebServlet annotation to missing servlets.
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): changed java version
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Maven
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Remove calling card price generator. Get in 2.1 if needed.
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Maven
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Removed unused (error) JSP files
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Maven
    2016-02-02 (Internal Systems): Working on getting it moved into Maven
    2016-01-31 (Internal Systems): Changed to rt_configs.cdr for real time
    2016-01-30 (Internal Systems): Init Load
    2016-01-29 (Internal Systems): Initial push with new billing on Maven
    2016-01-27 (Internal Systems): .
    2016-01-27 (Internal Systems): scope provided.
    2016-01-27 (Internal Systems): ...maven
    2016-01-27 (Internal Systems): still working on maven pom.xml issues
    2016-01-26 (Internal Systems): servlet
    2016-01-26 (Internal Systems): servlet api...
    2016-01-26 (Internal Systems): Removed more servlet apis from pom.
    2016-01-26 (Internal Systems): Removed servlet.api from pom.xml.
    2016-01-26 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2016-01-26 (Internal Systems): Point to the new 2.2 service portal
    2016-01-25 (Internal Systems): Maven
    2016-01-25 (Internal Systems): Rebuilt Wiretap_Telecom_Services_2.1 to portal
    2016-01-24 (Internal Systems): TC Test
    2016-01-24 (Internal Systems): testing TC
    2016-01-24 (Internal Systems): Removed ! for teamcity testing
    2016-01-24 (Internal Systems): Add temp ! in index page to test teamcity
    2016-01-24 (Internal Systems): test. no changes made.
    2016-01-23 (Internal Systems): More maven work with tomcat
    2016-01-23 (Internal Systems): working on tomcat issues with maven
    2016-01-23 (Internal Systems): Added tomcat dependencies
    2016-01-23 (Internal Systems): Changed to a Maven project so Team City has access to dependencies.
    2016-01-11 (Internal Systems): Added caller_id feature to trunk management.
    2016-01-04 (Internal Systems): Mod TOS and add email to Slack on calling card purchase.
    2016-01-03 (Internal Systems): Only send card activated e-mail when card is activated (not deactivated)
    2016-01-03 (Internal Systems): Added email confirmation when calling card is activated.
    2016-01-03 (Internal Systems): Calling Card Adjustments
    2016-01-03 (Internal Systems): Added a new (4) template to confirm calling card activation.
    2016-01-02 (Internal Systems): Calling card work. Added Slack module and activate/deactivate logic.
    2016-01-02 (Internal Systems): Woring on calling cards. Removing Stripe, added Slack
    2016-01-02 (Internal Systems): Working on calling card activation
    2016-01-02 (Internal Systems): Working calling card activation
    2015-12-31 (Internal Systems): Zendesk integration is complete!
    2015-12-31 (Internal Systems): Zendesk integration is complete!
    2015-12-30 (Internal Systems): Helpdesk and cleanup
    2015-12-28 (Internal Systems): Python - Initial Commit
    2015-12-28 (Internal Systems): Added new features
    2015-12-28 (Internal Systems): Added new features
    2015-12-28 (Internal Systems): Misc updates
    2015-12-28 (Internal Systems): fixed a SQL bug
    2015-12-28 (Internal Systems): Add Slack Message
    2015-12-21 (Internal Systems): Building app
    2015-12-21 (Internal Systems): Building app
    2015-12-21 (Internal Systems): Building app
    2015-12-21 (Internal Systems): Robot API - Initial Load
    2015-12-14 (Internal Systems): Credit card processing work.
    2015-12-13 (Internal Systems): Working on credit card update form. Not shippable.
    2015-12-09 (Internal Systems): Removed checkbox from extension block.
    2015-12-09 (Internal Systems): Credit Card Processing
    2015-12-09 (Internal Systems): Service order processing bugs eliminated.
    2015-12-09 (Internal Systems): Service order processing bugs eliminated.
    2015-12-08 (Internal Systems): Added cschilke as admin
    2015-12-08 (Internal Systems): Added cschilke as admin
    2015-12-08 (Internal Systems): depracated site: fixed bug in domestic minutes used.
    2015-12-08 (Internal Systems): Credit card collection
    2015-12-08 (Internal Systems): Corrected minute calc bug (missing comma and shouldn't date subtract).
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): Working on credit card payment
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): Fixed rounding issue on service orders.
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): Exten and Plan minutes work with service orders.
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): Service order rework for plan minutes update. g729 tipped over. non-fun
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): Initial Push
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): hooking up service order gen (non functional). Same as last commit
    2015-12-06 (Internal Systems): hooking up service order gen for hosting plan change (non functional)
    2015-12-04 (Internal Systems): Moved invoices logic to it's own js file. Activated view all invoices.
    2015-12-03 (Internal Systems): Added main section for quick testing.
    2015-12-03 (Internal Systems): add CLIENT filter to catch inbound calls.
    2015-12-03 (Internal Systems): Let CDR span more than current month.
    2015-12-03 (Internal Systems): Let CDR show prior month calls.
    2015-11-30 (Internal Systems): add limit to getDID. Otherwise it defaults to 20
    2015-11-30 (Internal Systems): DID management is complete, with help text.
    2015-11-28 (Internal Systems): Working on DIDs. Moved blacklist js to it's own file.
    2015-11-27 (Internal Systems): All expansion module functionality is complete. Needs help text.
    2015-11-27 (Internal Systems): Expansion Module - swapping consoles complete. Needs "add".
    2015-11-27 (Internal Systems): Manage console adds and changes (not line_keys but consoles)
    2015-11-26 (Internal Systems): Expansion Module Work
    2015-11-26 (Internal Systems): ...configs -- not sure.
    2015-11-26 (Internal Systems): Expansion Module unit 1+
    2015-11-25 (Internal Systems): Minor bug fix to Expansion Module refresh on main page.
    2015-11-23 (Internal Systems): Expansion Modules work on add/update line keys
    2015-11-23 (Internal Systems): Expansion Modules
    2015-11-22 (Internal Systems): trunks.js
    2015-11-22 (Internal Systems): Trunk cleanup
    2015-11-21 (Internal Systems): Working on trunk edit -- almost done!
    2015-11-21 (Internal Systems): Working on edit trunk
    2015-11-21 (Internal Systems): Trunk creation is complete.
    2015-11-19 (Internal Systems): Trunk creation logic.
    2015-11-18 (Internal Systems): Trunk management - almost complete
    2015-11-18 (Internal Systems): Trunk management
    2015-11-18 (Internal Systems): Trunk management
    2015-11-17 (Internal Systems): Trunk work
    2015-11-17 (Internal Systems): Trunk Updates
    2015-11-17 (Internal Systems): Trunk updates
    2015-11-16 (Internal Systems): Working on edit trunk did values
    2015-11-16 (Internal Systems): Working on trunks
    2015-11-16 (Internal Systems): Trunk Management
    2015-11-16 (Internal Systems): Trunk management
    2015-11-16 (Internal Systems): Trunk updates
    2015-11-15 (Internal Systems): Working on trunks
    2015-11-15 (Internal Systems): CDR version 1 complete.
    2015-11-15 (Internal Systems): Same a prior commit (uncommented active code)
    2015-11-15 (Internal Systems): Finished extension and service order processing. Needs cleanup but works
    2015-11-15 (Internal Systems): working on getting invoice approval on action
    2015-11-14 (Internal Systems): Use next available order id rather than quote id.
    2015-11-13 (Internal Systems): Service Orders
    2015-11-08 (Internal Systems): Service Orders
    2015-11-08 (Internal Systems): Working on order number details.
    2015-11-08 (Internal Systems): .
    2015-11-08 (Internal Systems): Extension and codec processing appears to be complete for round 1.
    2015-11-07 (Internal Systems): .
    2015-11-07 (Internal Systems): Extension processing (g729 codec)
    2015-11-07 (Internal Systems): Working on fetching count
    2015-11-07 (Internal Systems): Cleanup
    2015-11-03 (Internal Systems): Adjusted system to allow non-numeric values in the CRM account number.
    2015-11-02 (Internal Systems): Exten g729 now gets removed from sip_devices on demand
    2015-11-02 (Internal Systems): Building extension logic to service order.
    2015-11-02 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-11-01 (Internal Systems): Building to create or update service order... not there yet but getting close.
    2015-11-01 (Internal Systems): Working on extensions. Getting the following error: [redacted]... this should not be happening since this is not a new caller-id.
    2015-10-31 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Commit
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial push
    2015-10-30 (Internal Systems): Initial Push

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